Thursday, May 31, 2007

botak sudahhh!!~

WARNING - Beware as you scrolled down. All my face!!! LOL~

Suddenly decided to go crop hair after gym today.
Now damn short larrr!!! *sob*
Not so happy with it.
Not so unhappy with it also.
Look like China aunty from certain angle.
Look like sober old lady.
Look like "cute" babyish bimbo doll. *gulp*
Mind some of my fugly pics down there. HEhehe... =P

*blek* cam-whore bitch.

Sleepy d. Might update more tmr. (if i want)
*bid goodnight*

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


*stabs myself right in the center*
some people are just so so so so freaking damn
don't even mention this horrible 4 letter word to me anymore..
ok lar.. maybe for at least a month..

*violently disturbed in my head and heart*
speaking of XXXX.. I blardee don't have it lately!!!

*I am getting really abusive*
damn drama right?
but i'm really damn boh-kam-wan.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

and again...

Jack Sparrow..


when Pirates of Caribbean 1 released..
when he cursed me to be "forever his" sailing off in his Black Pearl..

when Pirates of Caribbean 2 released..
i missed the dead man's chest..
he can have mine if he wants.. *cheeky grins*

when Pirates of Caribbean 3 took me to the end of the world with him..
we can be forever n ever n ever where eternity lies, immortality exists...

yo ho.. a pirate's life for me~~..
go check out their soundtracks.. not bad..
hoist the colours too...
yo, ho, haul together~~..
hoist the colours high~~..

heave ho, thieves and beggars~~
never say we die~~

AWWww man.. when I was watching with my sibs this evening..
I was so so engrossed into him man.. and the whole movie..
It was like.. I was.. separated from reality for a sec..
Living in the full adventurous pirates' world with mystery, curse and surreal-ity.
Johnny Depp is SO the MAN mannn.. *click here*
He is so damn freaking suitable for the character.
Like damn damn NGAM him..
No one can bring Jack Sparrow's character to that real LIFE other than him. ARGH.
(no wonder people like DugongRaymond also take him as favourite actor.. LOL)

No trailer this time. Go youtube yourself.
I'm keeping him all to myself. *chuckles* (lazy actually)
For official website click *here*
Actually I watched most Johnny Depp's movies..
ya including that.. Sleepy Hollow.. Corpse's Bride.
No idea how or why.. somehow..
I'm just attracted to him.. especially when he started pirate-ing.
I'm definitely getting all 3 dvds.
Gonna start drooling over him.
I've got a new nick for myself.
Mrs. Jack Sparrow.
*muka tebal, polis won't tangkap one*

p/s: I don't quite like Orlando Bloom here though.. not MAN enough for Will Turner.. but he get to smooch Keira.. lucky him. Johnny Depp still the best. *nyek nyek* and I mean.. MY Jack Sparrow/Depp.

*imagining his dark MACHO eye-liner.. grabbing his locks.. smoldering kisses*
and our private "show" starts from there..
let your imagination bring you frantically wilddd...
Sshhhhhh.. *winks*
Sorry peeps...
*curtain closed*
"private" remember?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Leaves for dinner

My dinner tonight.
After my marmite pork rice this afternoon for lunch...
my fattening pizza for dinner last night..
and my banana cheesecake...

I so so so desperately IN NEED of some fresh greens..
oil-free, fat-free, calories-free, carbo-free dinner!!!!
Tak BOLeH TAHAN makan all those fattening craps and then end up looking like a 100million years old retarded fat tortoise sitting here, blogging bout fats.
(my mind is swaying away and away... wandering.. looking for pasta..) *so craving*

Want my salad anybody? It's fresh and colourful and organic.
(and reminds me of Phoenix.. vegan mar.. hehehe)
At least I don't feel any "jelak" after dinner tonight. =P
But getting hungry fast worr... How?
That's why I stored up some in the fridge for midnight snack.
MWhahahah.. It's like no talk punya talk rite.. *foolishly grins*

*glancing over to my left.. mommy eating cheesecake.. slurps.. saliva dripping*

Sunday, May 27, 2007

busy "yummy" sunday

Woke up on a boring sunny Sunday.
Din't expect it to be a full busy day ahead. *beams*

YaWWwnnn... greeted with the aroma of mung bean and sweet potato soup.
Yala.. organic again.. -_-
Nice to smell but no interest to eat.
Like I've said again n again me no no "tong-shui" girl..
But kena forced to swallow one full bowl up as breakfast.
(mom yada-yada away with its damn good nutritious facts)


Mom and sis wanna go to the Chinese big book fair/exhibition.
Hokkien Association Hall, Klang.
Fetched Aunt Sylvia (mom's friend) from her house and off we went.

