Saturday, June 28, 2008

filler post

been quite 4-letter-word lately.
promise to blog soon.

I just watched beauty n the beast musical today.
I'm realllllyy happy.
My first musical.
Will post up pix once I get my hands off for a little freedom.

the 4-letter-word is or lazy BUSY...
Work, freelance, study all running along side by side..
gosh i need a life.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

nerd goes shoppinggg

I donooooo whyyy... whhyyyy... *screams*
So do I look really nerdd?

thennnnn.... back home!!!!! *dumbfounded*

more coming right up... teehheeeheee...

Friday, June 20, 2008

better red than never

When red enters my life one day... I was... erm... hmm... oh well.. ahh..
I've always love red.
The bold colour of blood.

Red scandals, red top but black skirt.
Btw, I'm not some mascot for god-knows-what-chilli... *grins*

Guess where this red building is? It's soooo obvious.
I was there to snap some pix of my school design site analysis proposal.
It rained like pigs and cows.
And I waited.
And waited.
And waited till the last drop.
Love the vibrant color... hopefully my proposal is accepted. *beams*

Your head!!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

parrfumess my *toot*

Can I lend someone's nose? A good "alive" one.
Not that I do not have nose, mind me.. I just can't decide which I want.

I've always wanted Gucci Envy..
but I fell in love with Ralph Lauren's Lauren Style.

No no. I'm not buying both.
Don't even try to do that..
Don't tempt me to...
Don't even go near there...


But I want... *sulks*
I want I want I want!!! *stumps feet and storms off*

No. I still have other perfumes left.
DKNY, Ralph, Tommy, Kenzo etc etc... -_-
It's just that...
Uh.. hmmmm..
Oh well..
I still... WANT THEM!!!!
Alright alright.... either one then..

I repeat.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brew myself to be picked. Hand-picked to be exact.

Me so tired now but couldn't sleep.
Just came back from site then straight to teach my student for hours straight.
Argh. *sulks*


Back to happy memories.
Few Sundays ago, I went 1Utama Shopping Center with Bernadine
Oh well, to conduct a bitch-talk. *grins*
Settled down in Pick n' Brew for hours of long long long "talk".
And for me to peep for Jackson also, whose working hours are 24/7.

We couldn't quite find it at the first place.
After some walking, and u-turns and legend-checking.. then we found it.
Well, worth the finding, cos I wasn't disappointed at all when we finally holla for bill.

Berny and me sat there for almost 4.5 hours. I guess. From tea time till dinner.
Chatting and laughing and just none-stop blabbering..
At one point we didn't seem to be aware of it... *giggles*
and suddenly we were like "Uh-oh.. are we a li'l too loud?"
Hehehe I didn't dare to ask Jackson who was nearby..
It was uncontrollable laughters and flows of giggles. *blushes*

One thing bout Pick n' Brew that I really really like was the ambience.
Despite day or night, bright or dark, I feel total at ease to just relax.
Probably we're too into our chat that we didn't realize the sky faded its color.
I'll definitely spend more time there. (when busy-ness dumped me)

Berny + her iced green tea frap and my mild coffee.
I can't remember the name!!!! Aiks!

Complimentary bread with olive oil dips.
After the mocha cheesecake for tea, dinner we shared...

Spanish Prawns Avocado Salad
prawns + olives+ tomatoes smashingly tossed in nice Tahitian dressing.
Me no no like the avocado. Me no avocado fan.

Pesto Sun Dried Tomatoes Pasta w/ Grilled Seafood.
Love it. Much better than The Apartment in Curve.
Just that it was a bit too dry.

Gawd. No room for dessert d.
Not bad. Quite a fruitful day actually.
Great companion, great food, great ambience and great guy to peep at.
Price reasonable and affordable.

Came in a horrible mood (bad-ass jam & no parkings), went back in a terribly good mood.

"Make it our new gossip place." Berny coos..
"I don't mind at all." Me replied with a big plastered grin.

Pick n’ Brew
F233, First Floor Promenade,
(on the way to One World Hotel)
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7726 0102

p/s: I'm still waiting for "someone in particular" to date me. *winks*
Which I think must wait for a lifetime hor?? =(

Sad right??

Friday, June 13, 2008

This name that starts with J and ends with Y

Life is full of weird people.
This is one weird shit "the unidentified him" told me just now on the phone.

