Thursday, November 30, 2006

it's CICAKman!!!

Once upon a time.. back when I was a kid (I think..) there was this 2d cartoon..
err.. 'funny' cartoon.. called "The Keluang Man"..


No?? ok ok. I refresh your mind. I'm kind. I help ok.

Keluang Man is a popular animation series in Malaysia.

A patient youth that lives in Hospital Bahagia Tampoi is actually a heroic nanny caretaker of mankind, which is Keluang Man.

His helper/sidekick/fellow patient, Tiungman always helps him defeat the country’s nemesis because the police force around Tampoi area which is lead by Inspector Sahab, is often late to reach the crime scene, due to excessive consumption during frequent canteen breaks.

Keluang Man

The character Keluang Man is copied from based on the character Batman. Keluang is a type of big bat or some sort of flying fox.


Tiongman is Keluang Man’s best friend and sidekick. He had a lover named Aishah but he broke up with her because bored people who stalk others for a living said that she’s already crazy after she found him shagging her grandmother’s cat. I mean come on now who wouldn’t be? and only deserves to live in Hospital Bahagia Tampoi. The character Tiongman is plagiarised from based on the character Robin, Batman’s sidekick.

Popular dialogue is: “Darling is mad, Ecah! Darling is mad!!” — said Tiongman when Aishah still wants to meet him in Hospital Bahagia.

can remember bohh??
Damn. I can't find the images.

The real looks of Keluang and Tiung without the MAN..

Tremendous bodoh cartoon ok.
I got so fed up even by the short 30 secs ad in tv.
Sucks.. and I mean.. SUCKS big time.

So adding the suckiness to Malaysian Superheroes... eh.. we got superhero before meh?? Yaya.. KeluangMan.. i almost forgot..

Anyway with great respect and honour... we've got...


not this la.. siao meh?

no lar.. not this either...

yeah.. THIS one..
cool man...

How lucky we are right??? We no longer have to be afraid..
We're SO protected.
I know.. you know?

Ok ok.. if this is a Malaysian superhero.. why not KL skyline? Why issit MetroFulus Town? (sounds like Metropolis,huh?) Why are the villians ginger-look-alike or ang-moh look-alike?

Why cicak?

1)Cicak love to live in darkness. Usually super heroes’s special power are taken from creatures which living in darkness, like bat, spider, scorpian(antiagonis in spiderman). Seldom we will see mammals mutant except Ryno in spiderman, because it will be weird to hear Tiger-man, Horse-man, or Whale-man.

2)The reason Cicak-man has been chosen rather than keluang-man is because cicak doesn’t fly, this make the film easier to take, cost on CG can be reduced.

3)The consequences are lesser compare to flying type hero, we won’t find news like kids jump from building as following what their hero did inside movie anymore because Cicak doesn’t fly.

*fingers crossed*

Hopefully Malaysians can accept this time.
I am NEUTRAL, neither supporting nor trashing them for real...
but i can't help to ROTFLMAO when I saw the preview.
(whaddaya expect?? it is an action-hero-genre kind of movie with a STRONG dose of comedy. that is what they say ok.)

Please.. hope this will be the first and the last of Malaysian superheroes (aka copying most of spiderman takes) I am really not looking forward for labah-labah man, lipas-man, lalat-man or any lintah-man, ulat-man. I'll die in disgust.

Actually I don't understand why.. we are so stereotyped. Imagine if the main actor is not that Saiful Apek guy from Nana Tanjung or Scenario.. let's say.. the lead star is either Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise.. I think everyone will DROOLLL over this show.. Something like.. if you see a girl with Jennifer Lopez HUGE Arse on the street.. you'll call her FAT BOOTY.. when u saw the REAL JLO ass.. Fuiitttt... SeXyyyyy!!!! even hung her ass poster in your room?

WHy har... I also don't know.. Kinda stupid sial..

A trailer for you guys.. the movie is showing.. i think Nov 6 or 7.
Can't wait!! Totally!! *rolled eyes*
(heard that the green screen production, animation.. yada-yada-yada was good... you be the judge then..)


Monday, November 27, 2006

I almost died.

I came so close to end my life today.
Ain't a joke man.

Was on my way to work this morning.
The road towards Kesas Highway along Bukit Tinggi 2. Was driving at this normal pace on the right lane (it's only 2 lanes road anyway.. 2 go, 2 back), suddenly the freako car in front of me immediately cut into left lane. Din realized that this lorry was stopped on my lane.. just right in front of me and I was like gonna crashed into it.. in.. like.. seconds!! What that lorry driver did was.. he just left a pail as a warning.. behind his lorry… WTF?? It was a freaking highway man!!! How could you do that??! I slammed on my brakes but it just ain't helping.. SHITTT!!~

I got so freaked out that I just swiveled to the left that instant.. but another freaking HUGE truck (those real huge ones.. like you see always speeding on highways) on the left lane just ain't letting me cut it. Damn that fucker. I mean.. at least la.. u let me cut it.. I don't have to speak to God that soon. BUT he didn't.. instead he drove faster and nearer to my side.. So I swiveled to the right again.. I ALMOST bang the stopped-lorry and then.. I swiveled back to the left.. and my freaking car lose its control. I was panicked like HELL!!! My car just went zig-zag and zag-zig again... like a drunken snake. Fuiyohh.. though i DIN die.. but it felt as though it cut the last 10 years of my life.