Really all cina books man. I tak tau baca all.
I went over to the National Geographic booth.
Promoting on subscription. All in chinese.

"You guys have it in English too, right?"
The guy said.. "Nope"

*aiyak! buta-buta kena di-embarass-kan*

Mom complained all lousy books. Unwanted.
My sis bought a horror book... 30% off.
and konon the pisang girl (moi) bought the most.. = Chinese Brushes!!!
Not for calligraphy larr!! watercolour and colouring purposes. =P


Then hor... thought wanna go back d.. mana tau..
These 2 aunties wanna go organic shop. Aiseehhh...
betul-betul cannot come out once they enter.
Take everything like no need money one.
Veggies lar.. oats lar.. crackers lar.. fruits lar.. this lar that lar..
So i saw this organic shampoo cum conditioner.. jojoba oil..
(20 bucks for one small bottle, if good I intro u guys nex time =P)
Ask mummy to buy for me..
mWhahahaha.. she did. *hug hug huggg grins broadly*

"If finished d, you buy urself next time okay."
-_- Happy halfway only. Ceh.


Then hor... I really really thought can balik d.
Mana tau... going over to Aunt Sylvia's house to make pizza and cheese cake.
*slaps forehead*
Ok lar.. cincai lar then, since my cheesecake failed *here*..
She and my mom good in cooking. Both went baking classes together before.
She's good. Worked in NZ before.

Pizza first. All organic vegetables even the wheat flour for pizza dough except sausages, crabsticks, mayo and cheese. We "kids" just stood aside.. Aunt Sylvia and mommy doing the job. Hahaha.. They darn farnee. It was more like THEY are the kids. Talking like fighting.. then laughed so loud suddenly. Hmm.. everything you see in her house, i have it all in my house too.. just in different colours. from tupperwares to utensils, pots and pans, washing machine, food, drinks... all sama-sama lar.. *scratches head*

Pizza was abfab. I like the oregano smell. *munch munch*.
I prefer this more than Pizza Hut or Dominoes.
This pizza reminds me of the All Star Sports Cafe Pizza. Miss it.
*craving* FATTENING siall!!!!

While waiting for the pizza to bake.. started on mixing cheesecake ingredients.. No need use machine one wor.. *gasped* all hand mix.. *wwahhhh* Hahahhaha.
Planning to make banana cheesecake.. oh.. i mean.. ORGANIC banana cheesecake. Even the sugar also organic. *shakes head* Sigh.

The cake was nice but I couldn't quite take the banana smell.. too "heavy" for me though.
BUT better than mine lar okayy.. cos her cheese is *yummyylicioussss*..

FATTENING SIALLL!!!!! but yummy wor.. BUT FAT FAT FATTTTT!!!!!

After all these fuss and buss and muss.. balik rumah.. shower.. and off to AIRPORT.
Daddy coming back.. Yay Yay!!
Days passed damn kuai-sey fast lorr.. Wahahaha..
Toodles.. *skipping around like soh-porhh*

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Allan very happy tonight

Happy HAppy BiRTHDAyyyy

another 22 tahun boy turning to a new 23 tahun man mature guy.

More photos coming up. Too late now. Tired.
But got a short vid. =P
Brain malfunction. Words tak tentu. Sorry.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

cheesyy "freckled" cake

First attempt to make chilled cheesecake.

Ingredients - Cream cheese, whipping cream, butter, cinnamon powder, gelatin, sugar, brown sugar, lemon juice, crackers crumbs, blueberry filling.. hmmm.. that's about it.. i guess..

My lil' brother wants little tart shapes cheesy..
Not sure can a not.. no harm giving it a try.. *takut-takut*
if not nice.. he still will sapu all.. so no worries. Mwhahaha..

Chilling the batter.

Hmm... sitting there, chilling and lepaking with rest of the "family" in my fridge.
Let it sulk there overnight and see how tomorrow.
But hor.. someone curi makan the small tarts...

the taste still like some cheesy cake lar..
the bottom layer is a bit "sor".. cos it's oat digestive crackers..
the cheesy layer not creamy enough.. cos the mixing part a bit "kesalahan"

Oh dear... u can even see from the pic that..
it's dot dot dot.. like my face.. the freckled face..
ahahhaha.. Darn it..

so I assumed.. the first try-out = FAIL.
*running around "spluttering" tears*

Never mind. Still got next time.
Practices make perfect mar..
BUT practices to make cheesecakes make me FAT too..