Guy-talk sometimes are worst than girl-bitch..

His friend : Somehow last time I tried this way to cure my pimples.
Him : Sissy. *rolled eyes*
His friend : What? why not? It's DIY ok. You can even try it at no cost.
Him : Fine. So how?
His friend : I wanked then I put it on my pimples lar.
Him : *$&%(&#%# Fark you man!!!!! WTF!!!.. *avoids*
His friend : Whaatt??? Why not?? It's my sperm wat? You scared ar?
Him : What why not!! you disgusting freak. Don't think it work right? *looks at his pimples*
His friend : Err.. well, yeah. I tried a few times then no more.
Him : yyou.. you tried a few times? *slowly*
His friend : ehh hello.. u dumb ar? Sure need to tried a few times to know whether effective a not.
Him : *gets up and leave*

Okay. I don't know if my this unidentified friend was pulling my leg a not.
It's either his wanker friend is really a naive pig..
or it's my friend a crap shit making this thing up..
or MAYBE my friend is his friend. Same person?? *winks*

hahaha.. okays night.
Love love love~

Monday, June 09, 2008

does it even matter?

I know I'm like a "banana" okay..
but not that "banana" to not understand these..




I really like this. Especially the bold verse.
Very very meaningful. Make me wonder.
You can get the vid here *click*

Emo right??

sigh.. miss.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

my lazy is green in colour

Class starting tomorrow. *groans*
Schedule not out YET.
Results TOO.. It's like wtf??
Starting a new semester but not knowing the results yet.
And again, it's like "WOW"!!! Make that double.


I generously made a huge bowl of tuna pasta salad last night.
I always like my salad dressing. Mild.
With a hint of orange juice "collaborating with" olive oil, apple cider, salt-sugar to taste.

- For dinner last night with pita.
- For lunch this afternoon. (skipped breakfast 'cos woke up late)
- For tea, late evening.
- And for dinner just now.

I'm hungry now.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

*gasps* i toot-toot the whole day

Okay. Let's rewind back.
I was M.I.A for days weeks ago.
Was busy with stuff and also this exhibition.

Interiors Malaysia 2008 held at PWTC, from 29May to 1June.
Baizura (lecturer) signed 15 of us up for this Interiors Student Workshop on the 31st. And Tess, Eng and my works were pinned up for Young Talents' Competition. So, tak boleh tak pergi lor.. Later kena bang.

Anyway, I didn't want to drive up to PWTC. No mood.
We have to be there the whole day. From 10am - 5pm.
Have to wait till they announce the competition winners and all..
Driving up there, I guess would be rather jammed up and expensive for parking.
So I took KTM. Klang to Putra. Almost 1.5 hours. I had to wake up by 7.30am. Darn.
Tess waited for me at Putra station where she stumbled across from Kepong.

We reached slightly after 9.20am I think.
Hanging around, eating lousy tasteless sandwiches that cost 4 bucks.
Waste of money.

Workshop started by 10am plus.
10 different universities and colleges attended.
Listening to boring educational talks from important people from the field..
And they bloody assigned us to do this one assignment that need us a presentation..
We divided ourselves into groups.. Not more than 3 people from same school..
Within 2 hours we had to cook out something related to this year's theme "Identity"..
Then to present for 10 minutes to all panel of judges and students. Pengsan man.

Yeah.. I know what you're trying to bombard here...
When I looked at this pix I felt like back when I was a kid..
drawing stuff on the floor during random art competition..

Some sang, some danced, some being poetic, some sketch a play, some silat.. some etc etc lar.. We were free to expose and present ourselves to anything as long as we "concept" our way to Malaysia's Building Architecture Identity in our own interpretation.
Eng (below-guy in blue) who supposed to be our group leader, kinda forced instructed me to be the "talker" for our performance. Nabeh him.

My group's tagline was, "Connecting Culture, Building Structure".
I came up with it in the nick of time.. and I do think it was a bit corny..
But anyway it was accepted by the panels.. So.. okay lor.. hahaha
This small cat suddenly ran infront of me suddenly.
Snapped this pix and came poking me after the workshop.
Cat who? This cat lar.. *click*

After our turn.. *snap*snap*snap*..
Everyone started to snap everything in front of them..
Their group works, their group friends, the hall's chandeliers.. etc etc

My group pix (above). From my right, Jasmine 2 girls away, Eng back row second.
I duno why I was standing like I'm ready to fart anytime. -_-

After the workshop, we were treated a free buffet lunch which was not tat bad..
But so many people... and the queue was horribly long.. ended up.. din't really eat much.

