Monday, February 26, 2007

tears trapped unwillingly

my old dog is dying..
looking at him..

i feel like crying...

i really..



Sunday, February 25, 2007

I can... You can too??

Was fidgeting with my Build. Science report now. Case study on Tadao Ando's Church of Light. (To refresh your mind or you have got no hell-of idea i'm crapping here.. click *here*)

Anyway.. was chatting with my Farah dear at the same time.. drowsing myself and keeping me in a SANE mood so that I can like bloody finish a few sub-topics tonight..
I am listening to this song.. by a nice cute gay CUTE guy..

At first I don't quite like this song..
Yvonne was like bising-bising..
- nice la.. u listen.. i super like.. i add as my ringtone...
Oooohhh.. and when it comes to the chorus part... wo ke yi.. ... .. . ..
fuiyohh.... NICE la.. of course..
(that time 'cos was at Station 1 with Cwee & Allan.. and that hot hunk Kenny sang it.. of course not nice also become nice lar!!!)

Hence, hope you guys like it as I do now.. and as much as Yvonne does.
(check out the lyrics too.. sibeh the romantic lor, even banana like me also understand)

Evan Yo - I Can

Today she just told me, she can't wait for LeeHom's concert.
Err.. me too!!!
me three!!!
me four!!!

ok. zip it.

2.07am now..
Back to work.

Friday, February 23, 2007

where romeo meets juliet

At times when u think u hav the time of the world to finally settle down with your own thinking and own works..

but who knows..

A blaring horn was stucked to the back of ur ears... just keep causing noise pollution turning me to a deaf girl till the batteries ran out.

Thank goodness.. caught this song (below) on mtv.. and it blardee soothed me off and stopped me from transforming into a loud crazy bombing-firecrackers in return..

well.. at least for the time being..

romantic song.. hot guy with great vocals... beautiful girl with sultry voice..
Gary Cao Ge & Zuo Wen Xuan - Liang San Bo & Juliet

my latest fave. well, got the ktv version here.. so u guys can see the lyrics for urself.. =P

ps: cny very happy meh?? can see daryle smirking.. gary opposed to yes.. johnny went missing.. layfong cleaning mahsuri's grave.. my far far relative got burried 8 ft underground... others i really got no idea where the hell are they...
me?? 24/7 personal slave.. and can i like choose to be cinderella where at least i can meet my prince charming in the end???

Thursday, February 22, 2007


today.. chinese new year the 5th day.. afternoon.. 12:35pm
i got screwed over a minor misunderstanding with the Grand Empress

from my side of story or comprehension... it went like this :

*stageplay started in my living room*

empress : my friends coming over by 1pm.. go get some ice-cubes from 7 eleven.. not enough here..
slave : okays.. later.
empress : now.. quick.. they'll be here any moment..
slave : ok ok ok ok.
empress : go get 1 packet.. i think is enough.. oh.. no no.. 2 better
slave : ok.. so 2 packets.. wat else???
empress : err.. i think another 2 bottles of coke.
slave : fine.. wat else..
empress : that's it larrr... *exit for shower*

*going to my room - costumes changed to go out*

slave : (walking to her room which is next to the bathroom)
empress : (calling from the bathroom) remember ok!! get 2 packets of ice..
slave : (yelled) 2 packets rite???? *to confirm*
empress : (screaming from the bathroom) yalar!!!!! how many times u want me to repeat!!!
slave : okays.. going now lar.... just to confirm wat... walao.

*back from 7 eleven with 2 packets of ice-cubes & 2 bottles of coke*

empress : (opens the freezer, with ice on her hands) what??? why u buy 2 packets of ice-cubes?
slave : what? u said 2 wat...
empress : i did not la.. u deaf issit??
slave : eh.. when u screamed 2 packets.. everyone heard ok..
empress : u deaf girl.. i said.. go get one packet of ice that cost.. 2 bucks!!!! so how much is one packet???
slave : ya rite.. i heard what i heard ok. 1.60 nia...
empress : yala yala.. always u correct.. i'm always wrong.. use ur monkey brain a bit la.. the fridge so full how to stuff 2 more packets of ice??? where is ur brain?!?!?! everyday study study study.. sleep.. eat.. study.. whatever things that are happening at home you wat also duno.. no clue at all.. yada yada yada.. n the singing went on and on and on...

okay. what i misunderstand here is...

empress : (calling from the bathroom) remember ok!! get 2 packets of ice..
slave : (yelled) 2 packets rite???? *to confirm*


empress : u deaf girl.. i said.. go get one packet of ice that cost.. 2 bucks!!!!

