Wednesday, October 29, 2008

as design "finals" by - part 2 -

My so-called brunch.
So appetizing hor?!
Who say college days fun?!?!? Who? Who??! Whoo??!


For Part 1, click *here*
The chairs where our panels are seated every single time...
Scary chairs.. scary people.. scary feeling... MERCILESS!!!

Okay lar.. you see for yourself lerr.. teeheehee~
Lazy nak cakap.. Duno what to say also anyway.. hehehe
Most of the hard works are by my super-hardworking juniors..
The taste of sweat, tears and blooooddddd~~~....

Alrights.. Night peeps..
Long long long days to come..

I want to cryyyyy... but no tears willing to spill out.
Sleep lar then.... *yawns*

stupid fucking weather

Monday, October 27, 2008

where's my happy ending?



*glances over the side bar*
Happy Ending by Mika


Sunday, October 26, 2008

let's dine-out-dot-com

I left this out... Finals was near and this completely went off my mind...
Aiks.. Short-term-memory of mine getting from bad to worst man... =(


A friend of mine told me bout this site last month... if not mistaken..

To my understanding, this website features lists and lists of restaurants..
categorized from location, cuisine and best-for what sort of occasions..

What we have to do was like entirely so simple...
Just log in to their website, join and register in dine-out,
choose any cafe or restaurants that you have been there from the listing sidebar...
punch-in a few rating stars, submit your own wonderful reviews..
Good or bad reviews are widely welcome..
Take this chance to speak your heart out...

Well you know..
sometimes when we "complained" something in the cafe to the person-in-charge..
or even fill in their rating and review form..
some they will just "Yes yes... we will blah blah blah.." for our temporary satisfaction..
and we don't see any difference on our next visit.. *rolled eyes* Duh
Hmm.. we can take this chance from dine-out to speak out so everyone can see..
where they have no rights to hide the fact that they sucked in certain areas..
HAhahhaHAha.. i'm so naive evil.
OF course, when reviewing, your comments are really important....
think about the kind of information you would like get from a review and go from there.

Anyone can join and stand the chance to win!
Not only open to food bloggers.. but to everyone who EATS?
You need not to be a blogger, or a writer or etc etc.. just someone who EATS....!!
We do not need to kick-ass out brain to essay-a-comment.. but just simple reviews..
Log in, fill in and win to eat... sounds easy rite?
Duh because it's that easy k.
The more reviews we entered, the more rating-stars we punched in..
There will be chances of anyone of us winning a great dining experience for two..

With a website like this.. made life easier right??
I mean when it comes to dining out, we always stick to what we know...
The thought of trying something new and getting a good experience at the same time kinda need GUT rite?? Some place that we can repeatedly go there for the same great food experience.. rather than just a hit-and-miss experience, huh??? *grins*
We wouldn't want to pay good money for a unsatisfying meal and holycow high prices..
This will be a good place to start minimise the mediocre and maximise our great dining experiences!!....

Don't you think?

Sign up now and WIN!!!

p/s: This website is still new.. so therefore the restaurant listings are not quite full yet.
But they are adding more and more restaurants in from time to time for sure..
They added quite a couple more since the last time I logged in. =) Kudos!!

p/p/s: And if you have a restaurant or cafe.. you can email them the details,
work it out with them and get your restaurants a spot in their listings..

Off to log into now...
Toodles... mWahh~

Food is like so everything~

Saturday, October 25, 2008

mirrors are LIARS

It's all me, me.. me me me me me MEEEEEE... *wails*
*pukes* What a sight of me, right?? HAhahaaa
It's either you like this post.. or you possibly hate it.. and never return... *yikes*
No ler.. I'm just fooling around..
For me.. I somehow like a bit.. n dislike a bit.. *grins*

These was taken a few weeks before... back before my finals..
Like I repeatedly said... "Stress sucks... makes me do crazy stuff.."
And when a camwhore gets crazyyy in a public place.. (psstt.. starbucks..)
camwhore like me.. will start whoring away easily using the webcam... hehehe.

Set 1 - Hey... looks fun...!!! *eyes widen*

Set 2 - "Getting excited.."

Set 3 - Last one.. I promised myself.. =P
No more other expression d. *ggulps*


This was yesterday.
Was invited for lunch at Plaza Damas with everyone in office due to Boss Alan's bday.
Then was walking around, hoping to find a nice dress to buy for this "upcoming event"..
Went in to OWL, my favourite boutique in Hartamas Shopping Center.
Tried on a couple of dresses.. and then walked out without buying..
Simply 'cos I couldn't make out my mind which to buy.. and some were pretty costly..
and there was some little details that didn't quite please me at all...