Went to the exhibition upstairs to look-see look-see with Eng and Tess.
Not much of exhibitors if to compare to the previous Homedec at KLCC Convention Center. But their booth were much nicer and conceptual.
Why? Best booth competition lor... If not they so hiao go crack brain & fly money meh?

Anyway, I like the entrance or should I say the "colour approach" this year..
Colourful and cheering up in a way.
The workshop stage backdrop was simple yet didn't look "empty".
Just colourful fabrics hung up accordingly nia.
Sometimes simple are really nice.. but it's not easy to be simple than complicated.

My works took up one panel. (below)
Tess's works on the left, Eng's work the black background. (way below)

Oh well, I didn't win anything.
I wasn't upset or anything negative 'cos I really din't expect to win.
And I was not that keen on joining this competition anyway..
(I'm not emo-ing saying this 'cos I din't win okay.. 'cos it's the truth. dammit)

45 students participated. Only 3 prizes.
Nevertheless, Eng won 3rd prize tied with KDU. 300 bucks.
Woohoooo... hahahah Eng won Young Talents' Competition. Age 34? Young? Hmmm.. *laughs*

Finally we walked back to Putra station and took toot-toot-train home.
I dropped off at Subang where my dad picked me up.
Snapped this pix while waiting in Carrefour Starbucks, yakking on the phone with KayuMonk.

Student = Delegate. Me Delegate for UCSI. -_- Nabeh.
Phoenix plastered the "Trade Visitor" into my tag so it would be easier to kacau the supplier. Hahhaa..

Pix of the day?

Ended with the same beginning.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008




Excuses that are not meant to be excuses.
Not knowing anything coming next on line is redoubtable.
Expecting something but nothing expected being seen is extremely saddening.
Forlorn of all hopes.

p/s: car broke down again. *curses silently*
you can't get any luckier than me twice tow-trucking in 3 weeks. I'm bloody pissed.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

to heir or to hair?

I've got a lot of grandmother stories to share...
but still have not find the time to sort out and edit the pix yet..
so slowly k.. hehe.. easily exhausted lately.. mood swing terribly fast.


Alright. Last month, I helped my cousin's gf to sort of design her hair-saloon.
Still at the proposal stage.. yet to meet up again.
Which my stupid cousin is taking forever to meet me up..
hate it man.. so slow-poach and damn damn damn NOR!!!
Wasting my time nia... lucky it was a pretty easy task to do..
'cos their existing saloon gives quite a limited space..
and low budget.. so more like just re-furbish it a bit.. A face-lift.

Actually I also not that sure if my cousin is for real on this job or not..
his attitude sometimes really make me think twice.
but nevertheless, I did it over one boring weekend weeks ago..
coming out with the scheme, re-putting things from her current saloon in..
maintaining some stuff and developing on the modern classical look that she fancy..
Very straight-to-the-point kind.

What my cousin want?? Classy classy classy... but better with no budget involved.
No budget as in not HIGH budget.. but NIL budget..
No budget.. go back sleep la.. right? Design what? Lagi I'm not charging any cent.
Ermm.. or maybe I will. *evil grins*

Anyway the current shop is way different from my proposal.
My cousin haven't even send me the site pix we took tat day in the saloon. Dumbass.
Similar parts are only the chandeliers and chairs.

These 3d views are just cincai-ly buat in exact a day half.
Simple render only.
A few minor mistakes here and there that I'm not bothered to re-render.
I know it looks kinda over-exposed. hehe.
Eh.. free one neh.. and lagi cousin give attitude.
What he/u/they/we expect? I'm very bloody patience and KIND d okays...

Hehehhe.. am i? *wonders*

So what you think? Open for critics.


Monday, June 02, 2008

the FINALLY(s)

Finally my streamyx connection is back!!!
Argh lousy service. Typical hor..
Anyway, will catch wit y'all soon..

*throwing flying kisses everywhere*

p/s: I'm beginning to miss someone. Finally this feeling is backkk...
*bursts into shameless giggles*