Thursday, August 27, 2009

i do play foosball you knowww

I want this!!
I want I want!!

I just i did something wrong at work.
My gawddd.. it totally slipped off my mind..
and I din't get to pass the message to the intended person..
Shitss!! *screams*

I'm so SO screwed!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

to house a cafe there...

Check this baby out. I looooveee it.. *grins*
Well.. at least something outta the blue that we WON'T haven't seen here..

"The latest branch of The House Café chain at the shopping mall Kanyon, is an integration of the mall’s original architecture, The House Café brand identity and the architect's design approach.
A site-built structure made of steel and glass, which functions as a transparent box to house the café, is carefully planned and designed to fit the valley-like architecture of the mall and sat on a walnut platform to add warmth to the café’s interior.
Although an extension, the structure bears its own strong design identity while blending in with its surroundings."

Nice right? It's in Istanbul, Turkey. Hmmm...

The House Cafe's official website *click*

Why can't Starbucks look like this? Hmm..

I'm still in office leh. Tired d.
Huh? whut??? OT means rich? Hello.. my OT no money 1 lor. -_-"
Okies. Back to work. If not I'll sleep here tonight.



Sunday, August 23, 2009

simply parked by the road

I've always like this part of Taman Danau Desa.
Night or day. Dark or bright.
I just love these trees, the shadow cast-ed;;
Only here in KL. One whole stretch.
Hmm.. Nice.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

you took me for...

It's very frustrating sometimes.
I do not know how to express it all out in words but oh gawd..
it's very very frustrating that this ain't the first time it's happening.
Why must I care so much sometimes?
If I care less then maybe I wouldn't end up having all these unnecessary responsibilities.. where?? up on my OWN shoulders.
I know you care.. he cares.. she cares bout it.. but you guys are just all say but no do.
End up.. excuses came piling up.. reasons became totally unreasonable..
and I know it's not right to leave it just hanging there.. so hence, I HAVE to do it..
Then when I've done it... we ALL get the credit.
But in the midst of doing it... WHICH of YOU eventually DO CARE?
Talk talk talk.. clever..
Suggestion? No idea..
Why which where how... *silence* hello? anybody there?
Then when results show.. WOW.. Team effort.
Wtf man..
It's not that I wish to have all the credit to myself and all..
is Credit that important?? All i hope for is the real teamwork. the real effort.
The real solution where everyone has their part of making it right.
It's so tiring looking at silly grins, "knowing" smiles, scratching head.. empty faces.
Bored. Tired. So tired of these.

And some things ain't just I-say-You-listen-I-listen-You-Say kinda thing.
Period. Oh Shall it be then.
If everything is just basically you saying, you agreeing verbally..
and all ended well with all parties as the way you wanted it.
Then world peace. Everyone has clone brains. No war. Happy ending.
Easy right? You wish.
Everyone has difficulties, has negativity, has issues..
All issues at core are the same,
just they're all portrayed in different kind of perspectives in life.
Therefore if you want me to understand your difficulties then why can't you stand on my point of angle and see what are the problems that I may face due to your difficulties that you hope I can see but you don't give yourself a thought to even think of mine?
Don't understand? It's fine then. If one sentence I post up here, you can understand altogether at once, then I'll be more than happy. If not. It's alright cos that's the issue.
Complication makes life interesting.
Interesting in a way that sometimes I do not even want to be in.

Yes. I do not.

I still do not want these impact in life.
Obstacles my foot.
Different people different thinking different shits.
Easy to say right. Easy what. Talk no need pay.
Do no responsibility. Attack at no charge.

Don't understand?
Somehow I'm not bothered anymore.

"Granted" is the word.


Friday, August 14, 2009

i hear then i feel

We were testing the AV system yesterday in my client's house.
She has this CD. Best Audiophile Voices IV. (below)
Very very nice. Love it.
Loud crystal clear audio system carries songs as such very very good indeed..

I have always love songs like these.. It soothes. I feel.
Somehow relax-es me when I'm alone.
Some might think oh well.. borringg..