Monday, May 21, 2007

berny, birthday babe

Happy happy Birthday!!!

* * * * *

Went Hartamas just now with Yvonne to meet up with Berny.. brought camera there.. but ended up.. forgotten to take it out. Too into talking and catching up d. Hahah.. damn. So didn't take any pics of the bday girl and dinner. Sigh.. no choice lor.. curi her pic from her friendster. Hahaha..

random pic. outside Hartamas Shopping Center.

On the way back.. only remembered bout my cam. Haha.. ok ok.. Old d.. getting more and more absent-minded. I admit okay. Brain ain't functioning that well lately. Darn.

So took it out. Cam-whore a bit here and there. Now only I know.. cam-whore makes Yvonne get all "excited". She stopped her car road-side, still tekan the brake, giggled, laughed, play-snatching and almost biting. Why?? Our secret. *sHh*

Candid piece. She deleted the cutest one I took. Blardee.

I look damn silly up here. IIIiiissshhhh...
My forehead looked as wide as the airport itself.
Bad angle.
Bad hair "flip" too.
10 airplanes can parked on my forehead side by side dy.
*curse deeply*
(whispers) Tyra Bank's forehead also wide hor.. Hehehehe.. *devilish thoughts*

Hehe.. Kacau her again.
Her dimples damn chun one lor okay..
Damn a lot of guys complimented on her dimples d..
Jeles-nya aku.. *pokes her dimple*

Finally she willing to smile prettily and damn FAKE-ly.
Auditioning for the latest Darlie toothpaste ad. Pass boh??

No other pics of the bday girl d.. except her sitting by the roadside. sobb....
We're so bad hor.. *weeps openly*

pls shut up only at the right time

I hate asking questions repeatedly only to get answered with "silence"..
Like totally hate it till the desperate need to poke the eyes, chop the head, drain the blood, scrape the skin, slice it, dice it, mince it and feed it to the fugly stray dogs that end up puking it all out again. *stinks*

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shopping orgassmm

I want to go shopppinggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's shopping.. uh huhhh uh huhhhh.. i like it.. uh huhhh uh huhhhh
Let's go shoppinngggggg!!!!!
Fantastica fabulousaaa desperattaaaa urge to shoppppaaa....
Who's up for a shopping spree?!??!?!
Weeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~ *screams hysterically*

(saw one hand up... and another.. andd.. andd.... fuyyoohhhhh... wayy lotttttts)
*waves up highhhhh and goess wilddddd*

Let's go shoppinggg... shoppa and shoppppa and shoppppaaaaaaaaaaaa.. uhhhhh.. sizzz..
ah shoppp.... shoppp.. shopppppppppp!!!!!!~~~~~

Oops.. my sudden shopping-triple-orgasm attack.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

my own creation pasta

Another day with no car, no where to go.. and no money to spend.
The difference is.. today is Saturday. Damn.
Stay at home and sulk over my menstrual cramps and back-aches.


I made lunch today despite I couldn't even stand like real straight with shoulders straight, chest up, or with a book on my head. Like I said.. nothing to do mar..

Mom went out to fetch my sister from school, brother lagi sleeping in his room.. I have the whole damn house for myself to do whatever I want for at least an hour and what I did was... I decided to cook. *rolled eyes* Too free that I even enjoyed clean up dirty kitchen messes. Lame hor? I might just balik tidur again but couldn't larrr.. my back aching makes lying down a nightmare.

Super fast meal to prepare. My nameless pasta. Not sure how to name it 'cos it was just some simply-tossed-in-rojak-cold-pasta pasta. Opened the fridge and just dug out anything that I could possibly find and thought that it will be okayy for my nameless pasta. (too late to go buy ingredients due to a fast-attack desire to cook)

What I've tossed in were... onions, that purple-cabbage, french beans, cherry tomatoes, cheesy sausages, button mushrooms, dark raisins, garlics, plain tuna light, butter, black pepper, some italian herbs, a lil' lemon juice, rice wine (or apple cider), hints of salt and sugar... with the "main" twirls of organic pasta.

(Ask me why issit "organic".. 'cos my mom is a sudden real real real real BIG fan of anything that you can get in organic.. she shops there too often but liking every bit of it)

The pasta tasted good. Seriously. *grinning*
No kidding. They finished it.
My mom is quite a food critic..
Those really don't-give-face type especially to me...
And she ate most of it. Hehehehe.. *happy happy*
I didn't eat much 'cos ... err.. no idea why.
Cramps making me not hungry, i guess. *smirks*

My organic mom's total lovable organic porridge. She made it yesterday.
All 6 - 7 different types of seeds or beans or rice were in it. All organic. ALL.

