Monday, March 31, 2008

runnnnnnn for your lifeeee~~~

I bought a Proform treadmill yesterday night. Around 4700k plus.
Obviously by installment la.. you think i got print-money ass meh??
I quit my gym last month, no time to go lately... really busy with classes n work.
just rather just get a machine at home.
or SHOULD get a machine at home.. MUST!!
At least everyone at home get to work-out a bit.
Hehe *grins*

After all those "FATilicious-glamour" food.. hahha..
i really think it's time to shed some unwanted pounds..
Not SOME.. it's bloody A LOT...
Just hope I won't end up like this though.. *glances below*

Won't la horrrr??

But i rather be as above than THIS (below)
It's not horror horror.. but just I don't want to be too big at several "places"..
HEehehehe suffocating ok?
You think be a girl very easy ar?
Bend forward backward also hav to jaga... *sulks*

cute graphic right???

But do enjoy being a girl sometimes... *winks*
There are sure a few privileges over than we got more places to get cancer. *frowns*

BUT why girls must portray the polite side and the stereotyped "model" look??


Sunday, March 30, 2008

started & ended with "HER"

This "sambung" from the previous post..

Where i wasted happily spent like 6 hours in MidValley yesterday..
for?? this girl lor.. Yeee-bon. I mean Yvonne. *grins*

Some pix we took after our dinner (pix way below)
Camwhoring in dressing rooms. Hehhe.. Nice dresses rite??
But we ended up din buy any.
Fartching sadcase.. overspent la me. Gotta start saving.. *whines*
But I really like that dress. The last one. 189 bucks.

Ticking back time.. before camwhore started..
After Midvalley to Bangsar, we headed to Sunway Pyramid for dinner at TGIF.
Last minute decision. As usual.

1. Buffalo wings
2. Cajun Salad
3. Prawn + Chicken Diablo Pasta
4. TGIF Sundae

Ehhhh... dessert pix leh??? Where's that sweet sundaee????
Ya'know I was so expecting chocolate sundae 'cos the pix look like chocolate DUH..
but mana tau came.. vanilla..
i hate vanilla.. ok ok just in case i offend vanilla-lovers.. i DISLIKE vanilla.. -_-"

Ok ok.. never mind tat.. so where's our sundae??

...looking around...





where huhhh???


Friday, March 28, 2008

all alone in midvalley for 6 hours

What am I doing at this moment??

Sitting here at Starbucks, MidValley..
Sipping hot chocolate, watching people walking by..
Getting all the peace and quiet that I so needed..
Pressing my laptop keys, cracking my brain for good design..
Surfing my daily sites, chatting with my msn-mates..

psst.. will update at the end of the day..
i makan chendol just now for breakfast.. tee-hee-hee..

At the end of the day.. i'm back wireless in d'lish.


Well, well... I went out with Raymond last night.
We watched this movie "Deadly Ghost" at Jusco BukitRaja.
Some Thai ghost movie... hmm.. *doubting*
I was like desperately persuaded and begged and nagged to watch this movie with him..
I told him it looked damn eerie..but he said... just give it a try..
He longed for horror or ghost movie for quite some time d..
but his gf never wanted to watch with him..
so he moved on to force beg his best friend *points at myself* to watch with him..

The movie sucked to the very max ok.. or mayb we are both stupid..
I don't get the storyline.. the plot just din connect..
It sucked!! the freaking ghosts were not even creepy or freaky or scary..
so fucking FAKE!!! hate it la.. seriously.. nabeh him~
He so totally regretted making this decision to watch this NABEH movie.

I'm not even bothered to put up the trailer or any links to it. 'cos it SUCKED!!!!!
don't go watch it.. don't waste ur money for it..

UGH! *digusted* KAPUIKS!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

freckles speak

I tell you... facial products are SO very important..
Especially when u'r getting old mature..
y'know *shrugs*.. as clock is ticking FAST!! ARghhh..

Anyway.. i just wanna share this.. hehee..
I've been using Clinique for a few years d.. almost 3 years i think..
I really like these two (below) both good moisturizers.. though a bit ex..
but it's investment okkk!!! the yellow is my daily moisturizer..
love it.. especially the pink one.. moisture surge extra.. *thumbs up*

Well, my skin hor... sometimes.. quite dry.. (that's y no pimples.. hehe)
at times.. can even see the dry wrinkled lines around my T-zone area...
this bloody pink surge.. fuiyohh.. make it bloody smooth lor.. ahhahaha...
"Spread" a thick layer on it before u sleep... like once a month..
the next day u wake up.. u feel ur face rite.. sibeh songg... no lie 1.. hehehhe..
real damn smooth.. lol.