1. Salena Jones - You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
2. Jane Duboc - Lady Jane
3. Tim Tamashiro - The Way You Look Tonight
4. Marianna Leporace - If
5. Stacey Kent - What The World Needs Now Is Love
6. Alison Krauss & Union Station - Gravity
7. Livingston Taylor - Isn’t She Lovely
8. Jheena Lodwick - A Child Is Born
9. Noon - Sunny
10. Jean Frye Sidwell - Wind Beneath My Wings
11. Sara Gazarek - Too Young To Go Steady
12. Hayati Kafe - For All We Know
13. Trisha O Brien - Dindi
14. Susannah McCorkle - Manha De Carnaval
15. Al Somma - The Very Thought Of You

Guess you know which is my atm fav song.. (big hint above.. hehe)
Though I do not have the cash to purchase skyhigh AV system price.. *grins*
I still like to have the cd. Will plan to go hunt for this..
Thinking should i get the whole collection? Hmmmm
Very soothing songs ler.. *hearts* Love love love love..
Very emotional lyrics.. meaningful phrases.. great vocals.. ahhh...
Their versions of these songs are very good.. Seriously.

Other collections here... *click*

any sponsor.. anyone? =P


Monday, August 10, 2009

sometimes i just won't live in...

Sitting on my table in office.
In a way still allowing HongKong cool air night breeze throwing helplessly on my face..

ManYee took this pix with her instant camera...
Scribbled the date + few words on it.. For good time's sake.
hmmm.. should I get one instant cam?? Quite fun though..
Just there won't be any trial & error.. and the negatives pretty expensive here..
But.. never mind. We shall see.


*Charlie Brown Cafe, Tsim Sha Tsui, HK*

This. Again.
Simply reminds me that I need a looong vacation.
But fark when?


Saturday, August 08, 2009

lights anyone?

Been online-surfing a lot lately to look for new ideas.. concepts.. different interpretations..
and to look-see look-see what's happening on the other side of the world.. *grins*
Running out of inspirations lately... still trapped in my own illogical "fantasy".. *blushes*
Back to reality babe~ haha

Was checking out new things in furniture shops whenever I found time.
in and out browsing items showcased.. window-shopping for lights & anything ID-related..
Any items in the market.. and replicas of designers' edition.. super over-high-pricey "numbers"..
Where do these people get these money to buy these things... I wonder.
When only I can have these kind of chance where I can buy without my brain's presence?

A lil' fancy with lights recently. Like to look at lights.
Hang lights, mount lights, table lights, wall lights.. any lights..
See see the pix below..

I saw something like this in Club Monaco, Pavillion KL.
Not bad. Classy. I like.
I did snapped a pix but it's still in my phone. Lazy to transfer now. =P

Not bad huh? Simple but made a difference.
Can you believe all these are interiors in China? Hmm...
Whether or not the lights are China-Made, I'm not sure.... Hehehe..

But the one below.. DEFINITELY IS!!




Can see what lights are those??



Sunday, August 02, 2009

where the wind and water meets

I sorta went unplanned... attended an hour brief fengshui talk last week..
Was listening, digesting... hmm.. filtering the facts or un-facts
I mean.. these things.. you can't believe 100% i think..
there are soooo many interpretations of fengshui.. who & which u'll choose to believe..
or how much can you believe??

I'm not saying they're fake or anything.. I do believe in some though...
Well, just be safe than never.. some precaution or stuff that we think are logical enough..
then probably we can give it a try.. then we can see how or where it leads to, right??
Not too optimistic bout these things.. I mean life still goes on with or without fengshui...
and possibly not too pessimistic in every thing we do though..
best is.. filter with your own brain..
Dislike those that.. silly messy little thing they relate to bad omen..
this that all those pantang things...
life's so full of coincidences.. ups n downs.. confusion.. etc etc etc..
so why so pantang over some things as such...

Anyway i was listening carefully to the master...
1 thing that pretty caught my attention was..
How to protect your home from negativity..
We should have the four celestial animals for the good energy in our homes..
Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix & Black Turtle..
These was something new to me..
Thought fengshui was all bout directions, qi, gua, yin&yang.. etc etc
ONLY within the interior space..
but this four celestial animals to "guard" from the exterior wise.. hmm..
left right front back of your house to be guarded by them..

I searched online a bit.. and found this.. which I think was interesting.. hahaha
click *here* or some bout the qualities of fengshui elements *here*

Snapped a few pix of the master's slides..
Just a couple only..

Eh eh I don't have this kind of door in my house... hahahaha
BUT i'm still thinking too much sometimes.. so how?? LOL

Any brownie points for extra wealth?? There was... Here goes..

"The South-East is the wealth and luck sector for the year. To attract luck from the Wealth Star, place some water features in this sector. Don’t forget to open the doors and windows in this sector to activate good qi."

1 last tip I've got from this talk... *ahem*

"For those who are single, place plants in water at the South sector to activate your peach blossom (or romance luck) for the year"

okay? See i'm CARING cos i SHARE...
*cracks up*