Tuesday, December 29, 2009

road trip wedding?

Uni grad friend, Eng got married.
All the way at Kuala Kubu Bharu..
5 of us drove down there in 2 cars.
3 of us girls spent a night in Genting..
Cold Christmas. Fun.
We checked in earlier to freshen up before heading there..
Obviously camwhore is a MUST.
but not enough leh. lol

26th December 2009
All hotels fully booked. No choice but here.
*First World Hotel*

we finally found our way from genting to kuala kubu bharu..
*dinner time*

Food was good.
Friends were great.
Married couple soooo loving.
LIFE!!~ must enjoy~


Friday, December 25, 2009

happy birthday blog

wow. It's been five years i think.
Five years since i first started blogging? Or six?
Hahah. I can't remember d. Oops.

Anyway Happy Birthday babe's blog. Hehe

Yah before i forget.
love christmas. As always.

Oh well, i'll update tons of pix soon. Previous day trips, holidays, food. Keep tuning in.
Sorry very occupied lately.
Smooches. Forgive me k? :)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

girls never say shoes are enough~

I want to go shoppingg!!!!!!
Year end really really really no "proper" mood to work~~
Keep thinking of holiday-ing (though no plans are made yet)... and shopping!!!

I just bought 3 pairs of heels from Charles&Keith in these last 5 days.
One of 'em is this pix above.
I just feel like spending lately. Buying things I like.
It's some sort of therapy, I must say...
It heals.. erm.. my very weather-like mood which I can be damn emo suddenly lately..
(sounds like a bloody lame excuse right?) *grins*

The year-end-restless-attitude is really eating me up.. hahaha
even Monday blues ain't killing me d. I just so-so-NO IDEA WHY suddenly reacting this way.
Damnit.. can anyone tell me? hehehe


especially not weekends seriously. The crowd is terrible.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

some son of a bitch

from time to time sometimes middle of the night i do receive some stupid prank calls from god-knows-who. He'll on some stupid porno moans or just shut up.. Silence. Ditto. So most of the time i'll just put my phone in silent mode n woke up with almost 6 misscalls sometimes from this same number.

This mf genius thinks he's so clever using different numbers to call after me not picking up his calls to test if am i ignoring him a not. Well duh. He's one chao ah beng.

How i know he plays some stupid porno because there was once i heard him fumbling over some remote n quickly press something i guess then the sound effect was right at the moaning part. Disgusting right?
What freaks me was one night i forgot to put on silent mode, i absentmindedly answered his call, he actually for once talked to me in his human voice. In mandarin. I asked him who the hell he is. He said he wrong-numbered call me accidently some time ago n said we eventually just get the tele-conversation going tho it actually caused by a wrong number call. I was like hell NO, i never done any shit like tat before. What the fuck man. I hung up. Then he sms'ed me. Oh fart this pervert knew my name. 米雪 he typed. Asking me this 大小姐 as he quote, out for dinner n stuff. Eiuuu scary shit.

Soon later he no longer contact till recently. Yesterday he called again. I picked up the phone. I mean how the hell do i know is him or not, it's always these few random numbers that obviously i don't save. Anyway again there was silence, i got fed up and cursed 'fuck u'.. And guess what..
This motherfucker sms'ed me which i only read the next morning stating something like.. 'If u wanna fuck, Come fuck me' etc etc.

The best was he got so high-tech this time that he bloody mms'ed me. He sent me a penis 'entering' a vagina. Fuck how gruesome is that. To top that, his mms title was ' :) i want to fuck your fucker.' oh come on, pls prank with proper english. Wtf is fuck your fucker?? Jackass talk man.

To you this motherfucker out there, 1 more mms i'll fucking lodge a police report.


p/s-i might be wrong but i'm suspecting my few years ago's 6yrs older ex but then again he's so chicken-hearted to do stuff like this BUT then again these are quite coward's actions right? Oh well i might be wrong. Might be some other asshole out there. But why would someone want to do shits like this. Gross.

p/p/s-if anyone wan to see the mms he sent me, just lemme know. It's still in my inbox. A well-taken proof.

Fucker grow up.