Finally when I was driving straight again as I came SO SO close to sandwich my car under the freaking HUGE truck that was speeding like Superman. I would have died. It felt so real.. OH fuck me.. i mean it WAS REAL.. just right in front of my eyes that I gonna crash into the freaking HUGE truck that luckily in the nick of time my hands turned the bloody steering wheel. If not.. mampus aku. Gila sial.

Seriously. I was shaking all over. Though everything happened in like seconds.. UGhhhh...
I didn't realized how the hell I was driving after that. Turned into a space cadet. I couldn't even recalled how things were until now as I slowly think back. A shiver down my spine.

One truth.. to admit now.. is...
I am STILL alive.

*hands clasped*

God Bless.
I'm one lucky shit today.

ps: anyone who is interested in getting a new car? Please.. for god's sake, don't buy local cars especially Proton. I'm sorry but they really bring you a sack of problems. Ask the victims. *points at myself*

Friday, November 24, 2006

humans are so stupid

At times when you think you're all right... you're actually ALL WRONG!!!
At times when you think you're mature enough.. you're so NOT..
At times when you think people like you.. well.. they DON'T..
At times when you think you are sincere to others.. they don't think so..
At times when you think you're cool.. well.. to others' eyes.. you're just a nerd curd
At times when you think you're rich.. there's always another richer than you.
At times when you think you'll do well.. there might be someone cursing on your back..
At times when you offer help.. people might think you're up to something.
At times when you think your mother loves you.. admit it.. she's just plain drama queen.
At least my mom is for today.

*stereo blasting out very loud behind me*

You know when you read fairytales or community stories or watching dramas and soaps.. there's always a scenario like..

"Wah.. so nice.. after hard day... we can look forward to go home.. take a long warm shower, get appreciated by our dad/ mom/ siblings/ dogs/ cats/ etc.. talk about what happened during the day.. release stress.. Aaaahhhh.. home sweet home..~~"




I am not going to crap more about you-know-who. I am bloody pissed now 'cos at usual.. I AM FRAMED AGAIN over things I din do for shits. People say curiosity kills.. I SAY BIAS KILLS.

And PLEASE for all people who are reading this post..

If they're all true like how you 'assume' it is true because you trust your-sure-true-instincts and all.. we won't need MORAL lessons anymore. Everyone will be everyone's best friend.
If you trust all this shits.. you're just damn bloody naive despite your years of living.
Worst.. don't sabotage people with your freaking sense-less "assumptions".

oh ya.. the stereos I mentioned earlier.. Ya.. The Royal Highness in my house. Ya.. Still on. Wow!! I'm thrilled of turning deaf.

Humans are so stupid.
I am anyway.

ps: If I've offended anyone.. I'm sorry.. I'm way way in the mid of a horrifying outburst of rage. Agree if you agree wit me. If not.. just forget what I mean. I don't mean anything anyway. I just wanna let it all out because... forgive me as I am about to go kill something. Not someone.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

sangat the stress hari ini..

today is better off than yesterday..
despite the 'jinxed' part..
today was horrifying HECTIC.

suddenly everyone is rushing me over everything...
my heart is like pumping a million times per second
a little to exaggerating hor.. hehhhee


i'm exhausted...
need to rest dy..

till tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

what a day..!! BAD???.. WORST!!!

I am in NEED to SCREAMMMMM!!!!

today IS so not my day
or.. WAS not my day

i woke up this morning..
i smelled fish.. a real big ALIVE one..
something is definitely gonna be wrong today..
the problem is.. i din expect ALL to be wrong.


suddenly i managed to "gracefully" trip and landed on my boobs.. err.. i mean pillows
looked in the mirror..
my hair.. a total mess.. a bad hair day

so i changed.. getting ready to leave..
no idea how the hot tea can 'drizzle' down my chin..
onto my top..
and heading to my lap..
gotta changed again..

thanks to the tea.. i changed.. rushing out the room..
i happily kicked the door.. KICKED the door.. imagine it.. I KICKED my door..
PAIN LEHhhh.. sibeh PAIN those type lar.. PAINNNN!!!!!
waited at the traffic light..
stopped behind this lorry..
2 Indon workers sitting on some boxes at the back area..
keep staring at me..
and talking between themselves..
and smiling.. hamsap-ly..
and staring.. and staring at me..
Seriously feel like cursing!!

went to bank..
lucky got parking at this 'restricted NO parking area'
thought my luck gonna change..
so i went in the back to deposit my cash
first time.. serious. (laugh all you want la)
the machine was way upfront at the counters
so i sat next to it.. there was this girl stuffing stacks of 50bucks into it.
so i waited.. and waited.. and waited..

finally my turn..
this old asshole just stood behind her and deposit his.
u can't expect me to QUEUE up behind her when everyone was like acting busy,
walking here n there towards their counters and stuff liddat..
or u want me to smother her up.. close and tight.. so u can see that i'm Q-ing behind her??
What the hell are you!!!!
you dressed up all nicely and smart.. but yet you CUT Q and DARE to look at me lagi..
I GLARED at him like there's no tomorrow la of course.