While she was making it yesterday, I was chatting with her in the kitchen, she kept telling me,
"Must eat okay.. very good for health.. full of fiber.. good for health.. health is important okayy.. eat more later ya.."

I just nod my head..
"Ya mom.. ya ya.. I know.. health.. ya.. good.. ya.." *still nodding*

Normally I don't quite like food like this.. or extra fiber and all.. 'cos of the goo-ey feeling when they are swimming around in your mouth.. like.. saliva.. eiuhhh.. like those fiber wheat drinks or.. even red bean paste soup.. not that I TOTALLY hate it.. just ain't my favourite.. Not a 'tong shui' girl, I guess. *blek*

But not knowing why or how.. her porridge was not bad seriously.. probably the sweet potato was sweet enough kua.. ahhahah *talking crap*.. ok ok.. at least.. the porridge is not goo-ey.. Running around from fridge to fridge to look for my marmite.. cannot findddd!!!! ter-paksa eat just liddat lor.. LOL.

Mom shook head. "Sigh.. good healthy things duno how to appreciate.. young people nowadays.. sigh.."


Might be making organic sushi tomorrow. Haikss...
I'll try to change her mind. Phobia sushi lehhh.. and organic sushii lehhh.. err..
*scratches head*

Friday, May 18, 2007

One sentence. Eight words.

One sentence. ONLY.

Yvonne teman me went bersiar-siar in Klang today.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

S for Shogun... and "sushi". ..

This is gonna be a short-less-words post.
Lazy. And busy.. chatting.

Went Shogun 1 Utama with Raymond today.
SusSSshhhIIiiii buffeeeetttt...
Long time no see this dude.. months d.. still THAT sepet..

Some people tell me.. Shogun sucks.. some say shogun rocks..
Cheap lor.. cheaper than other sushi buffet. *duh*
Pay the price then expect that quality nia lar..
Haih.. some people horrrrrrrrr... pay 1 buck want 10 bucks meat.

First round. *up up*
Second round - waiter say cannot snap pic. *shrieks I didn't know*
Din't really eat much of sushi but swallowed lotsa sashimi only.. hehe..

Raymond. Shy wor 'cos he knows I gonna blog it up. *laughs*
"Wahhhh.. sharkfins soup free-flowwww"
"Shark my ass.. mostly jelly la. hahhahaha"
-_- "potong steam"

dot dot.. dot dot..

After walking, digesting.. settled for a movie that no need use brain to think.
You can just leave your brain back home when you watch this movie..

"Blades of GLORYYYY"

Thought of wanting to have a good laugh for hols.. it WAS a good laugh-movie.. but damn sibeh no logic 1 lar.. like really no no no NOOOO logic.. Seriously don't use your brain to watch it. Just watch it as it is.. like just open ur eyes and laugh and watch it..
*squeals like bimbo*

how can u fly up high with ur 'fire' skaters???
can hold on the dude's crotch and swing him around like helicopter??..
or smashing his dongs with ur skaters and still stay alive???
andd... a boob-shake????? wTF??!!

and 2 things bout this movie is.. GAY GAY GAY!!!!!!!
one too macho sex-addict GAY..
another too-sissy-ninny-wussy GAY!!!
funny.. but painful to watch..

Just a few first minutes of their "teamwork". LOL.
Go watch lar.. malas youtube the trailer.

On the way home.. fidgeting with this little sheep. Raymond's. A present from his girlfriend. Damn damn cute. The snoring really came out from the toy. Not me ok. *frowns*

By the way, I think I phobia sushi d. At least for the time being.
No worries. Will recover soon.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Daddy. Father.

I hate fetching my dad to airports.
Hate the feeling when I watched his back walking into the terminal.
I felt so sad.
I know it's common for him to fly on business trips..
at least a week every month since I was a kid..
But ever since I started sending him to the airport...
on the way there.. we were just talking and talking.. over any issues or obstacles I've encountered lately.. kicking back old funny kiddy memories.
Today my sister came with me..
started talking bout education.. her school, my friends.. his work.. etc etc..
I was just keep trying to keep the whole journey there more alive.. talking and talking..
avoiding silent moments..
Finally when we were there.. helped him with his luggage up the cart..
I felt stoned, slightly not so happy..

