Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Replacement burf-day

Nothing much to do today. Was so incredibly bored, so called Lay Fong up and hit Jusco. Lazy to go anywhere to far and also decided to go cut my hair. Went to Snips, and for the first time, I have to wait for like 45 minutes to get my hair cut. Coincidently met Im Kiat and Choon Wee (who's dying his hair again that I don't see any difference from yesterday, probably it's dark in KTV) inside, then told us about dinner tonight.

Ah Peng couldn't remember what exactly happened last night. And in order of blowing the cake and make it up to us, she treat us all for dinner in TGI Fridays. Ah Peng stood up on chair and did a short 'speech'.. A small gang of us sitting there crapping and talking bout our past, present and future, and also my new hair.. DAMN!! Was I embarrassed or what?! They're not used to it and DUHHH!! me too! Hahaha.. It wasn't that bad, it's just that that hairstyle just so isn’t me. Well, people do change right? And changing is good sometimes, I mean, most of the time..

Hahaha.. Thanks to that kanasai Choon Wee for keep bringing up my hair topic because he is like sitting in FRONT of me. Ish~ Hahaha.. But after all, amazing night with amazing people, a great time tonight!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

First friend to turn 21

Today's Huay-Pin's burf-day... My first 1984 friend who turned 21 today!!! Didn't know what to give her for present... Hoping she'll like that little gift we gave her. Funny incident in Secret Recipe too. The waitress there are getting impatient at us as me and Yvonne can't decide our mind in which cake is the best for our taste buds. Haha. She didn't have a clue on how to celebrate her burfday till the day before only decided on just having a bash in ktv. Bash started at 9.00pm, arrived there with Yvonne and Fei Ling around 10.15pm, I guess.

Anyway, she was quite tipsy when we arrived there, but boy was she happy that day! I mean it's once in your lifetime that you turned 21 and you ought to have the best of your time. Voila and the rest was there, met a few of Choon Wee's old STK friends, and everyone started the ktv bash. Bonkers and Ramus came quite late, but all they did was sat there and fag. As minutes passed, slowly Ah Peng was getting drunk and drunk and very drunk. She didn't blow the cake by midnight, leaving it for tomorrow.

Hahaaha.. Well, that's the burf-day girl's duty that night.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Mixed EMotions ~ ~

Today is a mixed-emotions day. Lazy to elaborate.
Came across this friendship poem that goes like this :

Standing by,
All the way.
Here to help you through your day.

Holding you up,
When you are weak,
Helping you find what it is you seek.

Catching your tears,
When you cry.
Pulling you through when the tide is high.

Absorbing your voice,
When you talk.
Standing by when you learn to walk.

Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
All just to say, you are always my best friend.

My version -

Standing by,
All the way.
Here to bring you hell through your day.

Kicking you down,
When you are weak,
Helping you to lost what you seek.

Causing more tears,
When you cry.
Pulling you to hell and say bye bye.

Hate your voice,
When you talk.
Walking away than listening to you cock.

Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
Especially not for YOU, my TRUE FRIEND.

ATTN: No one else should get offended. It's just a bloody poem.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Wedding Bells are RINGING!!!!

The wedding bells are ringing, alright, but not mine lar. Hehe. Today is my aunt's wedding day. Yes my aunt but only aged 28 okay? First time attend wedding dinner by bus. I wanted to drive there, afterall it's only in Subang but my dad said since the transportation (for the bride's side) is provided so might as well just deal with it. My aunt looks absolutely pretty that day. Glad that she's found the perfect one. This afternoon followed her to her hubby's home all the way to Batang Berjuntai, somewhere before Kuala Selangor I think. Anyway, thank god that, throughout the dinner, there wasn't much karaoke session going on, those that went up to sing, they're really good especially the bridegroom. Some wedding dinners that I've attend, some 'ah pek', 'ah chim' go upstage and sing.. Gosh! Glasses can BREAK. NO offense lar.. but it's really horrible. At least they have the guts that I don't. In ktv is alright but in front of the crowd? No thanks. Hehe. My little cousin, (the bride's sister, another aunt lar =P) Lucas was there. He's only like 5 months old and he is just so adorable. Keep smiling and fidgeting with his hanky on his mommy's lap. Hehe. Cute cute. Hmm.. Been to so many weddings of my relatives and friends.. everytime the same questions will pop in my head. Is she sure that she's marrying the RIGHT guy? Is this true? Is that this? Are they that? Etc etc etc. None of my business but just curious. Can a not? Hehe.

Friday, January 07, 2005

First Saman ! !

Got my first 'saman' today. Technically it wasn't my fault because this Mr. Know-It-All today cleverly go park at the motorist area, and guess what? I've got a nice printed paper clipped in my windscreen. How NICE ! ! 80 bucks. Kesalahan 01 - Meletak Kenderaan Bermotor di Tempat Bukan Letak Kereta. How clever was that? Gotta pay in 2 weeks time. Probably gonna appeal, so many unnecessary work. Aihh.. No mood dy. Hitting the bed soon though.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Talking is what i did for the whole day!