So i was waiting again..
this old indian lady stood in front of me and stared at me..
i thought another fella wanna cut my Q, so i don wanna look at her.. just act nothing..
then she stared again..
staring.. and staring.. and staring..
until i got FED up.. i just LOOKED up at her..
(oh i know her but i acted i didn't)
then .. she smiled..

"you're lim.. moh keat or.. moh something right??"
err.. no..
"ohh. ok.. wrong person then.. you studied at MHS last time?"
yeahh.. oh oh.. (acting like i just remembered) you're.. Miss Radha right??
"yes.. so what is your name again??"
Moh Gee..
"ya ya.. i only can remember you're one of the Moh-somethings..
(wah.. moh something lagi.. thanks a lot) yeahh.. hehehe..
"so how are you now? what are you doing?"
err.. i'm working at the moment.. holidays.. actually doing my degree..
"oh.. good.. so how is Moh keat.. there's a moh keat right??"
yeahh sure.. my cousin.. he's doing fine.. working.. engineer.. M&E
"oh.. that's good... good.." (nodding.. and nodding.. and smiling and smiling....)

meanwhile, the old asshole finally was done..

err.. i gotta.. deposit..
"ok.. take care.."
ya.. you too.. nice meeting you though..

and off i went..
and out she went..

stupid of me.. i can't find the 'hole' to slot in my atm card.. so i just key in my account
number then.. after everything was done.. i went back to my car.. heading to office..

then it STRUCKED me!!!

*slapped my forehead*

She is NOT Miss Radha.. she is MRS Radha..
Oh darn.. no wonder she grimaced a bit when i said Miss.. ahhahahaha


oh.. i forgot to mention.. I've GOT FLU today.. Totally f**ked UP!!!!


work work work..
then lunch time..
Yvonne called up to meet for lunch as she was at kemuning for site inspection.
so i waited.
all my colleagues went off for lunch.
i was alone.. at least i thought i was alone..
so I increased my mp3 volume..
and.. my nose was like troubling me since.. .. ...
so... technically i BLEW my nose.. err.. like LOUD..

then.. a chair was pushed back..
Abang Del was still in the office... he was blocked by a couple of pc.
Paisehhh LARRR...
I have to like.. thicken my already-thick face.. and asked him..
"Hey.. abang del.. u'r still here.. i thought you went lunch.."
Then he smiled..
"Yea.. going soon.."
Then i was like..
"*chuckled* oh ok.. =P"

WAlau... my identity as a secret-"agent" hippo was OUT..
OUT.. and i mean it.. OUT..

Might not be a super paiseh thing for you guys.. but at that moment.. i really feel like..
sinking down.. and downn.. and downnnnnn my seat.. under my table and remained unseen

So tonight... Met up with Huaypin and Yvonne again at our lao ti fang.. Bukit Tinggi's Station 1.
Speaking of unlucky.. Supposedly huaypin will be there around 7 something.. and Yvonne around 7.30pm after her yoga class.. so i thought i can hang around in office till like.. past 7 only head back.. at least past 6.30pm. but who knows.. today.. everyone suddenly wanna leave straight at 6. Left me no choice but to head back Klang.

Stopped by at McD drive-through to get a regular diet coke.
Drinking while driving.. illegal offence..
but anyway..
one sip.. then another sip...
something was definitely wrong.. it was too sweet..
tasted funny..
OH SHIT!!!!!
That bloody ass... gave me a VANILLA COKE!!!!!!!
GGRRrrr... Just could not and did not want to finish it.

Waited for them.. at least an hour half plus.. Thanks to pervert Johnny talked to me for that long.. so initially I din't have to wait that LONG for them..

Song song.. makan dinner.. Suddenly Yvonne's sister called. Damn. Suspect house kena pecah.
We were like.. "Are you serious??"
Whaddaya expect? Her sister went home after work.. around 8pm..
Light downstairs were all lit up.. Sliding door was opened to the end.
Balcony light was on.
And she never on her balcony lights nor the sliding door.
Upstairs was dark. Din dare to go up.
You won't know what might be waiting for you upstairs.
Could see that Yvonne's face went slight pale and her imagination definitely ran wild.
I was stoned. I was like.. in her house last night, waiting for her to go Jusco with me..
and now.. ROBBERY!!
SHIT do HAPPEN man... and how dare me to grumble about my jinxed day.

