Thursday, November 30, 2006

it's CICAKman!!!

Once upon a time.. back when I was a kid (I think..) there was this 2d cartoon..
err.. 'funny' cartoon.. called "The Keluang Man"..


No?? ok ok. I refresh your mind. I'm kind. I help ok.

Keluang Man is a popular animation series in Malaysia.

A patient youth that lives in Hospital Bahagia Tampoi is actually a heroic nanny caretaker of mankind, which is Keluang Man.

His helper/sidekick/fellow patient, Tiungman always helps him defeat the country’s nemesis because the police force around Tampoi area which is lead by Inspector Sahab, is often late to reach the crime scene, due to excessive consumption during frequent canteen breaks.

Keluang Man

The character Keluang Man is copied from based on the character Batman. Keluang is a type of big bat or some sort of flying fox.


Tiongman is Keluang Man’s best friend and sidekick. He had a lover named Aishah but he broke up with her because bored people who stalk others for a living said that she’s already crazy after she found him shagging her grandmother’s cat. I mean come on now who wouldn’t be? and only deserves to live in Hospital Bahagia Tampoi. The character Tiongman is plagiarised from based on the character Robin, Batman’s sidekick.

Popular dialogue is: “Darling is mad, Ecah! Darling is mad!!” — said Tiongman when Aishah still wants to meet him in Hospital Bahagia.

can remember bohh??
Damn. I can't find the images.

The real looks of Keluang and Tiung without the MAN..

Tremendous bodoh cartoon ok.
I got so fed up even by the short 30 secs ad in tv.
Sucks.. and I mean.. SUCKS big time.

So adding the suckiness to Malaysian Superheroes... eh.. we got superhero before meh?? Yaya.. KeluangMan.. i almost forgot..

Anyway with great respect and honour... we've got...


not this la.. siao meh?

no lar.. not this either...

yeah.. THIS one..
cool man...

How lucky we are right??? We no longer have to be afraid..
We're SO protected.
I know.. you know?

Ok ok.. if this is a Malaysian superhero.. why not KL skyline? Why issit MetroFulus Town? (sounds like Metropolis,huh?) Why are the villians ginger-look-alike or ang-moh look-alike?

Why cicak?

1)Cicak love to live in darkness. Usually super heroes’s special power are taken from creatures which living in darkness, like bat, spider, scorpian(antiagonis in spiderman). Seldom we will see mammals mutant except Ryno in spiderman, because it will be weird to hear Tiger-man, Horse-man, or Whale-man.

2)The reason Cicak-man has been chosen rather than keluang-man is because cicak doesn’t fly, this make the film easier to take, cost on CG can be reduced.

3)The consequences are lesser compare to flying type hero, we won’t find news like kids jump from building as following what their hero did inside movie anymore because Cicak doesn’t fly.

*fingers crossed*

Hopefully Malaysians can accept this time.
I am NEUTRAL, neither supporting nor trashing them for real...
but i can't help to ROTFLMAO when I saw the preview.
(whaddaya expect?? it is an action-hero-genre kind of movie with a STRONG dose of comedy. that is what they say ok.)

Please.. hope this will be the first and the last of Malaysian superheroes (aka copying most of spiderman takes) I am really not looking forward for labah-labah man, lipas-man, lalat-man or any lintah-man, ulat-man. I'll die in disgust.

Actually I don't understand why.. we are so stereotyped. Imagine if the main actor is not that Saiful Apek guy from Nana Tanjung or Scenario.. let's say.. the lead star is either Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise.. I think everyone will DROOLLL over this show.. Something like.. if you see a girl with Jennifer Lopez HUGE Arse on the street.. you'll call her FAT BOOTY.. when u saw the REAL JLO ass.. Fuiitttt... SeXyyyyy!!!! even hung her ass poster in your room?

WHy har... I also don't know.. Kinda stupid sial..

A trailer for you guys.. the movie is showing.. i think Nov 6 or 7.
Can't wait!! Totally!! *rolled eyes*
(heard that the green screen production, animation.. yada-yada-yada was good... you be the judge then..)


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