Ok la.. short random post.. gotta go buat my design..
Yvonne next to me membuat her design also..
ok la.. these 2 designers going to go crack brains.

*gasps for air*

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Helpppp me..
I can't find this song in mp3.
Lin You Jia 林宥嘉 - 那首歌

Very nice lar.. YES.. the song.. and the guy too.. I only know his name is Yoga.. *blushes*
I'm not hogging on him that much.. just still a little but I can't deny that he's farking good-looking.. but he's not my cup-of-tea.. BUT no harm watching lengchai sing until soooo emotional right??? hehe..
You guys can youtube him out.. he sang a number of quite-vocally-good songs..

How i got to know him??? Yvonne!!!! *chuckles* definitely that girl.. hahaha..


Anyway.. been walloping tons of mulberries today..
Sweet, sour and bitter..
Sounds like life huh?? Oh well..

I can't help but to not putting this up..
Though i'm like SO banana.. but still this song... (above vid)
The lyrics... fuuuuhhhh TOUCHING SIAL.. *sob sob*

不知道为了什麼 忧愁它围绕著我
我每天都在祈祷 快赶走爱的寂寞

你要我听这一首歌 用这首歌离开我
她唱的太美了 歌词却很伤人

爱人的话不需要重 轻轻的说我就懂
接你的车来了 表示爱到站了
我站在十字路口对抗心痛 一个人

你的黑发 现在睡进谁的胸口
你的唇 现在跟谁要温柔
一开始你爱我 最后你放弃我
还要用千言万语 说得委屈 你有多难过

爱牢牢抓紧我 恨深深包围我
你要我为你好 快赶走爱的寂寞

Ok lar. Tons of work to do now. Yes I know it's late. Damn.
Just curi-tulang to blog a bit crap here.
So i'm out.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

all my first times

Mom "dug" me out from bed this morning bout 8am.
*groans* She ajak me go join her breakfast with dad n brother.
I was like... Awwwww man.. let me sleep la a little longer lehhhh.. Weekend Rule!!!
She said, "Oi!! You OT so much lately.. long time no join us makan d.. get ur ass up. Quick!! Lazy girl"
She and her super-family-conscious-attitude.. no way to change that statement..
So, with the whole reluctant plastered on my face and bloody "morning-sickness" of mine.. I got up. Yeah.. eventually. And I'm not a breakfast person.

Makan apa??

HAR!!! Bah-Kut-Teh lagi.

I don't think I need to still elaborate on those pix above kua...
Same like my other BKT experience.. but it was my first time trying this place..
Not bad.. with complimentary BKT soup.. they HAVE to give.. it's a MUST in all BKT even though you don't order the soup claypot ones..
If they don't give.. don't even GO there again.. ehhehee.. serious ok~
And something new was that.. they got big peanuts *pix above* in the sizzling BKT.
Something different.
Well.. one thing.. CHEAP. hehehe.. 4 of us.. only 19 bucks.

Along Jalan Meru, Klang.
If Klang Parade is on our right side.. you'll see this before reaching the traffic lights in front of Klang Parade on your right.. corner single-storey house. Go try.. go go..

One thing good bout BahKutTeh in Klang is that.. you can get it anywhere in Klang.
Any main areas, any corner, any backstreet, any hawker, any shop, any place lar..
It's like you don't have to find them.. they will "find" you.. hahahahah..
Their taste.. I think all like kena "standardized" d. So not much difference actually.
Unless some that are really really nice.. like those I blogged before.. ehhehe.
Check it out *here* and *here*

Printed my name-cards today. Nice I like it. Hehehe..
Was raining so pigs-and-cows this afternoon..
Throughout the day till the rain finally subsided around late evening..
Several places around Klang was slightly flooded.. Sighh..