Watching his back,
stood by my car,
watching him heading towards the terminal entrance..
I felt sad.
Driving back.. tears drop silently. Just a few drops.

Whyyy early fifties d.. still have to fly here and there every month..
so much hard work.. so many wrinkles to count his worries..
as much white hair to bring a perfect dinner on our tables every night.
so much of his.. so many of his.. makes me strive even harder towards my success..

Hated the fact that he is still working so damn hard despite he's the boss.
One working to feed so many mouths, ain't just my family.. instead the "whole BIG" family.
Hated the fact I'm always worried over him when he's on business trips.
Why oh why.. sigh.. I'm so flatteringly emo.

The real relieve is..
not the stress leaving me after finals..
or.. a huge shopping spree after not shopping for months..
or.. a huge huge meal after successfully drop pounds..
but the real damn relieve is to see him walking out from the airport, smiling on the day we stood there waiting.

All worth it.

The appreciation.
To dad.
And to mom.
(Thanks for being there always and staying strong when daddy's not around though a lil' grumpy her that I can't tahan sometimes.. hehe)

p/s: business trips ARE NOT extra "out-door" activities like some pervs out there are thinking. Ass.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

28 days? weeks? who cares????

Firstly, I really would like to admit that I'm getting super super lazy to even flick my pc 'on' switch unless I really have to.. like now.. cos need to help my dad with some documents..

Why?? Why lazy to on pc? PC is like the greatest invention after slice bread.

Sounds like a real damn real certified pig rite?? cos I'm really really fed-up with the pc. I've been staring at this box for like months months monthhhsssss and for like more than 13 hours a day when my finals were near. So can I like get a bloody break away from this box ar? I was actually 'forced' by Yvonne to update my blog. Tee-hee.. *sure i kena later one*

So here goes..

I told Raymond on msn that I wanted to watch 28 Weeks Later few days ago. Then he snapped on me saying.. "You din watch part 1?? and you wanna watch part 2?" I was like.. huh?? I din't know got Part 1.. "What's part 1?" "28 days later lar!!! dungu" Ya rite.. "You're pulling leg right??"... "No".. I was like.. -_-" again. What's with the title anyway?? Sure got 28 months larr liddatt... *rolled eyes*

Anyway.. LayFong picked me up from home yesterday (cos I got no car remember?? accident remember???).. a sudden force she hypnotized me into a movie with her.. FINE fine fine.. the only right time is.. "28 Weeks Later"... I didn't know to glee with happiness or to sulk with total mercilessness.

OH yaa.. wait wait.. interrupt that for a while.. bloody it rained like hell yesterday mannn... like really dead pigs and dead cows.. rained till like I also almost freaked out cos I couldn't see shits in front of me mannn.. and i'm driving my mom's car.. the faster the wiper striked.. my faster my heartbeat.. *kanchiongg* andddddd.... it's my last day of UCSI this semester!!! Woooo-Hoooo.. Great!!! Finally no dreadful-morning-symptoms.. no long long irritative jammed-up drive.. no no expensive toll-fees.. no horrible mountain-up-so-high parking.. freedoommmmmmm!!! tasting it.. hhhummmhaaaaa.. but bloody no car. POTONG STIM. *swore harshly under breath*

Okay okayy.. back to movie.. Masuk cinema, sit down, settled with my fave Nachos (I wanted cheese but outta stock... the spice curry sucks) Damn damn suddenly.. BOoshhh BAnnggg ScreeEeaammmm Waiillinggg.. BLOODDDDD.. IDIOT. Before I got the split second to close my eyes, I was welcomed by ugly looking man and blood all over!!! YUCkkKKksss.. and the Nachos was like half stucked somewhere in my mouth, not knowing which way to down it.

The bloody cinema was freezing cold.. Not more than 20 people scattered around behind us. Some fatsole sat at our seats.. so we just sat way more infront, and LayFong didn't want smelling dirty feet and ugly shoes on our whatever-you-called-that-thing we-lay-our heads-on.. (mind me.. my words and grammar semua dah hilang tak-tau where) Throughout the show.. we were staring at each other, closing our eyes, peeping through fingers, hugging our legs, soft screams, disgusting taste, looking left and right, suddenly started gossiping, then talk-as-if-we're-the-scriptwriters, making some dumb lame jokes to push our scary thoughts away..

I told LayFong.. "If they off the sound effect and played Jacky Cheung's WenBie for this movie.. I probably won't freaked out"
She gave me a total dumb no-look look.

I admit it was lame okay..

