Wednesday, January 30, 2008

one of the moodless day

Was lazing at office today.
Feeling kinda got-thing-to-do-yet-don't-feel-like-doing-it feel..
U get what I mean???

Working on a small showhouse lately..
Giving me headache.. space so small.. so many corners.. gila architect.. *shucks*
lucky boss was there to help brainstorm.. *grins*
Sketching here and there.. still not knowing what I want to do yet..

Flipping through some magazines today.. and came across this ad (below)...
I think it's really stupid.
Like REAL STUPID. *rolled eyes*

Incredibly STUPID.
I'm sorry.. but... still stupid.

So stupid till.. I want to go sleep d.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Old Chulan King Street

Tomorrow night - Company Annual Dinner
Tomorrow tomorrow night - Client's Annual Dinner
Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow night - JunJien's wedding.
Eat none stop. Waistline bursting.


Had my site analysis presentation between Chulan and PJTC this morning.
Conclusion came to as we will be using PJTC as our new design site.

Tired tired. Need to sleep soon though i slept like 2 hours plus this afternoon..
I slept at 4am last night mann.. Beh tahan.. -_-


This was the 2nd site we (the same people) went to.. like.. last Saturday morning...
Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

I never really realised this row of abandoned shophouses by the main road.
Very easy to spot.. but somehow they just didn't pulled my eyes off road.
Next to a big empty land that so-called used as carpark now..
8 units of old Chinese shophouses.. (Good view of KL Tower. Very very near.. TALL..)
Old, tore-down, not taken care of.. All plants and shits inside a few units.. Stinks. Scary.
Not all abandoned I think.. maybe 1 or 2 still occupied by really old people i guess..
Nice meaningful architecture.. something seldom you will see anymore..

Nothing much to crap on these shophouses though.
So just view the pix k.

hehe.. me and Iwan's head.
My head looked like a pili bomba here.. nasai 1.. Bad angle taken.

One thing i like about old buildings with carvings, cornices, colonial look and all..
They really look good in pix though the real building look like shit.. i mean abandoned ones.
Convert to b/w lagi got feel. *grins*

Well, after site.. we went to Pizza Hut near Times Sq for lunch..
and discussed over what to do for Monday as in today's presentation..
Tess picked me up at The Curve that morning... I parked there..
as usual.. I LAZY and HATE to drive to KL.. lagi-lagi the weather so f*cked-up.

Somehow their CNY decoration did NOT attract me at all...
So laaaaaa...

So went jalan-jalan at the flea market.. bought some trinkets and accessories.
Went in MNG.. saw a nice dress.. colourful, main colours are beige and purple..
IDIOT. NO SIZE.... Left XS and L. Where's my M???
SHIT marn... I gave up shopping for cny clothes d. Darn.



Saturday, January 26, 2008

no time to blog.
next week.
see ya.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

construction somehow makes me think of Phua Chu Kang

First first.. streamyx sucks..
2 days it went down... so I called them up..
Then only they came over to fix it for me yesterday.. konon not my modem prob..
their cable or their port rosak..


Went site visit to Damansara Perdana today with my studiomates for design assignment.
Eng, Iwan, Tess, Jasmyn, Chris and EeZhu.. ya.. Kelvin too..

Met at McD, TheCurve first..
Reluctant to eat.. but then.. if don't eat.. how to panjat still-constructing building??
So ordered an egg muffin and that was what I left (below) on the tray un-bitten.. *shrugs*

Ok ok.. lazy to elaborate much.. Pix will do rite??
Briefly.. these are the new commercial office blocks at Damansara Perdana..
PJTC = Petaling Jaya Trade Center
You can see it like.. when u bypass the LDP highway after Ikea area..
Some design theme and concept of environmental friendly..
Promoting raw material finishes.. super lots of planters, cross-ventilations... etc etc etc..

Gate A. That's where we masuk the site..

(above) Progress photographs of each indicated areas of the site
(below) PPE helmets.. V for Virgins. Hahha.. no lar.. VISITOR larrr DUh.

This bloody lift.. Scared me to hell..
Once you start to go up or down.. it bloody shakes all over..
Not shake la.. i mean like.. DUNO how to describe la..
lost in words.. BUT ONE WORD i know.. HORRIBLE..
20 floors up in this banyak-lubang lift..
In this little box up in the air till you reach 20th floor with no walls.. tsk tsk..
Paiseh. I reli terrified.. Stupid thoughts keep appearing in my head that time..