Went Jusco Bukit Tinggi with mom and sis.
Everywhere SALES!!! 30%, 50%, 70%.. buy 1 free 1 also...
Hate window-shopping!! Hate it when I go shopping with no money in my purse.
Like NIL.. nothing.. empty except old receipts. UGH!!!
Wouldn't want to get from mom.. 'cos I know what her reply will be..
"One overflowing cupboard of clothes.. still say nothing to wear.." *rolled eyes*
I can like buy few skirts today and yet still tell u I've got nothing to wear..
I've got quite a number pairs of heels...
and my sister snapped asked me.. "Buy so many for wat?? You only got 2 feet wat"..

Nabeh... wait la till you grow older..

Going shopping with them both are sometimes quite annoying.
Mom get bored easily.. suddenly potong stim wan to go home..
Sister lagi worst.. get tired and keep bising on wanna makan..
Eventhough she just had her lunch like 2 hours ago..
"Hungry la jie.. we go eat la.. eat ok? eat ok?" *bounces like silly kid*
Sighh.. growing-soon-to-be-rebellious-teenager..
Hehehe.. *looks knowingly at all of you* everyone been through tat stage ok.

KimGary today. First time to enter KimGary in Klang. Hate the queue.
Lucky today no queue.. probably SO off lunch hours d.. it was like around 4pm.

Typical must-have.. their cold "yinyong".. Theirs still the best. I like.

Their pork slice + preserved veg + nissin noodles in four-season soup was not that bad..
But I wondered if it was MSG's good deed or it was really good.. *shrugs*

Their Shredded Coconut + Peanut Butter Waffle sucks. Hate it. bleughh..
So ended up.. I still love my French Toast the most.
But can't makan this too often.. gets "jelak" fast. Like REAL fast.

Okay-lar. Gotta balik room d.
Just came back yumchar with HuayPin, Yvonne and Fee at Bukit Tinggi.
Have to finish my presentation slides for design this upcoming Monday.
Gotta boringly "lecture" the class on "Accessible & Disable Building Design".

One word now.



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

name my card please

what u think for the my [freelance] name-card front?
belakang will just be address, email, common contacts..
just fidgeting around.. *grins*

name = occupation

phone number in words..

any comments?
kinda confusing??
well, it's not meant to be like reaallly formal kind..
ermm.. oh... ahermm.. whaddaya think??



Monday, March 17, 2008

Barely a month..
4 pairs of heels (2 white, 1 gold, 1 purple)
my 1st BATA sandals,
1 purse,
2 clutches,
1 black vest,
1 dark grey pants..
and manicure, pedicure, facial, haircut,
and food and more food and more more fooddddd.....

Some of the stuff I "wasted" my money on.. *grins*

No wonder I PK rite??
I love hate sales.


I'm auctioning this pair off in ebay starting from RM25. Only wore once. 99% new.
I bought for like.. RM69.90 few years ago ok!! *frowns*

Interested??? hehe..


Sunday, March 16, 2008

another "kind" of shopping

Went furniture shopping in PJ-Damansara area with Bernadine today.
For these few show-house projects that we're working on right now.

I was early.
While waiting for her to pick me up from TheCurve, i went to powder my nose and "wee-wee" laaa DUH!! then camwhore a bit lor.. *giggles*
'cos I was wearing my new heels (from Bangsar that day)..
and nobody was in the loo.. so... ermm... hehehe..
(pix of it next post.. soon soon)

gimme a break la.. i'm quite short n fleshy la.. i know ok.. *grumbles*


Well well... a few shops were nice.. some were quite horribly cina-pek.
Sales are on now.. due to the F1 race thingy.. till end of this month..
So quite a number of nice furnitures or upholster or anything lar.. were quite cheap and reasonable..

I really quite like the JIA in Damansara Perdana though their stuff were quite slightly higher. 3 storey showhouse with a wide range of deco styles n furnitures..
Their chairs.. nice nice.. especially those "plasticky" expensive kind which are quite IN now..

Would you like spend 1 grand plus for a piece of chair? A nicely designed chair??
Not those few twenty or thirty designer chair lar.. got a lot of replica nowadays.
The cheapest I saw today was 450bucks per chair. *gasps*

Buying a new house ain't easy 'cos it's fucking expensive.
Renovating n refurbish the house is even WORST.
(if u really want nice things lar, who doesn't?? then hav spend money lar~!)

Fella Design (above) You'll see it on your left before you reach Eastin.
Their French Classic-Modern stuff are pretty neat.. but pricey la.. DUH!

