Wednesday, May 28, 2008

one of those days

I'm torn somewhere in between.

I thought i was...

then I thought I could say...

but I just couldn't stop feeling...


Sunday, May 25, 2008

wanting a new beginning

"We've never felt anything like this our whole lives."

Ain't the right time for tears to fall.

I'm blubbering with Chloe now in MSN.
She's my close friend since college times back in limkokwing..
Currently working in China as interior designer, of course.

We're now chatting bout the China earthquake. *here*
She felt it that day.. and it was horrible.. terrified..
a new experience that left her traumatized for days.

We're just talking bout it.. bout the news, the victims, the dead, the mourning..
Making me recall all the snippets of this incident I saw lately on news and papers..
Gosh man... i just couldn't help tear-ing.

Was watching the news with mom the other day.
Both of us were like waterbags.. sobbing man...
Really really really sad... crying none stop..

"She couldn't help him. She could only encourage him. She'd call his name."

"I lost everything. I lost my house and I lost my mother."

So unbelievable, I mean... the feelings are so indescribable..
The tremendous collapse, rubbles burying human alive..
trapping hundreds of others under schools, factories and houses..
Just sooooo merciless.. *sobs*
Making us feeling so small and helpless as nature strikes to kill us all..
So cruel.. in a minute, killing thousands. Tragic tragic.
Look at the pix man.. soooo sad.. i just went all out..

How a man have to saw his leg right on the spot straight away in order to save his life..
How children getting skin diseases due to the earthquakes..
How they got buried alive within seconds..
How their feelings change all of the sudden..
How a mother died, protecting her baby, leaving him all alone in this world with only one very meaningful sms.. I do love you.
How sacrifices are made with no hesitation..

How the number of dead increasing every minute..
How helpless they are watching their loved ones just die..
How anxious and scary it must be wondering if those buried will ever be found n alive..
How an elderly woman mourns as her grandson is buried under the debris..
How the death of kids outnumbered..
How they look at the debris of collapsed buildings with mixed emotion..
How a grandfather places a photo of his grandson at a shrine in the ruins..

"As long as there was a slightest hope, we should make our effort
a hundred times and we will never relax,"
Premier Wen Jiabao said outside the collapsed school in Juyuan.

“I miss my parents a lot,” said Luo Yuwen, the 10-year-old.
“I haven’t seen them yet, and I don’t know whether they’re safe or not.

The thing I wanted to do most was to get away from that place.”

Parents hold photos of their children who were killed in last week's deadly earthquake are seen during a memorial service at a primary school in Mianzhu, in China's southwest Sichuan province Friday May 23, 2008.

Parents held a memorial ceremony for the more than 130 students killed when their school collapsed in the massive earthquake on May 12, 2008.

"I am particularly saddened by the number of students and children affected
by this tragedy,"
President Bush said in a statement.

This pix (above) caused me to suffer from "instant heavy downpour".
I was so emo and got very devastated.

Passes and school bags of students who were killed in last week's deadly earthquake are seen during a memorial service at a primary school in Mianzhu, in China's southwest Sichuan province.

I really can't take it that how the parents holding the photos of their children who were killed. I just tak boleh tahan.

Imagine that feeling..
Imagine if that's ur son..

Imagine if that's ur daughter..

Imagine if that's ur friend..

Imagine if that's ur father..
Imagine if that's ur mother..
Imagine if that's ur loved one..
Fark man!!!

Find this whole situation very depressing.
Very very down-hearted to be exact.
I watched. I cried. I donated. I cried. And I cried again.

This vid makes me sad all-over again.
Nice song tribute to the earthquake victims.

I'm not trying to be drama here or LOA. I took hours to post this up. *sobs*
I just want to share how I feel.

Like how Chloe and I ended our chat,
"We're just really very grateful of our everything again, twice, triple, hundruple-ly."


crying again. damn emo now. nite.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the campuran tiga from Klang

Getting late d.. wooshh... faster drop in here to leave a few words..