After the movie.. then only I realized.. Asshole punya anak.. Movie no ending.. at least I think got no ending.. 'cos sure got part 3 or something.. then horrr... actually horr... nothing much to freak on onee.. 'cos the movie was all about virus, man on fire, zombies, sputtering tons of blood all over, one bite u kena.. u definitely one of them.. (wow better and more express than vampire).. revenge, selfishness.. the red zone where you kill everyone and and.. duno what else.. all i know is many people running.. kena shot.. blood blood bloodd and more blooddd.. and somehow it reminds me a lot lot lot lot of "counterstrike"..

Check it out lar.. some suckers humans out there might actually like it..
some silly bimbo like me.. err.. okay lar... so-so lar.. sheeeyuckkkkksss....

I wiki'ed it..
click *HERE* for 28 days later
click *HERE* for 28 weeks later

I youtube'd the trailer too..

One advice - don't kena tipu on how interesting trailers are.
Trailers are memang meant to tipu people to watch the movie and come out with horrible reviews

Next movie on my list is NEXT!!! click *HERE* With Nicholas Cage (not really a fan) and Jessica Biel (quite a fan since 7th heaven)... hmm hopefully I'll like it better than this movie.. cos it's all bout magician.. and some story behind it.. some secrets.. and some plot or whatso-ever.. I didn't read the full review tho.

Not hot ar?? NOT hot mehh?? Damn hot larrrr weyy...
ATTENTION - Me no lesbian. Me just appreciating 'art'.

Choi meh?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

my personal"DNA" report

Was very restless lately. Since accident, no car leads to nowhere to go leads to hella boredom at home. Hate the fact that it's my holidays now. Anger arisen. Damn.

Went to LayFong's house yesterday night to attend LayWei's (her sister) 20th birthday with Yvonne and Allan.. and my sister followed too. Glancing through the peeps there.. you got the lil' brother's gang, her gang, my gang, adults gang.. you gotta admit the world has changed and moving forward even faster instead. Back when I was 20.. I don't think I'm that "cool" like them though. Hehe.

Anyway.. since finals were over, I only on my pc three times including now.. was so so so fed-up with the pc-look till now.. no choice but ought to use it for making a new board to hand-in tomorrow. So.. i was surfing through blogs, news, friendster, mails.. and came across this site... Your Personal DNA report. Out of boredom and restlessness.. I went n did mine. 11 pages of survey.. hella lot of questions..

So what I got in the end was.... I'm an Attentive Inventor.
(Mouse over any part of the box or strip to learn more about the traits that the colors represent.)

If you wanna view my personalDNA report.. *click HERE*
If you wanna know what's yours... "click HERE*

++add-on : Happy Mothers' Dayy!! Had dinner at Teluk Gong yesterday. Mom really love seafood. Me too.. *perks up* I'm still craving for that black-pepper crabs yesterday. The freshiest ever tasted. Sweet like heaven.. and price? reasonable too~~ worth worth.. crab crab.. yum~~ *get ur hands dirty and fingers licking goooooooddd.. very good indeeed...*

Thursday, May 10, 2007


finals' over!!~
sleeppp sleepppp sleeeppp SLEEPPpppppp SLEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPing timing.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

hatred kills

kena accident today.
kena summon obviously. my bad.
swollen lips.
How to present tomorrow???
if it happen on every normal day.. i wouldn't complain that much...
but why why whyyyy when tomorrow is presentation day!?!??!?!
how to present with a "fishball" at the side of my lips!!!
worst still!!!!!! i don't have car for so months!!!! ASS!!!! lagi-lagi it's HOLIDAYS soon!!!!

very very pissed off..
worked so hard till the very last day.. shit really happens.

will upload the pics when i get my wrecked car visuals from my uncle.
*screams out loud* veryyy louddddddd.....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

mixed rojak emotions

you know what is mixed emotions??
i'm so blarrdeee under that situation now..
so blardee feeling it now..

Tomorrow is pin-up day.
I'm halfway compiling my presentation board.
I felt so anxious suddenly.
Then.. I felt so happy.. 'cos finals gonna be over soon.
Then.. I felt so nervous.. how to present. scared.
Then.. I felt.. freeedommm.... almost tasting it..
Then.. I.. I.. felt.. feltt... ARGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh indescribable!!!
Semua campur jadi rojak busuk. *pinch nose*

Chaow. Back to work.
Just feel like releasing some crap here.

Monday, May 07, 2007

short, sweet yet meaningful.

And I wish I was a camera sometimes
So,I could take your picture with my mind.
Put it in a frame for you to see
How beautiful you really are to me..