Bad news is that today is the end of holidays and first day of all schools. Good news is I'm not schooling anymore.. ;P Can sleep until late afternoon without my siblings' yelling, screaming and crying. Hehe. Then again, I remembered my date with Lay Fong to IKEA. Say wanna date me at 11am, who knows she woke up only at that time! I don't mind coz I'm also always like that too.. Hehe. Seldom that I'm punctual,a fan for bad time management unless something REALLY important (probably assignment deadlines or medical appointments or to the MOVIES ;P) but normally I'm always late at least 15 - 30 minutes. I tried to change that but well, guess I need more time then! HAHA

Bought a couple of things in IKEA. Lay Fong grabbed a glass coffee-table that cost insanely cheap and damn worth the price as IKEA is on sale now. Feel like getting one for myself but then again, no place to put it in my room. Her sister, Lay Wei really have this 'thing' with rattan baskets and paper boxes. ;P We chucked too many things into the shopping cart until not knowing if we have enough cash to pay for it all. So we stood few metres away from the cash counters like dums-dums and start putting things we don't really need aside.. Haha. How silly we looked once we realised that and ended up laughing at ourselves. Embarassing case. hehe.

SO jam once we reached Subang Toll. (Sigh, cannot meet up with another friend dy) We tried to switched lanes and one stupid wira with a handful of stupid guys keep smiling and waving at us like so retarded fools, not letting us cut before him. Who knows suddenly their car's engine died. Lay Fong showed him her 'precious' finger, I didn't see it but I can't stop laughing at the so so embarassed driver. Can practically see his face SO red. Bad bad BAD! !! but funny! oh ya.. I forgot to mention that the stupid Subang and Klang toll fees increased by 10 cents. Not a big deal but not a good news though.

Talked n talked is what I did the most the whole day. Everytime with Lay Fong, no matter where and when, there's like so many things to talk about. No hard feelings, no getting offended, just keep getting into fits of laughter. We just talked about practically everything. Our past, our present and our future. Haha. I knew her for a total of 10 years already. SO fast. Funny thing is that we can still stay close despite all that happens between us back in primary school and high school.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

HaPpY NeW YeAr ! ! !

Another year passed by again!! SO fast man. I'm like 21 years old when my burf-day comes around this year. GOshh!! SO OLD already. Haha. Big girl jor. Last evening for the last day of 2004, I was like cracking my head whether how the hell am I going to spend my new year countdown. Last year I was in Bangsar but this year. Hmm.. Didn't want to go all the way there or KL, better off avoid the jam and all.. so planned to supposedly date Joye but she's not available, went KL to celebrate with her friends.. so left me.. and? Raymond lor.. Other friends all happily celebrating new year with their other half, outcasting me, the SINGLE one.. =P (rolls my eyes) Thinking of just having 'mamaking' session with him in BBK, BUT somehow somewhere we ended up at Sunway Pyramid boulevard - The Rainforest Bistro..

Despite what our PM said about cancellation of the countdown celebration that brings to the cancellation party in lagoon, pyramid boulevard was very damn packed, so many people fooling around with snow spray or whatever-you-called-that spray. Aihh.. k-i-d-s !! Haha. How boring can my new year be? Two person sitting there in the bistro drinking beer and vodka, eating fries.. but then again, better than sitting at home watching TV, right?

crack cRACk and CRACK!!!!!

What could be worst was on the way back driving back to Klang, some ArSE or SomETHing cracked my windscreen.. the whole damn glass cracked.. Luckily Raymond was with me that time.. Reached Klang Toll, the stupid toll-man laughed and greeted me Happy New Year! What the hell ?!?! Reached home.. around 2:30am.. another scene of soap drama started....

The Scenario
MOM : Told u not to go out rite? See what happens now?
Me : (kept quiet.. I mean after all the glass cracked right? So 'technically' it's MY fault)
MOM : Really don't understand youngsters nowadays! Why all of you like to go out late and come back SO late? Do you realize you're a girl?? It is dangerous! Nowadays so many rape cases and all? You not scared ar?
Me : (still quiet, better shut up before we woke the whole neighbourhood up)
MOM : Tsunami victims so poor thing, and yet all you guys going out to celebrate!!! Few countries also cancel their countdown celebration already! Wasting money and wasting time! Don't know how to earn money but know how to SPEND SPEND only? Now you happy? Glass broke already.. so many problem!
Me : (sighh~ what larrr?? I know the Tsunami victims are so poor thing but then again, I don't mean to be selfish or whatever lar.. but do I have to lock myself at home 24/7, and moreover my dad already donated to their fund. And the glass broke is an accident, I didn't get a hammer and knocked it off also.. LAZY TO ARGUE also)
MOM : (On and on and on) Meanwhile, I showered, changed, went to my room and dozed off into my beauty sleep. - THE END -

Nice, huh? My 2005 New Year!
First - NO where to go.
Second - Glass cracked
Third - Got scolded!!
FOURTH - HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*I don't have New Year resolutions coz I won't be bothered to keep it, in fact I'm not motivated enough though. It's just a say, so might as well don't say it*