24 d... big girl jor.. must kuai kuai ok~
Wild days are coming to an end... soon.. erm.. not so soon la.. lol.

pix above taken that night in Poppy. Alan's on the 23rd.. Bernadine's today.
So celebrate together lor.. in a way..
well well.. more like Alan tagging along with her bday "party"..
That girl wickedly partied whole night NONE stop... gosh man.. hahhaha..
Alan might be celebrating again this weekend.. Saturday night I think..
Buying us all seafood for dinner.
Love my friends.. MuaH!~ Everytime plenty of excuses to party. *grins*
which I don't mind at all.. hahahah


I was like listening to this song quite frequent on lately.
I was like so wondering.. so familiar that chinese voice...
Issit Ming? 'cos I love that voice!!!
'cos he sent me his demo before.. in chinese.. cool yeh.. love that kind of accent.
So familiar.. hmm.. then I was like.. must check youtube when I get home..
but for several nights I kept forgetting till now.. hahah...

Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity
more info for the song? click *here*

This song is really meaningful I mean..
Unity for Malaysia. Loving it a lot.
Good lyrics... especially the chorus part that I really liking it... is that chorus? I guess rite..

"Here in my home
I'll tell you what it's all about
There's just one hope here in my heart
One love undivided
That's what it's all about
Please won't you fall in one by one?"

Great song serious. Involving Malay, Mandarin and Tamil in it.
Good thinking yall... Spreading love and unity all over the country.

Back to, Ming/Ming The Chin/Nicholas is from KLG Sqwad.
Together with Ariff and Balan who are like my high school seniors back then..
whom I seldom talk that much with actually. =P
Anyway, check them out in the vid at 2:20 - 2:30.

Love Ming's voice. I told him tat before. Numerous times.
He modestly said, "I know. Every girls tell me tat.." *guffaws*
Nabehhhh.... anyway.. his voice is nice.. whether he's talking or singing or being emo.

Ok.. sleeping d. Another long day tomorrow.


Oh wait.

Mood of the day : "Missing is misery"
Quote of the day : "Missing is misery"
Tomorrow? "Missing is STILL a misery."

Don't understand? Never mind. It was never meant to anyway.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

just "heavily-padded" pannekoek??

Wooo.. i'm back to working (as in office-kind) today.
Yup. Back at Sri Hartamas.
Still kinda lazy feel. Not used to waking up so early. Hehehe...

Met up with Tess at The Curve just now for dinner.
Need to pass her, her bags that I helped her buy online.
She brought a friend along.. Chenguan aka FishBall.. who suggested Paddington.
Not boyfriend laaaa... hahah later she kill me for simply cock crap in my blog.
Tee hee hee..

Let's see what we ate.
Celebrate my last day for tomorrow that going to be on tat four-letter-word.
Not FARK lar!!! nabeh brains la u guys.

From Tess's Morocco to his Oslo, lastly end up in my Tokyo...

Three bodoh cherry tomatoes sitting there by my mash.
End up still sitting there when the waiter cleared up.
AWww... sad sad cherry cherry tomatoess... They didn't taste normally good ok.

Food was great.
Mana tau... I guess I was too hungry..
Maybe 'cos ate a little for lunch only.. not even half of bowl.
Was at Wok Hei, Plaza Damas with Priscilla for KamHeong Fish Fillet rice.
They opened a new outdoor cafe.. not bad.. cheaper than the one inside.. serious.
Nabeh, my gastric gas added up.. make me puked like hell after 4 hours.
Ehh supposed to digest d rite??? Then why?? Hmm..
I'm gonna stop Paddington for months to come like how I quited on dough nuts.

I need a doctor.

Sorry that this post end up revolting. *grins*

Sunday, May 18, 2008

cili? pedas sial...

This was like long ago.. weeks ago..
Went KLCC for HomeDec exhibition with Yvonne and Bernadine.
After several consideration, we decided to have Chilis for dinner.
Thanks to Berny for standing there and Q-ing up for us to get a table. *mwah*

I can't decide I like TGIF more or Chilis more..
But I think TGIF is cheaper.. hehehe


The camwhores popping to Poppy.

Yeah.. we went Poppy again.. for Berny's and Alan's bday.
Two dong-dongs celebrating together.. but more like Berny was having a blast..
None-stop moving around.. never see her so active in work.. lol
That BONNIE.. hahahah *inside joke*

Poppy is kinda boring d. Need to change venue next time. Suggestions people???

p/s: Ignore my pver-rounded face. Thanks. -_-"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Make me the Starbucks VIP??