Homelife and a few more along Old Klang Road were ok lar..
Of all furniture that I've look-see-look-see today.. i love the most is.. this (below)..

Kids' bedroom set. SOooooo cute....
The living set.. hehehe.. told Berny.. *laughs*
"Next time, li'l Michelle sit here.. li'l Yvonne sit there and li'l Berny sit another side sipping tea n gossiping.."
hahaha... got single, double and 3-seater samo..
They have in other colours and.. in flowery patterns too..
Those colourful "palm-couch" are quite comfy though they're not that pleasant looking for me.. hehe..

And what I HATE most is..

No offense to the designer lar..
mayb he/she thought it will be cool that the middle long thingy that popped out to the top is actually a lightbulb thingy. For you to switch it on if u'r so-called reading n resting on it.. bleh.. Sorry I boh SUKA.. see also won't go lie on it..
I mean.. EIU.. the whole thing just look.. EIU!!!! *gags*
EH not cheap ok!!

A few more shops then we hit The Curve.
Lunch at almost 3pm. Bounced into Secret Recipe.

My Oreo Milkshake.
Sweet nehhh.. too sweet.. Should have ordered chocolate..

(above) My Thai Fried Rice c/w TomYam Kung.
(below) Berny's Dory Fish with Lobster sauce.

Went Harvey's.. then walk walk walk again.. Really "people-mountain-people-sea".
till we spotted FLOWERSSS...

Pink roses, white n hot pink daisies. 80bucks.

This bouquet is really really nice.. Nice colour combination and wrappings..
That purple-ly white flowers were something we don't see everyday..
I mean at least not me.. so we just asked the florist..

She said, "Named Carnation Spray.. 3-3.50 per stalk"

WOw.. Not bad huh.. A dozen of red roses and carnation spray as side kicks..
Whole bouquet for 80 bucks.

Ms Bernadine Lao. hehe. Couldn't help it~ *grins*

Girls who cakap that they don't like flowers.. bla bla bla right??... FAKERS!!!
Flowers always does the trick.. ALWAYS.. how also sure "touch" a bit 1..
I'm talking bout bouquet(s) ok.. not one-sick-sad-wrapped-up-stalk..
Depending on how big, how many, how nice, how matching n etc etc etc..
and whether YOU as a GUY can get to dig her favourite flowers out, chucked some creativity in, throw your magic-love-dust a bit to sweep her off her feet or not.. *winks*

Red roses are my "common" favourite..
Unable to find another flower that match that FULL PASSION level of red roses.
one unwrapped long stalk of red rose also lift me up a bit.. a bit lar!! hahaha..

At the end of the day... stupid new heel and too much walking caused this!!!

not dare to burst the bubble me.. hehehhe
OK lar.. gonna ebay some things.. *waves bye-bye*

oh yea.. did i mention....?

I bought another pair of heels today?

-_-" Oopss..

Nite. xoxo


Saturday, March 15, 2008

first step into excessive indulgence(s)

I went facial today. Appointment at 10am.
(pssstt.. woke up so early on a Saturday to do face.. first time mannn...)

Recommended by my mom's friend's daughter's sister-in-law.. *grins*
Those home-aunty-kind (which I never trusted n never interested) but with the same products as some big spas.
75 bucks c/w shoulder+back massage.
I finally agreed to go 'cos my sister went yesterday to get her pimples all "flattened" and both mom n her, said that it was worth it, good service n etc etc etc..
Fine then.. just try lor.

The lady was very nice, but really UGH ooOohHH AAwwH OUCHHHh..
*painful sial*

She picit, pressed, squeezed all my "black heads" out..
SAKIT to the max lor... especially around the T-zone...
super sensitive... tears welled up and flowed uncontrollably.. gosh man...

I was like so cursing my ass out inside.. like freaking yelling to the inner me...
Don't understand how women can tahan the pain while giving birth..
when i almost can't tahan this pain.. *struggles*
and thank god.. i've got no pimples and never have pimple problems..
but just freckles instead... tiny brown spots..
Well, she said partially for some people, freckles are in the GENES.
My mom did have.. like quite a lot... heheh.. NO WONDER.

BUT she soothed every hatred in me with a hydrating+moisturizing cooling mask.
After that.. fuiyohhhhh.. i damn "song" lorrrr... and fell asleep with my mouth opened slightly.. *blushes*

Let's see..
All the picit, then exfoliate, face+head+shoulder massage, then mask + back massage..
75 bucks not that expensive u know..
Mom went for facial at this Spa Amante at Bukit Tinggi, Klang sometime last month..
just for facial..