So.. we were worried for her too.
Spy FFK me tonight. Got some freelance to discuss around 9pm+ actually.
He FFK me.. FFK.. FFK... FFK!!
He called up, said couldn't make it.. still with client or some meeting.. say gonna blanja me dinner on Friday.
I just shrugged.. "No problem.. whether you FFK me or not.. you'll always end up paying for my dinner."
His reply.. "True." hehehehhhe =P
I thought my bad day gonna end.. 'cos it was towards the end of tonight..


as I was driving home.. at this roundabout..
a white DOG... ran past my car like nobody's business.... like his grand-dog-dad's road..
Thank goodness.. no car behind me.. if not...
I'll be blogging on my hospital bed.

And the BAD of today was just not gonna end even I was home.
GOD-TELL-ME!!! Why on earth you put a frog in my bathroom!??!?!?!?


I am SO SO SO SO TERRIFIED of frogs... I PHOBIA to frogs..
My friends know.. I HATE FROGS.. I can take roaches.. BUT JUST NOT FROGS!!!
and sadly to say a few jumping moments~

Hopefully.. tomorrow... and i mean.. PLEASE LET ME GO!!!!!

please.. *hands clasped together*
Happy start and finale tomorrow k??

I had MORE than enough today.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Farah's Biggie Day~

Like you said.. no worries.. wrinkles not out yet!!~ hehehehe~

Celebrated Farah's birthday at Little Penang, MidValley..
With Phoenix. Kelvin, Tung, Goh and Daryle... (inclusive of me and Farah la of course)
Wanted to watch "Step Up" but left only front seats..
Watched "Accepted" then.. only Phoenix, Kelvin, me and her.
Ridiculous movie but we did laughed our ASSes out.
(pics will be post up as soon as I get it from her)

Tired. Back home.

Work tomorrow. Darn~ I can't wait for pay-day.




At least I'm happy today.
Or was happy.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

i'm sulking..from god-knows-when..

It is 9:30pm.

Sitting here..
Checked my friendster a thousand times..
Chatting with nobody except Yvonne..
Both complaining about how 'broke' we are..
No money = no shopping = no clubbing = no life

waiting for them to come back..
so I can skid off.. get the hell outta my house..
Clock ticking..
still not home..
Seconds passed.. Minutes passed.. Hours passed..
I'm here, stucked at home...
taking care of the kids.
One 12, the other 9..
WHY?? Why am I the babysitter with no salary offered?

oh wait.. *phone rings*

*unfamiliar number*

Hellooo.. hello..
Hello.. yes?? who's this??
Hello.. helllloooooo~~
YEA!! Who is that???!?!!
Err.. hello.. Aishah please??
Oh.. you got the wrong number.

Darnit!! Why are humans so freaking rude these days??
Can't you say "sorry"?? or just at least a plain "ok"?
Why on earth would u just slammed the bloody phone??
Well.. at least I don't do that.. unless I mean on purpose to play a prank on you..
but DUH!!!~

Get a life manz.. some-freako-who-called-asked-for-aishah-and-bloody-slammed-the-phone!!!


Lagi-lagi have to meet up with Phoenix in like half an hour..
Ought to finish the freelance by tonight 'cos she needs it by 12pm tomorrow and I'll be out super early next morning.

How can life be so "I want this and I want that.. and I GET it!!" wonderful for some people and can be so... "Oops.. shit happens!?" life like mine..

Am I complaining again?
Guess so..
AIYA... biasa lar..

At this moment.. just let me sulk, ok?
Will ya?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Malaysian Police Fire In Temple Demolition Protest

Well.. normally I'm not into politics.
I rather not know. Just ain't got the interest. In a way.. it's quite sensitive.
The ministers and municipals' names all get me twisted and all..
just complications... so why bother???

So how i started on politics bit by bit..
I've got to do a case study for my law & contract assignment... that was how i stumbled across the Zakaria's case. (*click*)

His illegal actions led to major commotions.. big issues.. everyday news on him... his istana.. his satay restaurants.. his this and that.. Tons of people hated his selfish-doing and etc etc... Led to bias actions taken by the municipals.

YB TengChangKhim's blog really helped me a lot in my case study. From there.. seriously.. the story of Zakaria's case is like.. a story to another to another till.. *no ending*

(*click*) and (*click*)

Why?? Look in the papers now.. where got Zakaria's case anymore??
I mean.. it's like "What the hell??!?!"... What a big issue saying wanna him to retire.. demolish his illegal istana.. since his satay restaurant case.. everything just went silent.. and seriously silent... *curious*

ChoonWee left me an article website in my msn. After reading it.. i felt so troubled.
Discrimination? Racism? Selfishness?? Revenge?
How can tis even be happening??

You demolished Taoist Temples and Hindu Temples due to reasons of "no legal building plans submitted" without notice.. as you like.. and you let a pest like Zakaria run free living in this huge freaking mansion with 17 rooms??!??!?!