Jon Bon Jovi

Short, sweet yet meaningful.
I need a lot of calming little things to soothe me out lately.
Finals in 3 days. Pin-up in 2 days. I'm so going crazy.
Panic attacks at least 3-4 times a day.
Worried, anxious, dilemma.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

fuck my life

I really hate you sometimes
You left me no choice.
Why you always want me to stand in your shoes and think on your behalf??
but you never do that to me.
I know I wasn't there when I was a kid..
but it wasn't my choice.
It was yours.. so why are you blaming me now?

You expect me to help you every time 24/7
as long as you see me sitting around watching tv or on the phone..
but it never never cross your mind that I'm just taking a short break over everything I'm so stressed about..
You never ask me why I am stressed...
why I am unhappy..
you just make the situation worst.

You always screamed what your stupid mind is assuming.. 90% is fake.
then how about me?? I want to scream but I couldn't.
what about my feelings? what about what I want to say..
Then.. thinking again, what I say doesn't matter much 'cos it wouldn't go into your head.

I know you cared at times through your actions...
but I really had enough of your anger words.
They are so hurtful and seriously I couldn't take it. They're just plain nonsense.
I hate it.. I hate it.. but I really can't bring myself to hate YOU.
I feel like running away a lot of times.. but I know it's useless.. sooner or later I still have to face you no matter what shits happen. Reality sucks.. I know it.. you know it.. so just take it no matter how hard it hits you on the face.

No matter what shit u say.. I'll still respect you.
Just don't assume whatever I'm facing in my life is kacang putih.
It might be nothing to you.. but it meant a whole fucking lot to me.

Another thing.. I won't die. I won't be a foolish dumb fuck to go suicide.
So don't expect me to do it. If you want me to die.. easy. You can curse me, kill me or hired someone BUT I won't do anything harmful to myself. I still want to live long to see how I end up in my own future.

I might think that I am old enough to think for my own future. I will ask you for guidance of course.. I am at this age to know how to differentiate between the blacks and the whites but you ain't giving me a chance to stand on my own feet. Yes. True enough I still need your financial help because I couldn't support myself yet BUT you can't blame me on that rite? Unless I have asses that print dollars, then I'll probably give you half my ass.

Seriously, I ain't sulking or whatsoever that you're so thinking I am that kind. Just please.. like a really sad-case begging.. do less talking.. just use your ears more. God grant us one mouth but two ears. Just listen PROPERLY next time before you sentence me to death.

For this.. I will really really really thank you. I.F.M.I.T.E.H.

Okay. I'll try to "lengthen" my patience duration next time.

Friday, May 04, 2007

revenge is sweet

My sister got a new mobile number.
Lucky huh? Kids nowadays... Form 1 nia.. got mobile.
hmmmph. speaking of "unfairness". *scoffs*
(err.. is there such word as unfairness?? paiseh..

So I was just rummaging through her phone list for fun..
(in front of her lar.. I don curi-curi go invade her privacy one)
then I saw this name "Sophia".. only one unfamiliar name..
'cos normally she'll talk talk talk bout her friends and school to me.. and she had her huge bday party back home.. so I agak-agak know who's who..
Nevertheless, I just asked her who was that.. out of curiosity.. just a casual conversation..

eh.. who's Sophia?
oh. she's a Christian.

Damn. I was so dumbfounded with her stupid answer.
Who cares if she's a Indian or Malay or Christian or lesbian or some saggy aunty..
I just expect her to tell me.. err classmate.. or tuition friend.. or whoever..
She pulak tell me Sophia is a Christian. What la~ *smacks her head*
And she was so blur till I explained to her.. then she laughed her ass out rolling around on the bed, realizing what a dumbo her answer was. And she lagi call me idiot. argh.

So today.. I have my sweet revenge.

eh jie.. who is that Abdul guy daddy is talking about just now?
oh.. he's a malay.
*silence* Damn you.

hahhahahahhahaha.. Ok. I know i'm lame.
Fine. Anyway.. sleeping d.
Lotsa people fall sick lately. I must HANG-ON!!!
*fingers crossed actually*

Thursday, May 03, 2007

simon + lakisha "slurps"

Nothing much today. Not feeling good.
Disastrous headache attack. *killing me with no mercy*
Gotta sleep early tonight. Tired.
Really gonna take a break if I wanna to stay alive till the "war" day.

