Friday, December 29, 2006

last working day of 2006

Last day of working day of 2006.
A sigh of relief or a new sign of misery??

Gonna start class next Wednesday. Not excited. Not looking forward to.
Blame it all on the long long long holidays. So dreadful to pull myself up together again to create the "ohhh study is so interesting" mood. ONE more year to go leh.. ONE bloody whole year to get my degree. I'll be OLD by then. Hopefully my mood will change once I'm back to school.

Driving all the way there to Cheras. Three words. Far. Hectic. Jam. I rather drive all the way there AND turn in to MidValley *ears perked up* and settle for a movie or starbucks frapp.

How leh? Oh ya. That is next week's problem. The minor tweeny prob now is that.. WHAT TO DO FOR COUNTDOWN??? Part of me wanna go woo wahhhh have fun screaming and knocking drunkers off their feet. Another part of me.. just wanna stay home, curled up in pillows, watching a good dvd or just hang out at nearby cafes for some drinks. Avoiding jams.. blocks.. and.. spending unnecessarily extra money. Hmmm... Yvonne asked for plans. Cass too.. Victor & Eric also. Nobody can make up their minds.. Guess they're all gonna be last minute plans again. As usual.

Someone asked me bout new year resolutions. Ya rite. I have none. 'cos i always end up not doing it concluding i'm gaining nothing from it.. So just live life as how life leads me.

Okays. I finally sit here and upload my Penang pics. Not much difference from my last Penang trip. *click here* Same old things. Treatment. Shopping. Temple-visiting. Eating. Sleeping. No beach this time but went to the new LARGEST mall in Penang though. Queensbay Jusco Mall. Not bad. Impressive. To me at least.

After Queensbay.. we went for lunch at this restaurant. My dad used to come here a lot when he was working outstation at Penang but the food kinda getting pricey but still cheaper than KL la obviously. Well, came here quite frequent whenever we came to the island.

Hotel Malaysia. Hmm.. not really my favourite but still ok lar. Mai hiam lar.. Affordable and nice. BUT i hated their mattress.. SO HARD. 2 days 1 night stay. Can lar.. I can tahan one.. but that night.. i just cannot sleep. Back-aching. Irritated. Bad news didnot just end here.. the next morning.. their breakfast SUCKS. Seriously. SuCK big TimE!!!

My sister was korek-ing the drawer for fun and found this piece of I-called-it-shit paper. Souvenir list?? A remote control? Table lamp? Bedsheets? WORST.. BIDET & hose?? EEiiuuu.. NUTS. Who would want them for souvenirs?? And they were all costly. Crazy. Who. so. stupid.

Went Gurney Drive that night. Lotsa people. Tourist. Mat Salleh. Kids. Food. A lot of stalls but all selling agak-agak same food, drinks, desserts and toys. Food was ok but not worth the price. But I was really giddy that night because I bought some really cheap pirated cd and dvds lar... and good quality. =P Won't go there for food anymore.. just dvds. Hehe and check out some hot Penang guys. *winks*

again. I haven't been here since I was a kid. The two burmese temples situated opposite each other. Not bad seriously after the restoration and getting new tourist-attraction things-which-i-duno-what-you-called-them. For photography sessions and extra religious knowledge.

Old chinese temple. Not any ordinary one. It's by the seaside. A rocky seaside. Took some pictures of the surrounding. Love it. The breeze. The quiet. The rocks. The abandoned lighthouse.

The ma-fan-ness of having kids in the car is that.. they wanna cross-over by ferry. *rolled eyes* Everytime we go penang.. must cross-over by ferry. Enter by bridge... Return by ferry. Not that I hated it but.. *speechless*

Back home. I missed my puppies.