Cement Vent holes that they intended to grow fungus in. Serious.

Very friendly Senior Assistant Architect and Kelvin.

A done piece of carpark.

POOOO. Shit. Ta-Pian. Pang-sai. Dung.
heheh no lar.. cement.

Cute shoe leh..
i mean.. NICE hole..

Short group discussion over next week's hand-in.
(from left - Kelvin, Chris, green Jasmyn, yellow EeZhu, blue Eng, others not in pix)

After site, went lunch with them at KFC.
One day 2 meals Fast Food.. Kill me Barhhh.... Beh tahan.
Then... ermm.. oh went shopping a while..
Went looking in Cats Whiskers at Damansara Utama..
Bought a clutch bag and 2 beaded retro necklace. (pix soon)
Since I was at that area.. dropped by Wins Art to get my butterpaper pads..
and SAW THIS... *glances below*

Ex-limkokwing Mayang campus in PINK...
like the bloody whole building is PINK.. PINK PINK PINK!!!!
wahsai.. damn freaking different mannnn... Obviously not limkokwing anymore..
but somehow that area is like.. "cheered-up".. hahahaha..

Okay lar.. no mood d.
Was chatting with Yvonne.. but she busy watching tv to entertain me.
Lagi she dare to on her webcam KONON thought she wanna chat with me lar..
mana tau end up.. I watched her watching her tv. NAbeh~

Cute leh my friend.. She still available.. Interested?? GO get her!!!.. ahhaha
Like selling vege in market hor??! hahahaha...
Wanna know her.. OBVIOUSLY ask me first lar..
Common sense ok.. -_-

p/s: In case if i'm not here to blog tomorrow... well.. meaning.. i'm killed by.. ermm.. you guys know who.. heheh..

Saturday, January 19, 2008

friends are gems

I was so stuck in the jam yesterday morning on the way to work..
Hehe.. so i siao-siao sms'ed a few of my friends..
, FeiLing, JunWei, Alan and ChowLiang...
just the same morning greetings wat.. very bad meh..
just we seldom do it nia mar... and lagi at the time.. it was like around 8.45am..

"Good morning fee.. =P"
"Xiao Zar Bo.. Morning.. Geehehe..

"Good morning fei ling.. =P"
"Mornin.. :)"

"Good morning Allan.. =P"
(after 2 hours)
"Tell me what is so good bout this morning? hehe.. just kidding dear.. good morning to you as well.."

"Good morning Jun Wei.. =P"
(after an hour plus)
"Good Morning, it's good to know u'r thinking of me at this time of the day.. Soooo warms my heart ha.. "

"Good morning, little boy.. =P" (for ChowLiang)
(at night.. sibeh a lot of hours)
Good night for now.. sorry been busy working.. feel curious of ur sudden greetin.. hehe.. hope u'r fine there.. "

My friends are so cutte.. hahaha..
So made my mood in the morning.. especially stupid JunWei's reply..
I told Yvonne bout it.. obviously she laughed like hell...
mana tau.. later she tembak me back... "Why you din msg me 1?"
Nabeh.. that girl... in Taiwan also mau.. Balik-larrr cepat..

aiks.. gtg..
bringing mom shoppin'
tonight got bbq at ChoonWee's place lagi...

.... to be continued..

Thursday, January 17, 2008

today me like 2 total different kind of songs

This song is very niceee.
The main lead's voice.. superbly heavenly good.
Gave me goosebumps. like WOW.. make it double WOW...
check out the vid below...

信乐团 - 死了都要爱







I just changed my imeem song.. It's Dance with My Daddy..
Soundtrack from 200 pounds beauty.. *here*
By Alex Chu.. a member of Clazziquai..
Good looking and nice voice too.. yum yum~..
For piano version *here*

Check out the real him in this vid.
Judge for yourself his macho-ness.. and lagi best.. slow song.. romantic-nya..
Wahhhh.. siao liao... *melting away* ehhh i mean.. *melted*

I duno what's he singing la.. din really pay attention..
Was only looking at him.. *gulps*

I'm like grinning from side to side..
hehehe.. you know what i'm thinking??? LOL

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

me very the passionate.. VERY..