1. so how would she know the ice is only cost 2 bucks??
2. the whole stageplay is in hokkien..
3. what does ice have to do with my studies?
4. i AM sick. nose blocked and sore throat. Light fever last night. So can't i sleep a bit longer?
It's not that she don't know..'cos she's the one that pass it all to me. now that she cured.. she can yell opera notes on top of her lungs to the max.
5. it's just a small matter. if i WAS the one who mis-heard.. fine.. we have ice-box.. so just bloody keep it in the ice box?? what's so susah??
6. i haven start on any of my assignments yet!!! how to die?????? and yet she's complaining so much.. seriously.. teach me how to live my life???

So what's your verdict?


let me tell u guys some shits that you might not agree... i rather live my life of the daily routines compared to cny. i dont mind if there's no angpau ok!!! cny is hectic!!! (leave out the fact that I got screwed today)

the reasons -
- weather is horribly hot, heaty, humid
- a lot of things to do before/during/after cny (especially when you got no maid)
- you have to act so so so so so friendly and happy to see all ur relatives who will be asking u the same ol' questions every year... (eg: when getting married? got bf? fat alredy? thin alredy? still haven finish studying? working? etc etc etc....)
- you have to run around the house like a full-time buruh kasar for drinks, junk food and whatever the kids have spilled on the floor..
- everytime when u finally wanted to rest or take5, guest came.. get up n work again. act polite and smile like there's no tomorrow when the fact is u'r yelling I NEED A BREAK in you.

i'm tired. i'm so so tired of running here n there.. just gimme a break where i can start on my own things. i haven even step into any of my friends' houses. from the 1st day till today.. it's been ALL ALLLLL relatives.. their friends... their friends' friend.. and their friends' friends' friend.


it's like 1:42pm now.
where are her dumb friends now?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

new blog link

new blog link added.. pls give some attention to him!!~~ (he wants me to like click on for 25 times a day in order to exchange for a favor asked) *hushhh* oops.. i blurted it out~ hehhehe...

ChaiSeong, self-proclaimed SLACKer


slacker simply means.... a person who procrastrinates or is lazy.

err... are you??

Sunday, February 18, 2007

happy *oink oink* new year

*oink oink oink oinkkkkk*

Happy CHINESE New Year!!
to my family... my buddies... my muachachas..
my boyfriends.. my rabbits.. my dogs.. my piglets...
and my everybody who is the knew me.. who is the knows me..
who is the knowing me.. who is the wants to know me..
who is the going to know me..
who who.. who.. who errr....

A new year.. a new beginning... and.. a new PIGGGG~!!!~~
getting a BABI tabung soon.. to get me all PIG richh!!!
*lmao rotfl*

Friday, February 16, 2007

another kl visit

The whole day... spent in the hot, steamy, dusty, crowdy KL.. our beloved capital. Darn... really hot hot hot hot.. steaming.. sizzling HOT today..

Went around Bangsar & Brickfields with Daryle & Tung, looking for this gallery for our upcoming final design project of this semester as one of our case studies.. like I mentioned few days ago.. (click *here* to refresh your absent-minded brain)

This gallery is nice.. I mean.. totally unexpected from what you see outside.. compared to the inside.. when we went it.. we were like... er... errrr... then when we went upstairs.. and up and up.. oooO~~ jaws hanging.. mouthing the word "WOW"... totally.. totallyyyy unexpectedly.. COOL.... (as least for me-lar..)

