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Monday, September 10, 2012

happy twenty-eight on the fifth

Happy Birthday to me. The 28th.
Everyone's making fun of another additional two years will be the BIG three O.
Well, as long as I'm happy and healthy.. with loving family, great friends and good career, then... I'm good. *thumbs-up*
Some asked to wish for a boyfriend this year which i highly doubt as there's only few months left this year, and some even wrote it in the card.. skip the bf process, straight to husband. Awgh.. hahaha jokers.
Nevertheless, I still hope birthday can be different next year, if you know what I mean. =P 

First celebration was posted last week. *click
Pix posted below were on my birthday night. 5 Sept. 
Remember the date pls. Haha.
We had our dinner at Twenty-One Kitchen & Bar at BSC.
They asked me to choose a place at Bangsar hence I chose there. Not bad.

here goes.
words speak the truth. im still 21 deep within. haha

breaded calamari

Duck spring roll with cucumber, carrot, spring onion
and chilli hoi sin sauce

bangers & mash

seafood spaghetti in aglio-olio

caesar salad w/ grilled chicken poached egg.

Chicken tikka marsala with shell pasta, mint yogurt sauce

Prawn broth with angel hair pasta, home made fish cake,
prawn & chilli ginger powder 

Creamy fettuccini with smoked salmon & spinach

cake-blowing.. my face looked like mind-blowing. =P

with Louise.

chocolate molten cake was good.. rich and warm.
but the presentation n that whipped goo was kinda turned off.. no? 
Tess and me and neckpiece from BKK. mwah*

the youngsters.

birthday girl and the guys.

birthday girl and the babes.
with hello kitty jimui!!~

some were worried we were les. but we're v straight. =P

so tall!!! 

the girls that planned the night. thanks xoxo

twin tower bridge again! aih

group photo to end the night. xoxoxoxo

I like the last pix. =P
That's it for my birthday night pix.
Had a great time. =P
Love being with a bunch of great friends.
Thanks for making me happylikeacow on my birthday night.

Monday, September 03, 2012

burning rays

The weather is so hot today. Grr
I am feeling so lazy. Slept through most of the days, neglecting my office works.
Damn. Tomorrow I'll quarantine myself in some cool cafe and put on my thinking cap.
Have to get my work started.

Yup.. this was/is my expression for a couple of days d due to the stupid weather...


first 28th birthday celebration

Last Friday was planned weeks ahead to organize a potluck feast at Amber's crib.
And unexpectedly.. a surprise. Aww.
Pictures tell a thousand words. *grins*

Eric's Double Sauce (Red & White) Rice with tons of Ham

Mommy's Curry Chicken!! =P

Amber's Pumpkin Potato Chicken. Love this!!

Ah Fun's Potato Salad. Yummmm!!

Angela's Chocolate Moist Cupcake. Very Rich!

M&Ms. I thought they were decor until late that night they revealed the truth.

Kok Seng & Tiff brought Roasted Chicken & Char Siew. Porky was great.

Louise and her new beau brought roasted duck.

Jeffrey's Sautéed Scallop. Long awaits. =P

Baby Aden is so happy =)

The entire spread. What a feast.

As we were busy eating, the kids enjoying Barney on TV.

And I got surprised with this DIY birthday cake. =)

I'm 28!!!! with tons of M&Ms. Yay!!

The girls!! Thanks girls~~

The MEN!

Haha figuring a way to cut the cake.

Thanks to Eric, Ah Fun and Angela to decor the cake with tons of M&Ms.
Happy Colors!! 

As the kids playing with their games...

We played ours.. hahaha 

Nope. no bettings.. but losers to finish the leftovers!!

I'm a happy girl! happy to be 28 and loved by all my friends.