Monday, May 24, 2010

"i'm-still-at-work" post

looking back at the last post..
oh well, I thought i might be blogging as usual again until more and more works start to hit me off..

blogging has been slow.. very slow indeed.
whenever I get some lil' free time, I would spend it all with my bolster and "seeding" pillows.. *grins*
I can even forget bout my lil dear blog.. hehe bad me.. baddd...

Very tiring I should say.. that's what work describes as...
I really hate having those emo days where suddenly you'll be thinking like..
Hey you.. why work so hard? Cut yourself some slack.
Life's fun and f8cking short.. Enjoy while you still can!!
And then next second, you answered a phone call and turned your hard cold stare back to your laptop where you start swearing harshly to yourself and clicking hard on your mouse and keyboard.. WHy fucking goddamnittt like WHY?

Hehe.. oh well. You know why. I know why.. WE all know WHY.
Anyway just need to blare it all out sometimes when we hit our "peak"..
Nada... lalalala..
Life's moving on fast pace.. It's May.
Frankly speaking. I'm contemplating over something for these 2 months..
Whether should I... or should I not? .. *deep thought*
but somehow it's urging me to just .. DROP it.. but then some things are pulling back the decision.
Hope I'm not being totally undecided until at the end of the day.. i'll freaking regret in not making the decision anu sooner and causing more "self-stress".. oh wtf man.

Dilemma dilemma..

Sometimes I just wished some dude will walk over and tell me..
"I'm your sandbag.. just attack me anytime anywhere you want.. just DO it"

Hmm.. Any volunteer?