Almost everyday I'm in Starbucks. Last week and last last week lar..
Same name Starbucks but in different location.
Sometimes even 2 Starbucks in a day. One in Subang, one in Damansara. =P
Not knowing why suddenly most of my appointments are in Starbucks.
Or.. friends wanna go Starbucks.. or it's just me craving for Starbucks.

Ooohhh.. i miss this girl. My "Miss Lame" Bernadine Lao.
Never mind. Gonna party with her like hell tomorrow night.
She can't wait.
Me neither. *laughs*

Wanna join? hehe


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

*whooshhhh* went my heart

This morning I almost died. Mati. KongKiao. Si.
Was driving to work, using NKVE highway to Hartamas.
A car in front of me slowed down.. so i tekan brake sikit lor..
Thank god, duno why less cars this morning.
Mana tau tak makan.. I was like wtf?? Lucky I was only driving at the speed of 90.
Slowly driving towards the emergency lane.. eventhough I tekan kuat kuat until 20.
But the oil was like still pumping kuat.. and car still moving..
I was soooooo freaked out that I just stopped the engine.. pulled out the keys, pulled my handbrake. Sat there stunned for like a minute.. My mind was lagging..
and muttered, "What am I going to do now? What am I going to do now?"
Call dad call dad call dad... was the answer..
ok okok.. I called dad.. then called my boss then called the tow truck.

Nabeh.. make me wait for like 1.5 hours for help to come lor!!
Baking in the car!! Breezing with lorries..... *kapuiks*
I was like at NKVE highway, 2km from the Subang exit.
The tow-fella couldn't find lor.... nabehhh.. he went to Federal instead.
He said he duno where is NKVE highway... when he finally came.. he said..
"Ohh.. cakap lar.. bukit raja highway!!"

SIBEH NABEH LOR!!!! -__-""


Second scenario let me cerita..

AA went to this superdupermarket to make some Apricot Jem orders.
After long consideration and discussion with Diva Rabbit..
all settled to go for Apricot Jem since it was cheap n yum-yum for all..
So this "taster", let's call him Musang are supposed to buy the Apricot Jem for Diva Rabbit. So AA suppose to go along to make sure that the right ingredients are chosen for the Apricot Jem. So AA, Diva Rabbit and Musang held hands and sing song to the supermarket lor.

Ok. So hor.. when reached the superdupermarket, Musang's friend..
All ready for booking the Apricot Jem d...
Mana tau.. the superdupermarket JAGA came n say.. why apricot??
Apricot don't taste good one.. why don't want try strawberry?
Mangosteen also not bad?? why la you want apricot?
Apricot got a lot of duck-duck-ayam-ayam complain d..
When stock come.. not good 1.. always got prob.. when 2004 time hor.. etc etc..

So all also heart jump-jump a bit liao lor..
Not sure whether still want Apricot Jem a not..
Suddenly Musang got things to do.. Not free.. Left others stranded there.
So left AA and Diva Rabbit to choose another Jem lor..
Look see look see look see.. But still Apricot Jem taste the best..
but due to complaints and disagreement from the JAGA.. nobody want to take the risk.
AA was burning pissed.
Diva Rabbit was tired.

End up, AA and Diva Rabbit have to take the Raspberry Jem lor.
'cos the superdupermarket JAGA die-die say Apricot Jem sucks.
and adding in, "Who's gonna be responsible if Apricot Jem turns out sour after purchase?"

So the moral of the story is...

Apricot manufacturer sure say Apricot Jem nice mar...
Strawberry manufacturer sure say Strawberry Jem nice mar...
Kaya manufacturer sure say Kaya Jem nice mar...
Blueberry manufacturer sure say Blueberry Jem nice mar...
Who so stupid go say opponent's Jem better than own??
Sure support sendiri mar... or support the one that u earn most from...
If not, wait for gulung-tikar meh??

So the best is make up ur mind what Jem you like to eat??
Don't let ppl easily influence you.. Stick to what u want.
the best is... don't let too many ppl to make one simple decision.

Lucky Diva Rabbit is a good rabbit.
Very good indeed.
AA was very grateful.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

in the midst of guilt and awe


HH told me bout "Perks in getting a boyfriend".

