Monday, January 25, 2010

designer's mind varies..

Someday if I have my own house... hmmm..
I wonder how I'll "style" it up..
Look at my latest "fancies" on residential spaces..
I can't make up my mind.. LOL
I want a bit of this.. a bit of that.. a lot of those.. not so much of these..
Argh.. not that I have a house now.. just..
oh well.. imagination has no limits.. enough said, right? *grins*

Monday, January 11, 2010

some of it is true of what i thought..

Romanticism Assessment for Michelle
Your Score is 64 Percent

You appear to have a well-balanced romantic self. While you may get flutters in your stomach when you meet someone you are very attracted to, you do not let your romantic-self entirely dictate how you proceed. You will ask yourself if there is a chance this relationship will work before allowing yourself to fall in love. Even if you feel a romantic connection is viable from a practical sense, you will not just allow yourself to be swept away.

You do not have many illusions about love. While you may feel a very deep attachment to someone, you know love rarely conquers all. You know successful relationships take work and compromise and a desire by those involved to make their relationship work. Candlelight dinners and words of endless love may be nice, but they don't pay the bills or get the dishes washed.

The middle ground on the romanticism scale is neither entirely safe nor entirely lackluster. However it does not carry the weight of a romantic failure based upon being swooped off your feet. Nor is the middle ground so devoid of romanticism that you feel like you are living with a sibling. Also, there is quite a bit of evidence that with your outlook on romanticism your relationship has a very good chance of succeeding.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

the days ending with 2009

aghhh... freelance kicking in a lot lately..
busy and seriously bloody exhausted.

drowning myself in Adam Lambert's Time for Miracle.. sooo emo~
Quite into ballads lately.. especially sad heartbreak emo songs..
like... Nick Lachey's last album.. What's Left of Me..
a couple of songs were pretty good.. the lyrics.. meaning.. his voice..
i mean.. duh.. he sold that album like soon after his divorce.. confirm emo right?
anyway.. never mind that.. listening to emos.. not because i'm heartbreaking or whatsoever..
just blasting these songs straight into my ears.. earphones' wires tangling below my chin.. in the middle of these nights... just brings in the mood to finish up my things.. or in a way to keep me feeling un-lonely "accompanied".. is there such a word? hmmm...

Well well.. i know these pix were running a lil slow to post up now..
but nevertheless, i shall just post some up...
Seeing that I did not celebrate new year... din go pushing and pulling with strangers watching fireworks, counting down the last seconds of 2009..
I just stayed home, in front of my laptop.. surfing.. then watching fireworks on midnight news..

I shall.. whatever.. post these pix up... just for the sake of...
celebrating the ends of my 2009? heeheehee..
the pix were all jumbled up.. din't quite bother to post according..
oh well.. still.. hmm...

End of christmas..
End of 2009...
goodbye and welcome twenty ten~