Malaysian Police Fire In Temple Demolition Protest

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - A bid by Malaysian officials to raze an ethnic Chinese temple turned ugly on Friday with police firing warning shots to quell protests, a witness said, just a day after the premier sought curbs on religious disputes.

About 40 people scuffled with about 80 police and municipal officials at the Taoist temple on the northern island of Penang, soon after the structure was cordoned off for demolition, the parliamentary deputy for the area said.

Municipal authorities say it was built without planning approval.

"They didn't allow anyone to go in and pick up the statues and deities of the gods and that made people angry," Chong Eng, a lawmaker and member of the opposition Democratic Action Party, told Reuters.

"People forced the gate to enter the temple," she added.

Police fired two warning shots to break up the scuffle and arrested six people, she added. The demolition was halted pending a decision by municipal authorities next week.

Police declined to comment.

The incident follows several recent reports of demolitions of Hindu temples that have stirred outcry from Malaysia's ethnic Indian community, feeding minority communities' fears that
their rights are at risk among a largely Muslim population.

Political leaders of the ethnic Malay majority have warned the nation's Chinese and Indian minorities to stop questioning Malay privileges or risk hurting race relations, a touchy issue in a country that has suffered race riots in the past.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said polemics on race and religion in Malaysia had reached a worrying level, saying guidelines for debate needed to be laid down.

"It's time to remind people to lay down the ground rules,"

Abdullah, an Islamic scholar who portrays Malaysia as a moderate Muslim nation said on Thursday.
- Reuters

Yaya.. what the heck..
Guess what.. it's not even in TheStars... but a one-page huge spread in SinChew.. leaving my mom's jaw hanging for like..err.. few seconds?

If this goes on, i think Malaysia "Perpaduan" is going down the drain. And FAST.

More pics here - *click*

More news here -
article 1
article 2
article 3

Ok ok. Perhaps I'm just a naive sick brat to think their actions were ridiculous.
Mind me.. but to tear down a religious building just in a snap of fingers..

I really don't know what to think.

Friday, November 17, 2006

lingering.. school.. graduations...

I went to my sister's primary school graduation today.

Other than some kids running around me, knocking me like bowling pins.. young girls dressing out sexy, just-reached-puberty guys checking out kinda-crap.. it was quite amusing actually.

It brought me back into my school time-trails..

I was late though. Wanna skipped all the PTA speeches and welcoming greetings. I asked my dad to save me a seat. I sat there.. looking around the big huge hall, reminds me that.. both schools (Sri Lethia and MHS) had got no big halls. HAhaha..

Ten years apart.. my age gap with my sister. Things really changed quite a bit.. or should i say a lot. Back then.. when i was like.. std. 6.. we were like so into boyzone, backstreet boys.. yeah 911 too.. *ugh*.. most of the performances we did we like.. so traditional. Traditional malay dance, traditional indian dance.. traditional chinese dance.. fan dance.. ribbon dance.. dikir barat.. choir.. and yet that time we thought we were "cool" 'cos we're so active in school. Well.. as far as I can remember me and my clique of buddies were really really active in school activities.. hehehe.. ain't bragging ok??? ....

TODAY.. what performances i saw today in her school were like.. modern dance.. breakdance.. modern dance.. modern dance.. modern dance again.. all modern.. the breakdance.. was really good actually.. i was so stunned.. they could really do the streetstyle hip-hop kinda thing. My sister's friends were a part of the jolin-fast dance gang. the teriyaki wannabes. (the rehersal dance they did in my house during my sis's bday *click*) wooo~~ were they good or what... and they dressed like (u know la.. cina cina street-styles.. layers and layers).. showing their 'new' cleavage.. sexy legs.. immature body i should say.. but well.. it's alright for me.. i wanted to snap some pics.. but damn.. i borrowed the cam to her.. mana tau.. she only took pictures of her friends downstage. *sighz*

But wat I found typical was that.. I was from a english school.. so all our performances were english-based.. a bit malay too.. BUT for them.. everything in chinese.. and i really mean.. EVERYTHING!!!! so banana like me.. err.. need some translations and readings from my mom. Hehehe..

Expectedly.. all her friends cried. Last day. All going to different high school. Even same high school next year, they cried also. Cried like serious buffaloes. I waited for them cos kena be her driver la.. fetched them to Jusco for James Bond before i could leave for work.

