Saturday, January 31, 2009

i like phuture

CNY post will be up AFTER CNY.. hehe
Too many pix. Lazy to rummage over it yet.
Let's see something more recent..
Ermm.. Last night.


We went to Phuture Zouk last night.
Yup. So-called CNY Clubbing session, i suppose.

You don't have to simply be a blogger to camwhore..
'cos I see most people nowadays regardless of "sex".. hmmm
they too camwhore a li'l way too much.

While waiting for Huay-Pin to "berdandan".. we were...
ermm.. *laughs* camwhore lor.. What else.
I'll just post a few up here.. Others will be in my facebook.

Thanks to silly Alan for making my head looking like super alienated-ly big...
yah yah with his "artistic creative angle".. Kapuiks!!
keep commenting on her small eyes. hahaha .
Not that small laa.. still can see mar.. hahaha..

Crazy Alan. Man in Black. short I mean.. real MAN...
*giggles* Beh tahan.

ChoonWee came with Bernice.
Our high school gang, around 6 of us including JunWei who reached earlier.
He and his big bunch of friends.. More than 10 i think.
He introduced me to Timothy from Nuffnang with Audrey, his gf.
Cos Jun knew I read his blog but I din't really get to talk much to them..
thanks to the blasting music and the super-high crazy JW dude.


Walau. Apa ni?
Seriously whenever JunWei is getting super-high in clubs and all...
it's best for you to start avoiding him.. whether or not u'r a super drinker..
or *ahem* a lousy one like me..
Darnit.. he bloody BIT my shoulders twice 'cos I rejected his drink.
Oh darn.. No escape and.... there.. i got all f-up drunk sober.. Sad-nya aku.

And what do u think ur friends will do when u'r blur and agitated??
They'll treat u like Mdm Tussaud's wax statue and "paparazzi-ed" over you..
Hahhaa.. so nice of them. Thoughtful isn't it?

See? Prove to my allergy.
YES!! Alcohol Allergy. Too much to consume last nite to my "alcohol level".
Red, itchy, slight swell, blotches, biji-biji.. yerrr.. gross lor.
See see.. thanks to who..!! *sobs*

My sleep was badly interrupted by my mom. Way early at 8am.
Woke up with a slight hangover..
Thank god to only "slight".. Ran out to the nearest pharmacy and bought my pills.
If not.. being in this condition for almost 1 week.
Ahhh.. Kill me bah..

Lastly, I'm done "thinking" today.
Just came back from mom's hometown today.
A day trip down to Kuala Selangor. Tyeeee-reddd.. Tired la i mean.
Aites. Night. *yawns*

i'm done clubbing.

Friday, January 23, 2009

i can bake too~

I made these lor!!
I'm not kidding nor lying..
Single-handedly lorrr... *pouts* trust me lar....
Definitely edible ok. Very very much edible.

Mom made these.. (below)
Not quite "open"... but not bad for another try after almost 10 years.
So anyone going to "fatt" after makan-ing this prosper cake? *winks*

More CNY preparation pix coming along..
More solid evidence that I baked more cookies and cooking CNY dishes...
When I finally have the time to sit down and rearrange my folders.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!!
Happy celebrating and holiday-ing...

I'll be back. SOON.
Err.. i hope.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"weird" ikan yang menakutkan

I saw this few weeks ago d, but din't quite pay much attention to it..
until somehow I thought of it today.. so I went to google it..
And this was what I found minutes ago..

I found it scary. Very indeed. Astonishingly.
Yucks. Might sound lame to you but when i saw it..
my bulu all naik laaa.. standing proud showing i'm a puny chicken.
I mean, I really find it pretty disgusting and weird...
though it's just one kind of carp fish...
BUT STILL!! Human Face Fish.

A lil' info I got off-net here..

"Ornamental carp, also known as "koi", are bred in both Japan and Korea for collectors.
The human-faced carp are definitely products of selective breeding by humans. Generations of fish were bred to emphasize their "human" features, most notably their forward-facing eyes. These features would likely be a disadvantage in the wild - but then, these particular fish aren't going anywhere near the wild anytime soon.

The so-called "Human Face Fish" are hybrids of common carp and leather carp. The fish rather large - about 32 inches long - and it's said that their heads have begun to take on a more human look as time goes by!!!"

Yerrrr.. *shuddering*
Imagine your "pet" fish give you dirty faces when you walk by..
Giving you tons of idiotic expressions... like a bloody horrible myth creature.
I don't fancy this at all lor!!!

Again, GROSS!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

i'm not quite crazy yet... but...

I want some blood off me.
Wait... I mean I don't want unnecessary blood.
I just want to make that absorbent material worn to absorb some menstrual flow.

My haid belum datang laa.
Lost track of last month's. Should be either this week or next.
No. I'm not preggie. And no.. it's not LATE.
I just hope it can enter the world of "pressed cotton" tomorrow or day after.
so it can declare dry soon and I can celebrate CNY with glee, un-bloatness & un-wetness.

Ugh. Oh period. Can you please come asap??!
Or just packed up and don't come until after CNY week.



This song is so emo-ing me up.. *sobs*
Someone to love, to hold, to be my inspiration~~
Someone to touch, to cherish of life...

See see.. i'm getting emo, lethargic n pissy all over.
Signs of period coming rite???

just come, will ya???

Friday, January 16, 2009


only good friends stay..

"If you don't have your own state of mind..
you'll simply just drown yourself in deep sea."