"Honey.. PK dy...."
*toot toot toot*
2k cash-in bank account the next day.

"Babbyyyy..... that bag very nice... but so ex lerr....."
Credit card swipes.

"Sigh.. work so hard, boss pay so little every month.."
*checks account balance*
Monthly income = 3k from boyfriend.

p/s: depending on your manja technique how keng!
and obviously get a bloody loaded bf lar. DUH!

Life sucks right?? So bias.
Don't know if this is what they call "hang fuk" or "spoiled" ??


One scenario let me give..

AA went to this shop, inquiring for quotation on "Apricot Jem"..
For the Famous Diva Rabbit.
So the shopkeeper was like keep pestering AA "Apricot Jem" for who??
If not hard to inquiry or hard to this n that..
So the AA also a bit blur today, not knowing why TER-blurted out saying it's for Diva Rabbit.. which ain't supposed to say out.. Then mana tau the shopkeeper and duno where the keepers' keepers came all running and went.....

" OHhhhh Rabbit yaa... I know i know... I know Rabbit's whole family ancestors 1.. Their bunny burrow and soil and grass also I PAU 1.. we very close 1... Aisehhh.. no prob no prob.. Rabbit mar.. I know.. RAbbit... Rabbit last time.. this with me.. that with me.. everytime find me.. we sibeh FREN 1.. yala yala.. rabbit rabbit lar.. say mar.. appricot jem? can lar.. no prob la.. we make this happen ok.. wat jem u wan also can.. rabbit marr!!!"

AA traumatized. The SilangKuis Attack.

So what I'm trying to say here is that..

Yaya.. i know i know.. bla bla bla bla... i know her.. he know me.. she know me.. i know him.. blabla.. i know his mom his dad.. her granddad.. her aunty.. my aunty my uncle.. ayah punya mak punya kakak punya adik punya ahmah punya jiran punya never-ending..

WALAO!!!!!!!! It's just one f*rking inquiry ok!!!

p/s: KBLC = Kao Bu Lin Chin... it's not foul. Dirty asses' mind.


Emo d.


duno how to feel la

Sunday, May 11, 2008

the jealous potion

I went to Sekinchan last Saturday to attend my cousin's wedding.
Like I said before, my mom is really a health-conscious freak.
She has been making a lot of those fruit enzyme drinks and vinegar for us to drink.
Learning from experts and often visits to the organic shops..
She's really addicted to make all these healthy stuff.

Her friend told her there's a organic shop and a vinegar yard in Sekinchan .
We reached Sekinchan around like 3pm,
went to my aunty's house to duduk duduk.. then too many people there..
we went out to look for this shop, since the wedding dinner starts at 6.30pm.

It's very easy to find though.
Sekinchan not a big place.. just head to the town area where most of the shops are.
I not sure how where exactly it was actually.. u can check out at the add where this post ends.

The shop facade. (above)
The shop interiors. (below)

Vinegar Yard serves as a typical kind-of cafe.
Just mainly everything is bout vinegar.
Not those vinegar u put in sharkfin.. sour stew pork leg.. or in normal cooking kind..
But healthy vinegar that you keep in store with the right ingredients..
under the right atmosphere and temperature.
And to store for months accordingly to what ingredients you put in.
And and and... the person making it.. must be in a happy and calm mood. Serious!
If not the vinegar will not be in good state n must throw away in order to not hurt ones health.

Once you walked into the interior, u will smell a thick stench of sour vinegar.
After a while, u will soon get used to it.
They served lunch sets inclusive of the food prepared in vinegar.
They have vinegar blended drink, vinegar cold and hot beverage.
In a very reasonable price.

Vinegars are kept in big jars and bottle, kept in the special-designed-room.
With the right temperature and no one is allowed to enter unless the cafe owner's permit.
I duno how many of u will actually believe it.. but I do.
I have been drinking these vinegar in all sorts of flavour for like almost a year.
Everything in organic. The fruits, the herbs, the nuts and beans..
All the ingredients must be organic in order for better results.

Don't get ur noses all wrinkled up.. it does taste good ok... trust me!!!

