Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brew myself to be picked. Hand-picked to be exact.

Me so tired now but couldn't sleep.
Just came back from site then straight to teach my student for hours straight.
Argh. *sulks*


Back to happy memories.
Few Sundays ago, I went 1Utama Shopping Center with Bernadine
Oh well, to conduct a bitch-talk. *grins*
Settled down in Pick n' Brew for hours of long long long "talk".
And for me to peep for Jackson also, whose working hours are 24/7.

We couldn't quite find it at the first place.
After some walking, and u-turns and legend-checking.. then we found it.
Well, worth the finding, cos I wasn't disappointed at all when we finally holla for bill.

Berny and me sat there for almost 4.5 hours. I guess. From tea time till dinner.
Chatting and laughing and just none-stop blabbering..
At one point we didn't seem to be aware of it... *giggles*
and suddenly we were like "Uh-oh.. are we a li'l too loud?"
Hehehe I didn't dare to ask Jackson who was nearby..
It was uncontrollable laughters and flows of giggles. *blushes*

One thing bout Pick n' Brew that I really really like was the ambience.
Despite day or night, bright or dark, I feel total at ease to just relax.
Probably we're too into our chat that we didn't realize the sky faded its color.
I'll definitely spend more time there. (when busy-ness dumped me)

Berny + her iced green tea frap and my mild coffee.
I can't remember the name!!!! Aiks!

Complimentary bread with olive oil dips.
After the mocha cheesecake for tea, dinner we shared...

Spanish Prawns Avocado Salad
prawns + olives+ tomatoes smashingly tossed in nice Tahitian dressing.
Me no no like the avocado. Me no avocado fan.

Pesto Sun Dried Tomatoes Pasta w/ Grilled Seafood.
Love it. Much better than The Apartment in Curve.
Just that it was a bit too dry.

Gawd. No room for dessert d.
Not bad. Quite a fruitful day actually.
Great companion, great food, great ambience and great guy to peep at.
Price reasonable and affordable.

Came in a horrible mood (bad-ass jam & no parkings), went back in a terribly good mood.

"Make it our new gossip place." Berny coos..
"I don't mind at all." Me replied with a big plastered grin.

Pick n’ Brew
F233, First Floor Promenade,
(on the way to One World Hotel)
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7726 0102

p/s: I'm still waiting for "someone in particular" to date me. *winks*
Which I think must wait for a lifetime hor?? =(

Sad right??


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

im sure that leng chai @ pick n brew will ask u for a date haha..since u stare at him long long time kekeke..

Michelle said...

hey joe.
that lengchai is sooooo busy lor..
waited that "date" for 2 years d. hahahhaa btw i din get to stare at him... =P

huaypin said...

niceee.. me likeeeee...ehhh.. u 2 ate quite a lot horr!!!