Well, as we know.. Wei-Ling is the owner.. or founder of this gallery.. and is an contemporary artist or art-lover herself... we met here today.. have a few words and found that she's really.. cool & collected.. friendly.. pretty and realll elegant. Anyway.... guess what I just found out... she's the daughter of our oh-so-famous-Malaysian-architect JIMMY LIM's daughter... hahahah... no wonder.. the concept of her gallery hinted some sense of Jimmy's style. =P

More pics on my case studies will be uploaded soon.. as soon as I find time..
More info on Wei-Ling Gallery.. can check it out... *here*


After the long hectic hours in KL, we went.. to the Curve.. and.. Ikano.. and... err.. Cineleisure.. for a real late lunch as Daryle too wanted to collect her already-booked-paid-half dress. Walked pass Curve's center court where the deco is.. hmm.. not SO grand.. or SUPERB.. but way better than Mid Valley's. Mid Valley's christmas deco last year was like.. VavAVooOOmMM... but CNY now.. SUCKS to the bloody max.

Went KimGary again. Yesterday went with Daryle in the Mid Valley's..
What I had again everytime I go KimGary??? Look at the pic below..
My hot chinese tea.. with my.. myyy... my.. *grins*


Camwhore a little before sleep. ahahhaha..
Ok. Tired. Way loooonnggg day tomorrow.. just got a new job.. full-time SLAVE for my mom, the "grand empress dowager of the cribb".
Ughh!~~ pls pls pleaaasssseeeeeeeee.. wish me luck!!~~~

my eye bags are horrriblleee.... never ever have a real good night beauty sleep lately.
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... *yells* the gang went clubbing tonight.. i wanna goooo... *so jealoussss* but can't... *sob sob* darnnn... darnnn.. darnnnn.. darnn...
i need life.. i need thrills..
i need HOT HOT HOT HOT bodylicious-checking-out-cute-guys in clubs..
i needddd excitementt!!!!
i need a break from alll all allllll of the freaking stress
in studies...
in cny preparation..
in shopping for new craps but couldn't find anything that catches my nosy eyes..
andddd... from my house-chores stresss!!!!!!!!!!!! *muka dah merah padam mannnn*
and my absense for tonight... is all because of my new FULL-TIME job that has NO PAY....!!!

Report to the Labor Dept. >> AbuSIVE...!!!!!
wahhh.. let 'her' know.. i sure die crumpled under my bed.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

single awareness day..~~

another day just passed by..
just like every wednesday
but with broken pockets..
suddenly can't wait for CNY holidays
though they are like tons of assignments to do..

well.. that's life.
life is all about choices.
when you cut away all the junk, every situation is a choice.
you choose how you react to situations.
you choose how people will affect your mood.
you choose to be in a good mood or bad mood.
the bottom line is that it's your choice how you live life..
so i'm kinda.. *sighhh* just accept the fact that tonight was quite boring...
just like every lepak-night with the singles' club gang..

and please.. don't ask me go get boyfriends or something..
if they were to come so easy.. and stay committed..
the sun will rise from NORTH tomorrow..

just let it be.. if it's yours.. it will always be yours.. either sooner or later...
ok.. let you guys drown in my craps..

Nazareth - Love Hurts.
Fell in love with this song this morning..

Love hurts, love scars,
Love wounds, and marks,
Any heart, not tough,
Or strong, enough
To take a lot of pain,
Take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud
Holds a lot of rain
Love hurts, ooh ooh love hurts

for the full meaningful lyrics, click *here*



"love is but a word.. but true love is a feeling of belonging when
you're with the one you love..."

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

minor leads to candid pics

Tech Quiz over!!!! finally one "stress" off my shoulders.

So was totally relaxed and relieved too ... while attending today's minor lecture..
Before class, we lepak a bit in class before changing the class venue.

Anyway.. mostly on snapping Izwan@Curb's pictures. ahhaha.. Cute ass lar he. Totally gold. Adorable. *some was he asked for it* LOL~

Was tired like hell after minor class and it ended late like around 6.30pm. And what does that means?? JAM like SI LANG KUI larrrrrr.... took me like almost 1 hour 45 mins to reach KLANG.. but Kesas lagi. UGHHHhh~~~ Snap this cloud pic outta nowhere and boredom while waiting in the car with no bloody nice songs to drown in.