When i saw them.. all eyes red red. slightly swollen.
I told my sister, "Go hug the pillar.. i give u ten seconds for your last cry here.."
All I got in return was just a *snare*~~~

I did not cry back then during my time 'cos all of us going to the same high school, MHS. From one private school to another. So.. therefore.. not much tears though.. but i do remember we did cried a bit in Form5 grad. Junwei started it when we sang the school anthem. Damnnnn....~~~

Really make me think back of my school times. Serious.
So i went digging my photo albums just now when I finally finished all my work.
Scan a few 'cos some pictures were really old.. colour faded too~..

this was taken back in kindergarten - Bunga Raya
some butterfly running around the flowers and beetles.. and a few bumble bees...
i remember they put lipstick on my face as blusher.. *yEEeeeerrrrr*

back in primary school - sri lethia
if not mistaken.. this was on my grad day too~
ya.. guess what song this modern dance was to..
backstreet boys - get down..
ahhahahhahah!!!!~ told ya we love bsb..
eventually layfong and sheahmei wanna be Mrs. Carter..
hehhe back then punya pasal la..

above - the guys doing their dikir barat.
charlie and glenn.. lead "singer"
sigh.. see how much everyone had changed.

below - PTA night in shah alam club
we got involved in this indian dance for years man.. seriously..
used to walk around little india to rent our costumes and all..
can find me? hehehhe

malay dance?!??!
when we were in sri lethia.. we were always the indian dance group..
then when we were in mhs.. we were always the 'traditional' malay and chinese dance group
every little occasions in school.. u'll see our names up the events' schedule.
hahahhaa.. *miss miss*

check out raymond and charlie.. ain't they innocent?!?!?
hahahhaha.. and i repeat.. see how much they have changed?!??!?!
the last time i saw glenn was like.. form 5?? heard that he went straight overseas for his studies and that he grew so much taller than raymond d.. *still growing, i think*

i want to go back to high school!!!~ err.. primary also can lar.. hahaha
when u start to grow.. when u start to flirt.. when u learn bout puppy love..
when u get ur first kiss.. the butterflies in fluttering in ur tummy
where u don't have to drive..
where u don't have to worry bout money..
where u don't have to think what to wear the next day
where u don't have to be that responsible
where u just can be a kid..


Thursday, November 16, 2006

James Bond's DAY~

Didn't go for work today. Don't ask why. Frus.

I thought today is going to be a BAD day.
Well.. surprisingly.. it didn't.

Raymond picked me up from home, after his car service. At first.. wanna go for lunch only..
Who knows, his friend called, so initially we all went for a movie at Jusco lor.. obviously
After like.. months.. MONTHS.. or should I say a year.. couldn't remember dy.. but was way LONGG ago since I met up with Charlie.
Still the same short muscular good-looking guy. Still that funny. Still not "flying"..
(Eerr... he's a so-called pilot... passed all his flying stuff d..)

I seldom meet people anywhere.. even in Klang Jusco.
Today, lepaking with this 2 buddies.. ter-met MunWei pulak.
And another football friend of theirs. Worst.. met Tai Ling's mother.

(Oh ya... apparently Joye always spot me around Klang.. yesterday was driving down KP's basement parking.. Joye can actually saw me in the car with LayFong from Kopitiam upstairs. I was like.. "Wow".. cos it was dark and raining... and this ain't the first time)

Halfway having lunch in McD. Suddenly there was this real LOUD siren thingy went off.
Some alarm or some robbery occured or sumthing..
We din't know. Raymond was like freaked out.. hahahha..
then all rollershutter of Jusco supermarket or department stores came down...
Not knowing the reason why.. we just sat there.. eating fries and sundaes.. folding some McD Kids' paper house or origami.. (don't know what they call it though..) waiting for well.. err... no idea what actually.

I was like.. "yay yay!! something exciting is gonna happen and I'm in it...hehhehe"
Kinda expecting.. robbers running around, chased by securities. Hahhaha.. Hell no, it didn't happen.
Partially it was because *Tesco PohKong* was robbed and 2 died yesterday...
Technically I was a bit freaked out too laaa..

Well.. nothing much happened. Till now.. i still don't know what happen cos we saw nothing. Went to Nandos, sitting there, fagging with MunWei while waiting for Raymond's friend, Say Guan and his girl, Abbey to come later.

Watched the premiere show... James Bond - Casino Royale, 3:30 show.
(Second premiere I watched since Minority Report with Alvin.. don't really like movies with crowds..)
Wahh.. quite long leh the movie.. until like.. 6:45++.
I "held" my pee for like almost an hour. Lagi-lagi.. a lot of people.. still it was cold.

Hmm.. no idea how to comment on this movie 'cos.. frankly speaking.. I never watched any of the full version of the previous James Bond. Ulu hor?? Hehhehe..
I do watched the clips.. trailers.. but just did not ever finish watching the whole movie of each previous 007.

From Sean Connery to George Lazenby to Roger Moore to Timothy Dalton to the really good-looking but softy-kind Pierce Brosnan.. to the recent Daniel Craig's hot hot HOT body.

Kinda confusing to me in a way that.. too much villians involved.
Bond's car rosak sial. Money mounted up high. Die of ENVY.
Hot steamy make-out session all censored. Sien.
But can't help to admit.. though Craig is not as good-looking as Pierce.. but he really can run.. run.. and RUN.. he's more manly.. more.. macho kind. Hehhe..

Sigh. Now I sit here.. posting this blog.. and gonna start my freelance work d.


Why can't I just be like those out there.. no need to work.. can get money just like dat *snaps fingers*.. buy new car... use the latest gadgets.. get the best mate and fuck like nobody's business???

