Sunday, October 11, 2009

love, hate and a bit of shit

my god. Din't realise it's been this long since i last pen my ramblings here.

Pathetic enough to say that i'm busy as hell. Lately rushing for some tender job that freeze my logical mind sense. Argh.. Somehow getting very absent-minded these days. It's getting worst day by day. Trust me.

Oh darn. I'm developing this love-hate "relationship" with my job. I love what i'm doing but yet this love betrays my another love to really enjoy life.. or should i say youth. Haha. No larh not that absurd reason. Just sometimes things at work don't go my way or sometimes things got from sanddust mess to mind-blowing complications, it's really really frustrating. Love the challenge and my capability in solving some issue or overcome such and such but hate it at the same time. It's like wtf is wrong with me. Darnnit.

Oh gag. You get what i'm trying to place my mind here?

No? Sounds like just nags and unnecessary complaints. Or LOA shitloads??

Oh shat. I'm fucking messed up.

Ignore me.
I'm just trying to spit my stress balls out and hating the fact that i just came back from work an hour ago, lying on my bed now.. tired n restless while right at this bloody lifeless second my wild besties are clubbing like there's no tomorrow at the other side of town. -___-

Speaking of this.... Fuck It!!!

*the last two words were quoted straight from someone replying my sms when i told i couldn't make it tonight*



backStreetGluttons said...

with all those tender expletives out of the way , when we do meet , sweetest it shall be ...

ktx said...

LOA - letter of award? lol.

Michelle said...

bsg: yeahh.. WHEN will we meet har?? har har har?? hehhe

ktx: you're born architectural. LOL
so can't leave ur job alone huh? hehhe