Tomorrow Valentine's Day. Choon Wee came out with a surprising idea. Hope it will work though. Hahaha..

My mom was like so hilarous. She ajak me go shopping tomorrow night, I can't.. 'cos already made plans with the singles' club. Then suddenly she was like saying.. she heard from some professor or some therapist or someone who knows what they're doing lar... that.. "Valentine's day is the night where most girls will lose their virginity.. of all the romantic moments, flowers, chocolates, hugs & cuddles will lead to some heavy hot steamy make-out session and THAT will lead to some baby-making-in-process..."

I was stoned. Then I laughed my ass out.

Anyway friends....

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Monday, February 12, 2007

design4 site visit

fuuuuuuhhh.... tired-nya aku~~~~~~
So me, Daryle and Tung went to 3 sites today.
Basically is our main design site at the Asian Heritage Row at Kg Baru, KL. Then we were like so lucky and easily found 2 museums listed by Baizura last Thursday. Another 1 or 2 more sites we might be going again some-time this week. Well, nevertheless, we took a lot a lot a lot of pictures.. at least I think I did. Hehe.. (some funny angles again for sure.. *giggles*)

- The Islamic Art Museum, KL
- Seksan Gallery cum his work-studio, Bangsar

Two totally different feel, different exhibits.. different storyline.. different approach..
Like both the same eventhough both were like really really the opposite.

Seksan much more a relaxed, casual, paintings, abstract gallery...
IAM kinda.. formal, spooky.. (biasa-lar for old artifacts exhibits) cold, eerie.. at the same time.. informative too.. (obviously)


Okay. Can't crap much or upload the pics today. Gotta start reading my Tech notes. Quiz tomorrow.. DIe Die DIE... I really pening with the HVAC and Electrical notes.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

aimless day..

One fine day with no aim.. no hope.. no mood.. no nothing..
Just another damn day that passed without any feelings, any sulking, any anything..

While cleaning all the junk out from the utility room, my mom found this art piece of mine pinned up on the wall behind the storage unit. This art piece of watercolour, a draft copy for my SPM art exam all the way back to 2002. Unexpectedly, I found it back. I totally forgotten bout it. The chosen title was some sort like.. err.. a old broken hut with snakes or sumthing.. "Pondok Usang.. Ular.. Menakutkan"... hahha that's all I can remember... Well, just snap a pic of it to post it up here.. =P

This artpiece scored me an A for SPM. *giddyly proud*

Bought this skirt. Mom loved it.
I think it's kinda long. She say it was nice.
I am short. She say wear heels.
I say I've got no top to match. She say got.
I say I look like humpty dumpty. She say I'm over-reacting
I say wasting money. She say it's HER money.

oh ok. fine then. *rolls eyes*


Damn. Tomorrow. Site visit. NO no.. Site VISITS!!!
To Jalan Kamunting where my final design project site location is, and like another 4-5 museums and galleries for researches and explorations. The "GOOD" news is that.. NONE of us know where the hell are the other museums gonna be. Tomorrow will be the day where we will be dumb-asses tourists with maps up our nostrils.

WOoooooo!!~~ Way to go, Visit Malaysia Year!!!!

oh.. did I mention?? Tuesday = Tech Quiz. Fiiiikkkk!!!~

Fei Ling's Unplugged

OOhh.. raining heavily now. Will doze off after this blog.. and continue again when I wake up like in 6 hours time to help my mom with cny cookies. Ugh~~

Just came back from another yum-cha session at Station 1 (this time at Bukit Tinggi, Klang.. All station 1s are like becoming our second home.. hehe) with Allan, Yvonne, HuayPin, Cwee, ChenYap and Feiling.

Tonight was slightly different though. Feiling was there to sing tonight. Nothing serious I guess.. just to kill time or some experience or something.. hehehe.. Hence, we went for moral support.. hehehhe... n to lepak at the same time also lar.. Hmm... have always been impressed with her singing vocals.. her voice just practically transformed whenever she held the "mike" at ktv. *serious*

Real way good today. Err.. duh.. feel la proud sikit your friend upstage singing, impressing the crowd, right?? But as usual la.. malaysian crowd is memang a bit kayu 1 lar... *frowns*

So, snapped a few pics to blog today.. hehe

the petite sweet-looking a-bit-blur girlfriend of mine upstage.. a start of new career??? hehe

The rose, Yvonne bought for her as a token of "gambateh" or supportive action for her first-night live unplugged singing today.