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

it's not NEWS that i'm a lazy pig

I'm so lazy to blog these days.
Working is really tiring me off.
Not to death.. YET.. but almost..

So freaking lazy to post up the pics..
- Tung's Kissing Scene
- Trip to Kuantan
- My house compound kena korek one big hole by the TNB

What else huh??
Hmmm... one day k..
I think I'll just post all up after Farah's bday. (upcoming Monday.. 20Nov)


On the other hand.. i'm actually working on another webpage thingy..
still tengah exploring how to use it.. hehehhe..
Like what I told Ray.. "aku orang bodoh.."
well.. at least i thought it is interesting. Hehe..

Now.. another dilemma is.. I gotta find myself a label.
Something dark.
Something that brings more individuality.
Something that.. can.. errr.. "Stay put"...

Any suggestions??

Oh damn!!
Another shit is.. I can't seem to wrap up my name-card design.
Guess what Freddy said before, was right... that designers keep on want more for their own.
Suddenly this.. and suddenly that.. Takes forever.

I thought that, that time he was talking this 'cos he just wanna to do my business.. =P
He's a graphic designer by the way.
Come and think of it.. it's kinda true... or issit I'm just plain picky?
Yvonne will definitely be the first to say I'm picky. Hahaha..
(Like she's not.. LOL)
Supposedly to print it last month. And I totally forgotten about it.

I'm such an absent-minded dumbass sometimes.
Err.. no..
An absent-minded picky dumbass.


Monday, November 13, 2006

show class?? CLASSS!!!!

So weird.
So bizarre.
So unexpected.

I woke up this morning.
My brother was like.. so bloody snappish to me.
Over little little things. Even things that was not directed to him.

So finally I got fed-up.
I tugged his shirt.. just said to him..(in a low tone voice)..

"You rascal.. lucky I give ur mother face, if not.. I'll wack the hell outta you.."

Suddenly outta nowhere.. my mom was like popek-popek...

"I don't understand why girls nowadays are so rude. So vulgar. Lagi-lagi.. you're an interior designer. Can't you show some class? If you're so rude at home.. I really duno how you act outside..."

Walau... What the heck!~

Errr... * I was plain speechless *

I just looked at her.. in 'disgust'... turned my back and stormed off.

Interior designer? Show some class? At home? What the...

Wahhh.. I'm so NOT human mann...
I cannot have moods one..
I must stay neutral like a faceless statue.

I so don't understand her sometimes.
She.. she.. think too much larr!!!!!! Vulgar? Rude?? Joor.. What the..


Class?!?!!? Show some class at home??? To your brother???

Now I learnt my lesson. I'm so polite. *&(@#&!xo@($&yz%#!$#^&

Sunday, November 12, 2006

back from weekend-getaway

I'm back from my weekend-getaway.

Nowhere special to go.. just hanging out with my family, tagging along my dad on his business trip locally.
Err.. to Kuantan, Pahang.. spent a night there..
then Kemaman, a district in Terengganu lor..

Gonna update some pics soon.
Hopefully tomorrow, I guess..

Tomorrow MONDAY!! yoooorrr.. have to work again.
TGV Sunway drawings.. *sighz*
ya ya.. TGV againz... you not sien.. i also sien

*boring dah aku ini*

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blog change??

Am sitting here waiting for the rest to get ready.
Doing nothing.. so decided to well.. check my blog, my friendster or sumthing...

I'm not sure whether to change my blog version to the new blog 'beta' version a not..
I just switched my yahoo mail to the 'beta' version.. so far so good.. quite convenient..
but i don't like the msn 'beta' version.. taking way too long to load up. hate it. hate waiting.

The worst is that if I switch my blog to the new version.. I can't change back.
Aiyah.. you know la.. I'm so picky this and that. If I don't like it.. I will geram sial man..

So macem mana??

Should i??
or should I not??

wahsai.. damn koobwai case.. small matter like this also think so long..

Friday, November 10, 2006

crappy mood night

I mentioned holidays right?
How come I'm getting horribly busy these days?

When I want things to happen, it just ain't happening...
When I wish I have a peace in mind, great.. everything will happen altogether at the bloody same time.

Sometimes I really need some rest..
Sometimes I don't even have the time to rest..

At times I thought I was really optimistic..
For real, I'm just so trying not to be pesimistic.

Why can all these shit happen?
Oh ya..
Shit Happens!!! huh??

Still a long black tunnel with tons of idiotic obstacles to walk.
Till when?
EERrrr... who knows when???
I'm just so eager to know where and how I'll end up as.
Walk such a tough road.. end in pits?!?!
I'll fucking kill you.. whoever you are...

Kinda crappy today, huh?
Mind me.

Leaving town for the weekend.
Till next week then.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

i fell in love with a kid

Finally. Last Day of Sem5. Last Day of UCSI in 2006.
Supposedly presentation was yesterday, but tiba-tiba Redzwan got emergency. So fly our kite lor.. I was like so 'am tui' because I got his sms when I ngam-ngam reached the gate. WAHhhhh... all the way there and got "deleted". Sure one kind right?? Hehe.. but it was cool.