Anyway.. so this might be my monthly "treat-for-myself".. hehehe..

Oopss.. phone ringing.. gtg.

Friday, March 14, 2008

too much food in a day..

Ok okay.. this post is alllll about FOOD!!!!
that I had in ONE day... hahaha... yesterday lor..
Super food.. Reasonable price and fabulicious.... *licks*

I don't take breakfast.. so...

afternoon = lunch

This steamed-fish-head little "restaurant" near my school, Cheras.
Heard it was pretty famous wor.. It was my second time here.
Quite full every lunch when we were there, or we passed there.. or we parked our car nearby.. always full though the "restaurant" is quite a small shabby one.

UCSI, Cheras has a new campus which is the previous Wisma FIT, Taynton area..
Before the main entrance of this new campus which is on your left, there's a small lorong on ur right.. just turn in and you'll see cars parked behind that row of houses..
On your left.. u'll see this little pondok-kinda-feel restaurant.. hehehe..
(me kinda bad in giving directions, hor?)
Anyway.. you won't be able to see this restaurant from the main road.. it's like surrounded and hidden by all the backlanes.. *grins*

Let's see.. It was almost 1pm. Break for lunch. Tutorial at 2pm.
Me, Tess, TengWai, ZiuHong, Sinyi and Eng.
6 of us hunting for a good lunch.

(above) Eventually I'm not sure this dish in English.
Some bean-sauce.. I guess.. *blushes*
(below) A simple garlic steamed fish-head.

(way above) We definitely need "GREEN-LEAVES" on our table. *grins*
(above) Their special fried seafood tofu.
(below) Stewed Pork. I din't makan this.

Anyway, overall food was okay. Not bad.
But that old uncle whom we ordered from.. don't really estimate the helpings..
Only 6 of us. Bloody 2 halves of 1 HUGE fish-head.
When he intro, we thought it might be 2 smaller fish-head since only a few of us and with other side-dishes as well.
We ate and ate until we were like fully bloated. I din't even finished my rice.
Din't know fish can be that filling.. and satisfying.. hehehe..

Bill came up to 75bucks.
Cheap yeh?? *thumbs up*


night = dinner

Last week we went Korean BBQ, at Desa Sri Hartamas.
(Yvonne havent pass me the pix yet)
This week we went to WIP, Bangsar Shopping Center.
You'll see the sign from the main road when you pass BSC.
Definitely won't miss unless you're blind din notice or something..

WIP stands for Work In Progress.
Yes.. that's the name. Serious. No lie.

5 of us. Me, Yvonne, HuayPin, JunWei and Alan.
We girls reached Bangsar like before 5pm..
Started shopping at Telawi Street till almost time for dinner.
Will blog bout it soon. So not gonna crap bout it now.

WIP features Western, Asian & North Indian food.
Wanna know more bout the interior n stuff.. click *here*

The exterior

HuayPin's Spaghetti Carbonara + Beef Bacon. RM 25
Good thick yummylicious sauce. Damn KAU.

Alan's Aglio Olio. Enough for him? Ya'thinkso? *giggles*

My North Indian Dish. Chicken Makanwala. RM25
Boneless chicken is cooked in a tasty tangy butter sauce
served with green peas and mushrooms masala,
raitha, crunchy papadum and salad with mango dressing.

JunWei's I-forgot-the-name-North-Indian-Fish-Dish. RM 25
Spicy sauce fish, served with okra masala,
raitha, crunchy papadum and salad with mango dressing.

All North Indian dishes c/w EITHER rice, naan or fries.

My Morrocon Mint Tea and their sponsored Evian water.
Yvonne's Smoking Chicken in her tummy d. Forgot to snap. Damn.

JunWei left earlier. Ought to fetch sibling.
Left 4 of us, crappin'. Everyone was kinda tired.
Look at our tired faces except the "someone" who took leave yesterday.. *snorts* Hehe

Great dinner. Not bad.
Worth a second visit. Crowd was so-so. Ambiance was great.
Good food. Good shopping and good night!!!!

YALA!!!! sibeh "camwhores". Wonder whose idea??
*points at the middle person*

shopping blog cominggg~~~