Late nights, especially at Station 1, a cup of hot WuLong tea always work super-fine for me. Really in need of something hot & non sweet today.. 'cos AV lor. Sigh...

Can't help but to get some 'different' camera angle pics again.
*giggles like a dumbass*

Friday, February 09, 2007

always meeting the impossibles

Rushed one bloody last night till this morning (slept at 5:30am till 8:30am) to finish the model and presentation boards for crit this morning. The Design4 Stage2 assignment... I think I kinda complained bout it here.. *click*

nyway.. we ought to experiment this model under 3 different light sources to observe and comprehend the effects. The one I like best of effects and most.. is the incandescent bulb of 40 watts. =P Below.. my presentation boards.. *click to enlarge*

Everyone's crit was okay. Not as teruk as the first. No pics of Daryle 'cos forgotten to take her pics. After crit, Baizura cepat-cepat explained Stage 3 (final) brief and requirements. DAMN. Heritage stuff again. Old broken shophouses again. Site measure again. KL again. Gallery again. Museum again. ARGHhhhhh~ CNY hols.. all gone.. all assignments.. boooooo~~~~~

This time the site is at..
Dang Wangi, Jalan Doraisamy, err... Jalan Kamunting area.. based on this project or client or watsoever... *click* aiyah.. easier said.. near the Sheraton Imperial Hotel.


Sigh. Just came back from Station1, Meru with Allan, Yvonne and Cwee. The 2 dudes singing there tonight were sooooo "yummylicious" .. i mean.. machoness la.. one cute.. one man.. and their vocals.. chun!!~and we were sitting right in front of the low small stage. I guess every Thursday night I will be there.. with Yvonne! ahahaha..


My new hair look. Not much difference I guess. Long hair always also layered le.. but I felt so much lighter after the extra 9 inches have been cropped off.

Oh ya.. almost forgotten...


KelvinK *click* the "old kawayi" (our inside joke..heheh) dude's bday today. Almost forgotten. Hehehe.. 24 already.. still like to play online games and left the msn mode AVAILABLE. Damn. All the best la you..

Okays. Goodnight.

Monday, February 05, 2007

a kiss to cherish

My Latest ADDICT!!!!~

MeatLoaf - A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste

If you listen to the night you can hear the darkness call
I can barely stand to wait.
I can barely stand at all
C'mon closer to me now.
Its like we're sharing the same skin
We gotta get outta this jail.
We gotta let the future in
So many things in your life that your bound to regret
Why didn't I do that?
Why didn't I do this?
So many chances you lost that'll you'll never forget
Why didn't I make it?
Why didn't I take it right there?
The loneliest words you'll ever know.
"If only, if only it was so"
The emptiest words that they'll ever be.
"It could have been me. It could have been me"
You'll have to pay for it later.
If you don't get it when its going for free
Believe me! Believe me!
A kiss is a terrible thing to waste.
A kiss is a terrible thing to waste
It's something that's always been so
A kiss is a terrible thing to waste

And one of these nights your gonna show me that you already know
There's a feast waiting for you and you've never even gotten a taste
Its later than you think and a kiss is a terrible thing to waste
You shouldn't tremble when we touch there's no reason for these fears
Its a promise that was made.
We've been promised this for years I wanna show you it all
What to do where and how!
Cause we'll never be as young as we are right now.
The loneliest words you'll ever know:
"If only if only it was so"
The emptiest words that they'll ever be:
"It could have been me. It could have been me"
You'll have to pay for it later if you don't get it when its going for free
Believe me! Believe me!
A kiss is a terrible thing to waste.
A kiss is a terrible thing to waste.
It's something that's always been so.
A kiss is a terrible thing to waste.
A kiss is a terrible thing to waste.