I'm fulllll of passssionnnnn... y'know??
'Cos i ate PASSION fruit.. hahahahhaa

Yes.. this post about foooodd again.. *yawns*

Mom bought like around 6-7 passion fruits yesterday..
I was like.. WOW.. i mean.. i really never see passion fruit before la.. (yala.. jinjang-lar)
Don't larr go kira u makan.. or order passion bubble tea, or passion shake.. or yogurt b4...
I never eat the real fruit before or touch it.. like until yesterday...
23 years of life.. first time. *beams*

Cut into halves d..

Getting ready to wallop it all in..
Looks like froggies' eggs hor..
My first glance was like.. Baby lala.. hahaha
My first word was like.. EIUUuuuu...

Freaking empty rite?? *grins*
Bloody unique sweet lor.. very nice..
I think it's expensive though..
Mom bought one for like.. 2 bucks..
Do keep in mine.. my hands are not that big.
So u can guess the size of the fruit.
Nice lar.. I want more.


That siao-macho Allan.. went Taiwan and came back and after so long..
Few days back only I got my souvenir... -_-"
2 packets of biscuits and one super-pretty keychain with my initials on it.. *claps hands*

I din't really care bout the biscuits till I was hungry yesterday..
I saw on the package that... something bout the largest hand-make biscuit in Taiwan..
I was like.. "Are u kidding me?? So marketing strategy talk.. Bluff ghost ar??"
When I opened.. hahaha I really din't expect it.. really the real besar I have ever seen lar..
If not mistaken.. it's longer that 15cm short ruler..
I think so lar.. can't remember d.. YES OLD HAG.
The taste?? Good.. not bad.. New taste.. I like the original better.

So Yvonne... I know u'r reading it.. so before u balik horrrr..
buy me a few more packets ok.. hahahaha..

p/s: Streamyx sucks lately.. like sucks real BIG time.. Hateful.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

bubbly chubby fatty pumpkin-face


I just cropped my hair yesterday..
or should i say trimmed it??
No no.. not trim.. 'cos I felt.. butchered
Hair super short now.. stylist said gotta "funk" it up..
Siao lang.. make my face so rounddddd.. round round round.. Argh!!

It doesn't look thaaat bad here 'cos it was all styled up..
but *groans* look a bit cacated la i feel when everything is down n flat..

So i got bored and kinda lose confidence with this bloody new cut..
that i kinda feel rounded with puffiness and rounded and rounded..
damn round la my face now.. chubby kills..
how to make face fats go away?? I mean seriously.. i'm wondering that..
don't tell me liposuction or wat not la.. that's B-O-D-O-H..

Cam-whore activated~~

Damn lansi look hor above..
I naik-miang a bit.. hahahahha can't help it..
Lack of kisses lately.. *winks*


Scare boh?

hehehhehe... i feel someone particular is cursing me now.. *laughs*
just fidgeting with photoshop.. freaky huh??
I was freaked out too.. hahahaha..
Shit man.. i feel so air head.. *giggles*

What a boring Sunday..
Drowning myself in facebook now...
Downloading some mp3..
Think i gonna suffocate myself in a book I bought lately..
well.. eventhough it's a teenage girls novel.... but.. it's nice LAR..

The Vampire Diaries, The Awakening and The Struggle *click for review*
20% off member price.. not bad.. thick and worth it.. gonna get Book 2 soon...
Best of all.. it's so my kind of books to read other that real people real stories...
Love dark romance.. lol.. though it's imaginary and fake..
but well.. i need some happy imagination lately.. *grins*
Boost up my creative buds.. hahaha

"He was weak. His pupils dilated, his lips parted.
"It's all right," she whispered.
His mouth was cool and dry as it touched her throat.
His hand cupped the back of her neck as his lips sought into the two little punctures.
Elena willed herself not to recoil at the brief sting of pain.
Then she smiled.. "

Friday, January 11, 2008

nice pink box

This bakery in Hartamas Shopping Centre or also known as Plaza Damas..
Where? Sri Hartamas lar.. -_-"
Very good cakes.. haven't tried their salad and sandwiches before..
but their cakes are really good.. not very sweet.. just nice.. won't jelak that kind..
hmm.. the price is quite high though for a cake that size..
but well.. quality vs quantity.. so which one you prefer??

Nice OPERA cake.. almond, butter cream and chocolate. Yum!~
Nice packaging.. Love it. *mwah*

Today OT till quite late.
Damn freaking tired and yet to shower.. Darn.
Night night. *stretches*

Lazy lazy lazy lar..