Was thinking quite slowly, doing my section dwgs and casually chatting with Yvonne via msn. We were kinda crapping bout the Cleo Eligible Bachelors this year. A few potential ones.. err.. not telling you which one. You decide for yourself. Click *here*

I find one of the questions quite amusing..
"If I could be a chick for a day, the first thing I’d do is...?"

As you read through.. you'll see.. what guys really think. Some wanna wear tampons, some wanna lose their virginity and see whether is that a real big deal for girls, some wanna flirt.. etc etc etc. Sigh. You think be char boh so easy mehhhh???

ANYWAY, then Yvonne called me.. told me bout the American Idol results. I don't have Astro at home *ya I know sadcase*.. so she hau lian lorr.. hahahhaha no lar... She told me Lakisha and Simon kissed.
She say.. "Tomorrow you must watchhhhh!!!! Don't missed it.."
My reaction was... "EEEerrr... yeerrrrrr... tsk.. eiuuuu.. awww.. goshhhh.. yeee.. err.. okkay.. ok. YER!!!!!" *shivers*

I can't wait for tomorrow night's repeat so I youtubed it. Here's the clip.

Ahhh cehhh... just a quick peck.. (see how he keep touching his lips then)
then again.. yishhhh... then again.. so what?
Right? *drowsy-lar aku* *headaches*

Ha? Cannot see ar? OK ok. Boh-move one.

Ok liao boh?? Song liao boh? Don't worry. Your time will come.
*trying to laugh out loud but couldn't*
pssst.. I knew Simon is tall.. but din't expect him to be THAT tall.. or is just Lakisha is darn pretty short. and somehow.. she reminds me of the wide-version Fantasia.


*grunting* I'm trying to release stress.
*screams* I'm releasing stress
*bang table* I'm still releasing stress
*grunting then screaming, continuously banging table* I'm SO retarded.

Ok. Head is really bursting. *argh*
Painkillers are my best friend nowadays. Damn.

KLpac freedom

Went through some folders and found this pic.
Taken when we were at KLpac few months ago.
Taken when we were there for case study.
Taken when we were still stress-free.
Taken when I was pounds heavier.
And I look so nerd here. Droopy eyes. -_-

Sigh. When can we be that carefree again?
Double sigh. *shakes head, hugs myself*

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

one more week and a few more days

Today is Wednesday. Damn.. as days drawing closer to my finals.. not knowing why I'm so freaking out just by thinking of it. WWWhhhyy???? Everyone is like so preparing for their finals.. I mean I am too.. but it's like so so so so many things that I still haven't do... like never-ending... I thought I did.. then when I looked back.. it'll be like plain nonsense for me to have a panic attack but I DID!!! *hate myself*

Arghh.. sometimes how I wish the calendar can skip dates by itself.. like how I will wake up tomorrow morning and it's already days after my finals.. Yoohoooo~~~ where I can think of nothing, do nothing and just nothing.. *smacks head* Impossible lar freako!!!

Everyday since Crit 2 day, gosh.. I've been waking up every morning sitting in front of the pc and did my work till late "night" (darn almost 5am).. in front of the pc everyday for more than 12 hours. At times you assumed that you can finish it fast but when u'r finally done.. look at the time.. one day gone. AiKS. My mom is like nagging on me how my head will become a PC head look-alike if I still continue to be obsessed over my works everyday.

She said.. "Char boh.. it's not end of the world yet ok"
I was.. -_-
*rolled eyes*

You know what I am thinking now? "What is life all about that I'm facing this square box everyday for more than 12 hours? UUggghhhhhhh!!!" *damn pity face* LAME LAME LAME.

Despite the fact that I do still go out for drinking sessions.. if not.. I'll seriously go GAGAGAGAGAGAGA okkayy... then i'll be blogging from an asylum.. aiya!! don't blame me for being lazy.. cos I'm not.. There's bloody a lot of things in my mind that I really really need a break to talk myself out and digest it sometimes. Nevertheless, I won't give up.. i mean.. I CAN'T GIVE UP but I'm so so freaking out suddenly. I think I need professional help.

Looks a bit nia rite.. like no big deal rite..
and you say i bising for nothing rite???
little bit things also cannot do rite?? niama you. *shoots ur ass burst*
WAIT.. wait till u'r in my toes now.. then u know.
*cursing like real politely*

stressed like mF

p/s: and please you peeps out there.. don't keep forcing me to go lepak with you ok.. i really really busyyyyy.. gimme a break.. and i'll party your house down after my finals. *devilish grin* you can't escape then...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

caught unexpected

It's 1:43am.
Only three words in my mind now.

"impromptu makes perfection."