And one of these nights
I'm gonna show you that you already know.
There's a feast waiting for you and you've never even gotten a taste
Its later than you think and a kiss is a terrible thing to waste!
Tire tracks and broken hearts that's all we're leaving behind!
It doesn't matter what we're losing
Only matters what we're gonna find!
Tire tracks and broken hearts that's all we're leaving behind!
It doesn't matter what we're losing
Only matters what we're gonna find!
Tire tracks and broken hearts that's all we're leaving behind!
It doesn't matter what we're losing
Only matters what we're gonna find!
Tire tracks and broken hearts that's all we're leaving behind!
It doesn't matter what we're losing
Only matters what we're gonna find!
There's a feast waiting for you and you've never even gotten a taste.
Its later than you think and a kiss is a terrible thing towaste.
A kiss is a terrible thing to waste

I think his voice here is like.. really got the "power" and "omph".. makes me wanna fly up with him.. fuiyohhh.. some metaphor.. haahhaha.. I also like his version of "It's all coming back to me now" once sung by Celine Dion, now featuring M2M Marion Raven... Love it.. love it!!!~~~

This "A kiss is a terrible thing to waste" is for one assignment of mine to act as the soundtrack.
Hehe.. wanna know? Soon. *surprise!!*

Oh ya.. i just chopped for 9 inches off my hair hours ago.. hehehe.. wherE? CLIPS at BBK lor... Not bad. A definite satisfactory. *thumbs up*

Don't tell know la.. later if cannot work or not suitable or appear as a failure.. damn paiseh..
*run away red-faced*

Sunday, February 04, 2007

another model??? again??!?!

I'm so plain lazy and so PLAIN out of ideas for design project 2.
Sitting here for hours, trying to do some research on my concept and approach.. "the optical illusion 'cum lighting 'cum maze in a shoe-box model"

Sketch.. and draw.. and color.. and explore.. till my ass mock-up model fell apart.. shit!!! No idea now.. thinking of this.. suddenly thinking of minor la.. vampires la.. then my mind shifted to tadao ando's church for build science.. then later.. to tech class.. then to shopping.. movies.. and the thought of tomorrow's tutorial is KILLING me.

ArghhhH!!!!~~ *can I faint for one day and to wake up on Tuesday???*

The damn crit is on this Thursday and I've got nothing yet except some 'cakar ayam' sketches and tons of different crazy bizarre ideas for the-making.. but mostly are still quite not 'core' yet and NOT that convincing even to myself.. it's like hanging mid-air.. floating.. like a bloody helium balloon.. float float float and stuck at the ceiling..

3 presentation board for sketching, idea development, concept and visuals of our model.
Holy shit.
3 more days till the crit. How to do so so so many work in such a short time when the whole 3 days are occupied with 9am-5pm classes????? and assignments??? and CNY is like around the corner.. and my mom is driving me BUSY everyday with new clothes, shopping, groceries, deco, new curtains, new plates, new this.. new that...

I'm so desperate for some peace and quiet to do my OWN things... so that I can concentrate and THINK!!!!

lagi worse, the more i feel i'm stuck in this crappy stress... and my stupid friend, just forward me this through mail and buffawed like hell... *rolled eyes*

nonsense.. crap.. so not funny.. stupid.. cacat.. hellish..
ugly looking nipples.
looks like got 2 huge hideous zits on his butt-cheeks.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Loving youuuuu....~~~

1.45am. just came back from the newly-opened Station 1 at Meru with Huaypin, Yvonne, Allan, ChoonWee, Sher Yee and Miing aka Nicholas. Tired. *restless*

Was listening to this song that day during Minor class in studio. Got hooked. I totally forgotten bout this old love song. Love it now. Simple, short and classic romantic.

Minnie Ripperton (original singer) = Lovin' you

Loving you
Is easy because you're beautiful....
Making love with you
Is all I want to do....
Loving you
Is more than just a dream come true....
And everything that I do
Is out of loving you....

No one else can make me feel
The colors that you bring....
Stay with me while we grow old....
And we will live each day in spring time....

Because loving you....
Has made my life so beautiful....
And every day of my life
Is filled with loving you....
Loving you....
I see your soul come shining through....
And everytime that we....
Oh I'm more in love with you....