Friday, June 20, 2008

better red than never

When red enters my life one day... I was... erm... hmm... oh well.. ahh..
I've always love red.
The bold colour of blood.

Red scandals, red top but black skirt.
Btw, I'm not some mascot for god-knows-what-chilli... *grins*

Guess where this red building is? It's soooo obvious.
I was there to snap some pix of my school design site analysis proposal.
It rained like pigs and cows.
And I waited.
And waited.
And waited till the last drop.
Love the vibrant color... hopefully my proposal is accepted. *beams*

Your head!!



backstreetgluttons said...

ya red is wildly tempting and excruciatingly gripping we also want

tesstotoro said...

always wanted my future house to be in black...
red is nice~~
btw...where is this NOT A TEMPLE building?

Michelle said...

bsg: U are wild tempting to me.. hahaha

tess: it's in bangsar dear..haha