- Michelle

Lately I've been trapped in a masquerade.
People with various of beautiful, colorful masks walking around me..
"Laughing", "smiling", "complimenting" etc etc.
I know I am not offended or disturbed by this "event".
But some uncontrollably did..
Those who did.. faced me with a mask everyday.
Sometimes totally ignore me.. or just brushed me off as harshly as possible.

Wait... what is masquerade???
"In the masquerade everyone dons their masks. The peasants may become lords and the lords, peasants. The sheep may dress as wolves and the wolves as sheep. The cowards will roar like lions and the traitors will puff out their chests like the noblest of patriots. The name of the masquerade is politics of course."

Show if you're pissed.
Don't act like nothing happened and forced yourself on me.
Don't be a torture.
Wearing a mask is a torture.

It's weird sometimes..
How people aren't willing to trust an empty paper.. a crystal clear situation..
'cos they think.. no way things gonna be this simple.. sure there is some hidden story.
But they choose to believe fully in a complicated shit.. well 'cos it's complicated. Duh.
Too many things to sound fake right?

Some say "Timing" makes a difference.
You think you really understand a friend whom you known for years.
But in fact., you don't.
You think you misunderstand a true friend that you just known for months.
But in fact, yes. You did.

If you don't trust me, why I bother making you trust me?
I'm not that kind of people to force you think what i think.
Mature enough to make your own judgements.
If you think I am that, then I'm that to you.
It doesn't make any difference to my life.
In fact, I feel sorry for you.
Incapable to differ the real and fake.

I know what I did and what I didn't do.
You chose to believe the otherwise.
And that is YOUR problem.
Juggling our friendship on a thin line.
I am disappointed. Very.

Today I turned cold as metal.
And will stay this way till I feel for a change.
You made me.

Office politics.

* * *

What I find unbelievable is..
You said you won't get manipulated.
You said to ignore the Manipulator.
Cos you knew what was happening..
but yet you chose to get manipulated.
I really treated you like a friend that is hard to find.. that can get along so well.
but guess I'm just a fishing bait to you.
You chose to believe what the rotten apple say.

I feel I am stupid.
I thought working is stressful as how everyone complains bout their work.
To me, working is full of challenges and stress at times.. but exciting..
what really dries me off are the masquerade participants.

Life is a bitch.

p/s: pix credits dA


Thursday, January 15, 2009

when i was just a 'little' girl...

My name was tagged a couple of times in facebook today.
I can't believe my eyes...
I called Berny straight away and start bubbling uncontrollably..
Probably sounded like an idiot hyena over the phone...
till my tears fell lorr...


We both were laughing hysterically. None stop.
Speechless. Mixed emotions.
Ve uploaded some pix back in limkokwing. Diploma years.
Exact year = 2003. Freaking 9 years agooooo~
Horrible but real nostalgic.

Fashionably unfashionable.

Can you spot me?


I can't believe I got boyfriend that time lor.
He must be real blind.

gosh man. i'm so fugly.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my smooth move

Two days ago...
I was walking down my office's porch on the left side.
Suddenly out of nowhere and no time.. I slipped... slipped forward..
At the nick of time... I just grabbed the side fence...
No no.. there was no CrAsh BooM Bang... (no comical scripts ok~)
And no.. I din't fall flat on my ass either.... (you wish)
I.. caught my balance one my right leg but fell hard and sharp on my left knee..
So my position that time was.. as if..

It hurts. God damn pain lor..
And I had to hurry down to site.
Skin scraped, fortunately... no blood.
Clumsy me.

Now my knee looks like this. (above)
No idea when and how and why the bruise became this huge piece...
and so dark..
scary shit... how how how???

How to wear skirt now???


p/s: ignore my silly facial expression up there..
p/p/s: yes. i'm very busy lately. no time to blog properly.

I'm feeling "utterly" bad now.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

end of 2008

New Year's Eve - 31 Dec 2008
Venue - Ministry of Sound

Thursday, January 08, 2009

working is my latest "addict"


My new haircut + color.
Got all these done in Clips again.
Francis, my favourite stylist again.
Was there with Cass for almost 5 hours.
She and her cropping, perming, dye-ing and treatment-ing.. hehe
Me with my cropping, dye-ing and treatment-ing. *grins*

With much more work stress and piling up responsibilites and roles..
I think with me craving for more indulgence is going to burn a huge hole in my pocket.

Manicure my next stop!!! Here I come~~~~


Pix way before I cropped my hair.
Before I start "full-timing" work.

I'm working...

I'm not quite working...

Working makes me old..

Alright, I'm back to working..

Oh gawd..... never-ending work.

i need a break for life

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

colours make me coloured

I met up with him few days ago after centuries.
We were chilling at the boulevard.

Suddenly he keep staring to his left, I turned...
He was staring at this 2 huge jugs, beamed a bit too "loud"... "eh BIG!!"
Blur me went, "Big meh??"
He grinned dreamily, "Her huge tits fits perfectly here." Shows his hand.
"I want" was his last two words before he got up to introduced himself to the girl.

Guys. So typical. He never changed.
After so long since I last saw him, he is still so PLAY as ever.
But he is still so my "huggy" as ever.


Add VideoI'm quite busy lately. Sorry to say.
Countless hours at work. Back too late to even check my mails.
Will try to update as often as I can...
'cos they were pretty much "interesting" things lining up to post up here..
just that I've freaking got no time to do it. Darn.

Lastly.. mind helping me to choose which colour I should get?
Please... I really really couldn't make up my mind.
Some say white... some say grey..
Some say white similar to a dummy toy phone...
grey too man.. too normal.. too this.. too that.. how??

For a short review of the phone, click *here* ....

Holding the phone 'live' looks better than in pix.
Let's decide. Lend me a brain hand.