Saturday, December 29, 2012

it is hell

I just completed Hell's Kitchen Season 8.
*evil laughs* all in two nights when I'm working on my design proposals.
Starting on Season 9. Distress me totally and gave me a few laughs.

I like Gordon. Really. He's perfect. (at least for his HK reality show though)
Love his sarcasm and profanity. Entertaining.
He was a footballer back then turned celebrity chef.
Worked his ass up. Like wow.
He inspires me in mixed feelings from admiration to scorn and to passionate.
He's tough and take no crap from people, which leads to him speaking his mind out straight and his constant cursing became a part of his charm and personality.
But he can be a meaner, very arrogant and bully.
I wouldn't want to appear in the same room with him when he's being hot up all in his head. But well they are constantly working in a hot stressful kitchen, you expect dainty talking? He has this passion and expectation so high up that everything matters before he put them on the table. You might say it's all reality show format whatsoever but I'm just enjoying what I'm watching. Not going to think what's beyond the show.
And and and he does a lot of great work of charity. Kudos.

I'm babbling, ain't I? Haha.
I'm just distressing.

Okay back to episode 4 and work.
Peace out.

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