Why I said it's good for health 'cos depending on what kind of vinegar u drink..
Lemon, pineapple, aloe vera, japanese nato beans, herbs etc etc..
It will like reduce ur body fat percentage, lower down cancer chances,
cholesterol and many more..
Aiya don believe go try for urself... go speak to the cafe owner. Miss Chia G.H.
She's very nice. Giving us a try of most of the vinegar she did.
Very patient in explaining to us the pro and cons.

I mean in the market now.. there's plenty of ppl making this vinegar and selling it.
So it's up to us to think think think which kind is actually better for us.
My mom, this addict.. hahahaha did her own readings and researches and really believe this lady's vinegar. Go try try k.

The staff extracting the dragonfruit leftovers from the vinegar. (below)
Can be used to make dragonfruit snow mountain.. hehe like those u can get in KimGary.

To find it.. it's just opposite this Sekinchan Organic Shop.

Address : No 163, Jalan Haji Jamil, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor.
Tel : 03 3241 8618
Mobile : 012 3028 323
Email :

Have fun!!!
Especially those who eat out a lot..
All those oily n MSG stuff.. Sigh.
Go try k!!!
Trust me. It's genuine.

And I don't get any commission to intro u guys this ok.
I just wan to share good deeds with yalll!!!!





Thursday, May 08, 2008

tension+stressed all waved by

The crit pix finally up.
just recovered myself from the 6 hours blackout!!
teaching me a very valuable lesson on how i really really love the person..
who invented air-cond.. ok fine.. the fan-man too...
arghh.. or better said the electricity-founder. *rolled eyes*

Called TNB several times to file a complaint..
keep telling me.. after an hour or two... that an hour or two never came..
why? cable explode?? I almost sarcastically ask did anyone died?!! *swears*
Worst... my neighbours all got electricity.. just like my house the pitched black one.
then TNB fella told me... cos we're sharing the different cable.
Wow.. thanks for like making me feel like some sort of VIP.

I tried to sleep but I was so drenched in sweat.
So frustrating. n my mobile battery went flat.
And you know.. Anger can make one go KUKU.


Internal Crit Day
Last Friday. May 2, 2008.

Internal Crit simply means a critique session/our final big presentation for the semester where the panels of judges will be our own department staff. Not including our studiomaster.

Our class project for this semester was actually to design a gallery + office + resource center for the new collaboration of MSID and IPDM = IDAM, Interior Designers Association Malaysia.
Seniors supposed to design the whole layout.
Juniors to design our cafe and lobby area.. and also the main facade.
So technically, one senior to work with 2 juniors.
Me with Jasmynn and Ezu. Eng with Tess and Chris.

Jasmynn's (my junior team-mate) facade model. (above)
And she again, pinning her boards up on the drafting tables. (below)

Chris's crit session time. (above)
Mine and Eng's boards. Mine at the bottom. Only we both were seniors. (below)

Internal Crit day was much more horrifying than External Crit.
Somehow our own lecturers are much more a BOMBer than outsiders.
Or issit we took it much more personally when our own lecturers shoot us with no mercy?


External Crit Day
Last Tuesday. May 6, 2008.

External Crit = critique session/our final big presentation for the semester where the panels of judges will be industrial professionals, architects, or other institutions' lecturers.
Not including our own lecturers and studiomaster. And free refreshment & lunch are served.

Only three studios presented today.
Us - seniors ID Year 3 and Year 2 students.
Final architecture year students.
And year 2 architecture students - juniors.
Others not sure when.

Our studio all prepared for the crit. Waiting for panels to come in.
My boards remained the same. Lower part of the white board.
Need not for me to upgrade it but Eng did.

Clean and well-arranged by us obviously. (above)
Ezu attentively looking at Tess's boards (below)

Ezu's (my team-mate junior) facade model. (above)
Chris's facade. Colorful lehh.. hehe (below)

A short-walk vid around my studio during Chris's crit.

Architectural Year 3 Students studio.
Ziu Hong and Teng Wai's.

Architectural Year 2 Students.
Very good in models.
Juniors with their KUAT semangat.

Ok. This semester all over and done with.
Crits and reviews were good.
Constructive comments to keep up.
Hopefully I pass and next semester will be my last study semester.
All's good? Yay good.

Nite peeps.
3.25am d.