Saturday, November 14, 2009

food in the bowls

i seldom like '糖水' except the 汤圆 with black sesame or mayb the peanut 糊.. Oh well god knows why suddenly today i feel like having some of mom's healthy 'sweet soups'. Hahah

What do u think this is? Hehe Mom's healthy 八宝粥. Consist of 8 different kinds of beans or nuts. As nutritious as her tastebuds they're all organic as she claims.

Sorry for the lousy photo-taking. Using my phone now to snap and blog at the same time. Hehe

- yesterday -

As usual, ManYee and i will drop by Kim Gary at Plaza Damas after endless hours of OT. 9.30 is always their last call so we're always their last customers. Been there so often (indirectly simply means we've OT-ing a lot lately) we're kinda familiar n sorta playful with the waiters. Drawing smiley faces on the menu while waiting for our orders to be taken. And last night both of us ordered the same korean noodles n both got a surprise in our bowls..

Cute right? Haha..

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

i *heart* seafood

Went down to Kuala Selangor to visit my aunty..
at the same time eat seafooodd at Pasir Penambang!!
*prawns prawns*~~

Oh well... pictures tell a thousand words..
Lazy to elaborate... =P
Actually is tired. Just got back from work. Sigh.

It was still early.
This is my first time here..
Normally we'll take the 2nd left turn into Pasir Penambang for seafood.
Famous restaurants like River View or Jetty.
This time we took the first turn. There's another red signage by the main road.
Mom said here is much nicer.. and cheaper.
So let's try!!! *grins*

!!! Restoran Makanan Laut Bagan !!!

the food: typical homemade tofu fry, seafood porridge,
salted egg crab, sizzling satay prawns and kongpoh mantis prawn..
*hearts* mantis prawns + prawns.
immaaa prawnn queen~

This is the signage from the main road. *above*
Turn left in.. all the way straight.. there's a temple..
It's after the temple.. Very easy to find.

After early dinner... we went deeper into Pasir Penambang to buy.......
TIDBITS!! hehehe
This is just opposite the River View restaurant.
Tons of biscuits, crackers... snacks to buy.

3 for 10 bucks anyone?
Heheh.. A nice half-day trip.
Many many more to come, I hope.
I need all the rest and relax I can get. =P


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

abstinence? do you...??

I was browsing around as usual..
And came across this pix at Google Images..

Heheh.. looking at this pix first.. made me laugh obviously.. *grins*
till I read the article attached to it.
Oh.. It's "the" new way to teach kids nowadays on abstinence.

Quoted from this website..

A sorta funny.. true in some ways kinda stating the pro n cons of educating sex.
It says..

"Abstinence-only advocates disallowed teaching teens about condoms since they felt it encouraged sex. This is bad news, because teens have desires and wills of their own, and even if you don't have sex education at your school, they're STILL GOING TO FUCK."

"Highschool guys have to masturbate eight times a day just to be able to think straight, and you think saying "Abstinence works" is going to mean anything to them? At the same time, when a female of the same age walks, clouds of pheromones waft all over the place."

I mean seriously.. we DO need to educate the youngster nowadays bout sex.
Don't we

Anyway.. I'm still at work. OT-ing again. Goddarrnnittt~~!!!!!
hopefully i'll
be alert enough to upload the halloween pixs tonight.


hate OT. Not that we get paid for overtime. grunts