Presentation was fine. Obviously there were some shooting here n there. Got bombard bout selling ideas, conceptual issues.. relations this that.. and all that that that and that. Before the review, we were like so relaxed, fooling around in the studio, cam-whoring (whenever there's Chloe, you'll get a free cam-whore consultation. hehe) laughing.. crapping.. planning for holidays. When the panels walked in, the atmosphere changed a slight bit. Biasa la.. Typical presentation lor.. but not as tense as design review.

A trail of snapshots of our models and posters.

After review, went to McD for lunch. Who?.. err.. me, chloe, phoenix, curb, farah and kelvin. Kelvin was so wanting to watch "Happy Feet" which so reminded me of my penguin english teacher back in high school - Mrs. Fernandez. Anyway, din't know it wasn't out yet, we left for MidValley. Mana tau.. ended up with "The Covenant".

The movie was ok only.. but thank god.. HOT GUYS!!! especially Caleb Danvers = Steven Straits. He seriously din't look that good in other movies he acted. He is really HOT. Certain angles, he really melted my heart. If weren't for him and his few other friend's biceps and muscles, this movie seriously ain't that good. But to compare with that Donnie Yen's Tiger gate sumthing-sumthing, this is much better. MUCH better. Better effects, HOTTER guys, STRONGER plot, HOTTER guys, BETTER props+views+buildings, and.. HOTTER GUYS!!! Was still drooling over him after the movie. And i repeat.. again.. if it wasn't for him.. i'll be bored to DEATH. It's like watching female charmed ones but better (cause i like magic, myth.. witches.. cults..dark craps..OOoo~). His eyes.. so.. so.. so seductive.. so.. ughhh.. cantikk larr!!!! even when the eyes were in midnight black. sighhh.. ... .. ... ....

I fell so deeply in love with Caleb Danvers.
(Not so into the real person,Steven Straits, but to the movie lead)
*starting to drool again*

A trailer to show you that he's really really HOT.

After the movie.. too late for tea.. too early for dinner.. so we went for a pool session. Phoenix went to meet her honey. Our pool coach = Kelvin and Curb. All 3 of us.. amateur players. Hahah. Paiseh... Aku slow learner in this la. Chloe's 2nd class. Mine and Farah's first class. I look like a doofus. Hahhahaha.. Low-self-esteem lor.. and.. still drooling over Caleb Danvers.

Around 8.30+ i think, Curb went back for dinner, Farah's grams callingm so left me, dinner with Kelvin and Chloe at Sushi King. Crazy morning. Caleb's movie. Fun night. Drooling moment.

Can I post another pic of him??.... pretty please...

I know I'm nuts... but I just couldn't help it...
Calebb~~~~ *droolling* AGAIN

Monday, November 06, 2006

final dark city

Final Minor Presentation Board..
Can't do better but yet time is ticking..
Concept also bombard out last minute..
Bits here n there that I don't quite like..
Haiz.. but then.. don't care dy lar..

Saturday, November 04, 2006

sister's giggling bday bashhh

Tired-nya aku today.

Was my sister's bday bash today. Other than being her driver-of-the-day, her friends' driver, shopping 'consultant', waitress, dish-washer, game 'referee', baby-sitter, I think I .. can really say that I'm HECK tired now.

Well, it wasn't that bad as I expected it would be. Her friends.. well,.. err.. friendly.. LOUD, fun and cute. Hahaa. I just msn'ed with Izwan, asking me what I did today, was telling him.. "I cannot tahan 12 yr old kids screaming around in my house, running like mad cows playing catching" BUT it was fun though, despite the fact, the paper cups everywhere, forks and spoons scattered, balloons burst, wet floors, wet clothes, sweaty hair, waterguns, lipsticks, extra towels, boys screaming, girls screaming, tokyo drift dance (videos posted way below here), food all habis, big cake, lastly.. seriously HYPERactive kids.

Posted some pics here. Lazy to elaborate more 'cos I'm way tired now and sleeping soon.

After cake-cutting.. after eat-full-full, after play like hell, after screamed their lungs off, after watching dvds, after singing to JayChou's songs, after switching-off-all-lights for ghost story-telling, as I thought I can sit down peacefully to talk to my aunties.. Suddenly I heard my Teriyaki Boys - Tokyo Drift soundtrack playing till the speakers almost BURST...

So I walked to the hall.. I walked and I walked and I STOOD there like.. like.. errr...


Wowwww!!!~~ All adults went and watched them dance their asses off. Happy ler. Hehe... So.. after the whole freaking hectic day.. I can SLEEP now.. after i POST this up. Tomorrow another hellish day to finish all my Minor stuff. UGgHH!!!!

Oh yea... Forgot to "open curtains" for the birthday girll~~..

Well... and here is the birthday girl...

"Happy Birthday Kiddy Girl!!!~"