This dress... sigh.. more like that kind of dress to meet your future-in-laws..
those typical cardigan-kuai-kuai kind of girl... sooo not my style... hahahaha
I like the needlework and the prints.. but i feel.. Sigh.. really not me..

Then (going down)... Eventhough it felt great on skin.. holy-soft fabric!!..
but super super nightie look... and like.. AUNTY's NIGHTIE.. *sobs*
And this piece was super EX okay..

Next.. nice wide sleeves kimono top.. but fabric slightly pricky.. hehehhe..
I forgot my tube.. so it exposed my *toot*.. so DUH.. censored la..
if not, later some ppl will popek-popek again..

I like these two... far the most..
Sorry face look like shit there.. must *censored* it also.. Totally unacceptable..
The white dress was really really reallly nice to slip on...
Couldn't stop soothing it.. comfy comfy.. but hor..
it was slightly tight over (there).. there la... can so see from the pix rite??

The grey one.. love at first sight.. and one worry at the first sight..
I showed the pix to Tess, and my first question to her was,
"Eh.. Look like kuih lapis a not?"

I think I will go back next week to get one of these two..
But which???

p/s: Mirrors are LIARS.. especially those in boutiques...
They intend to make you look slimmer.. Ughh!!

p/p/s: Camera angles are important... if not you'll get a distorted head-size...
Ughh!! Double the UggHH!!..

no money to buy.. sob sob sob...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


No time to blog today.
So see my camwhore face la.. ahaha..
Like sibeh hiao rite??? AHHAhahaha...

Gotta rush back to my never-ending works..
Tomorrow got short casual review.. Arghhh.. Hate it.
Damn.. seems like I never liked anything lately horrr!!???

btw, I went Ikea with LayFong this morning..
And all I bought was this red wastepaper basket. =P
Red Rulesss!! Yup. I wore Red today too... coincidence huh??? =P kuku d.
Ooooo and currypuffs... *grins*

Nights. *slaps a silly mosquito off my face*
btw again... XOXO everyonee.... ~~~


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

as design "finals" by - part 1 -

Hmmm.. enough of food posts for now.. *grins*
Don't feel like looking at those pix right at this time of the night.. errr.. or day..
Almost 2 am. Feel like dozing off d. Sort of.

Well, posted up some pix from the days before the big finals.
My final interim crit was on the 15th October..
The juniors' was a day earlier, if not mistaken...
Finally it was all over.... *wipes sweat*
Heart beats at the normal pace again.
But the feeling is like.. "suffering from hangover".. *scowls*
Though it was over, but felt like.. not so over yet...
Despite we still have to do some up-grading work before the final submission of all boards..

Sleeping hours were running off-track..
So used to working till wee hours in the morning around 5-6 am for almost a month half..
Now trying to patch my hours back.. hmmmm... not effectively working..
Feeling tired about now.. but will toss and turn and swing on bed for a few hours...
Frustrated.. before settling down to date "Mr Chow's son" in my dreams... Sigh.

Alright.. Back to the pix...
These was taken a few days before the final presentation day..
Everyone was rushing to complete their works.. especially design models..
In design studio. Was a Saturday.
Stupid school off-ed all the acond after 1pm that day.. Hot and stuffy...
But luckily it rained later... at least some slight cool wind breezing its way in..


My incomplete model.. Scale 1:125.. Freaking whole A1 size base.
I hate making models. Hate Hate Hate.. GGGrrrrrr....


Last semester.. *click*
On my final presentation day. My final year, final semester for my degree.
My class only consist of me and Eng. Lonely two. Sigh. Poor us.
Anyway.. below, Eng presenting.. then kena bombard for almost 2 hours by the panels..
4 panels altogether plus our "midnight" tutor.. (man in white sitting behind)

(above) His conceptual site model. Looks like... err... if view from the top. =P
(below) My A1 presentation boards. 8 of them.
A proposal of Organic City Garden House in Mutiara Damansara, PeeJay.
I also kena korek-ed, bomb-ed, slash-ed... all the crash-boom-banggg-ed to the maxx..


Went to school today again to submit my internship report.
Dropped by studio to kacau Tess, EeZhu and Chris..
Snapped a few of the detail model.. Scale 1:20 if not mistaken...
I salute their model-making spirits, workmanship skills, the UMpHH!!!
Their final projects = Restaurants for any cuisine of their choice.




Tomorrow is the External Crit Session for the Architectural students..
I might be going.. so there comes Part 2. I think.

Trying my best to sleep now.
*fingers crossed*
Nights to my babies...

More food & movie posts coming.. Nyeknyek~

Tiring-nya.. Will try to be a BIMBO! =P