Hmm.. that's all about it. Same ol' shits things. So fast another year just passed by. Hoping for a better start for a better year (i hope) ahead. This year.. nothing really good did happen. *shrugs*

I want miracles.
I need miracles.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

my first court case

court-case over.
sadly at the dataran merdeka traffic majistret..
parked at DBKL.
the interior of the court really similar like movies.. except smaller..
butterflies in my tummy.. a hell lot of them..
minor offence, he said.
waited from 9:30am till 11.55pm..
testify for like less than 5 minutes..
paid my compound for like another 5 minutes..

not as bad as i expect it to be..
denda 100 bucks.
hmm... cincai lar..
tired. sleeping. nite.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Courtcase? Why me?!?

I'm back.
Will uploads tons of pics when I find the time to edit.

Gotta attend a court-case tomorrow..
All because of a bloody saman I've got like months ago.
if you din't know bout this.. *click here*
I'm so freaking out.
Wish me luck *fingers crossed*

I might be thinking too much but.. I takut-lah..


Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas

It's Christmas Day.
Wow!!! My third year blog "anniversary" day lehhh.

Quiet lonely Christmas.
Didn't hav the mood to go out lepak today..
Wanna skip the crowd and jams.. if there are..
Locked myself at home, watching dvds, surfin', mainly just lazing around..
Hmmm... Some Christmas huh???

Anyway, where's Santa bringing me my Prince Charming this year?
Huh? No Prince Charming this year again?
Woooo... guess no perfect candidate again.. *i'm not naughty ok*
No worries.. I'll still sing you my best Christmas-just-the-chorus-part carol...

Jingle Bells, batman smells,
robin flew away..
wonderwoman had no bra to wear on christmas day... Yay!!

Err.. used to sing that stanza always back in high school. Hehhee....
Enough of my rubbish... Happy Holidays, everyone!!~

ps: won't be blogging for 2 days.. getting out of town. Nowhere special. Penang again for the treatment. *frowns*

Sunday, December 24, 2006

tuna macaroni for christmas eve

Wooo.. it's Christmas Eve.
And I'm going nowhere. Darn. Just "lurveddd" being a French Maid at home.
It's like 11.32pm now. I'm supposed to be at Huay-Pin's house to lepak and countdown with the gang. But who knows. Darn again. I din't know everyone including mom and her friends wanna countdown Christmas too.. Ugh.

Anyway, this morning was... hellishhh.. Woke up early to go pasar pagi with my family. PASAR PAGI in the PAGI PAGI PAGI on a SUNDAY PAGI!??!?! Haiz... I was kinda drowsy in a way 'cos after the pills I took last night for my allergy were really really really making me go 'wing-wing'..

Seriously if not for my allergy.. I would really really really go out partay now.. Seriously.. skip all the hectic "events" at home... i need MY life!!! AHHHHhhhh... *hehehhehe siao liao*

At least I've got the whole afternoon to rest.. bought JohnTucker Must Die dvd.. well.. not as great as I've expected it to be.. but ok lar.. mai hiam beh pai lar.. hiam jiu kanasai la.. then i went "wash wash" my puppiess.. so cuteeee~~~ Then one of them.. the female.. Nana.. felt asleep on my chest while I was drying her.. kawayiiii nehhh~~ *so sound like ah lian la today hor me*

YES!! I cooked dinner today again. Triple decker chicken ham sandwich (forgotten to snap pic 'cos busy eating) and tuna macaroni salad for my family and their friends. No one.. and i mean NO ONE went running in and out the bathroom okkk.. I'm clean and GOOD. ahhahaa.. ok lar. I bit nuts and frus that I can't go out tonight.

Gonna continue to update my deviantart now.
Will post the add up soon when I cantik-kan the page.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

am i the new chef ? hell no.

Parents got dinner tonight. So i gotta cook for the 2 donkeys.. i mean.. siblings.. Yala.. I COOK LAR. Cannot meh? Actually can ta-pao.. but my mom lar.. ask me cook 'cos she wanna eat also.. mana tau.. she woke up late.. then she just cabut out with my dad to go pick her friends.. and dare she always lectured me on my time-management. HmmpH!! look who's talking this time!!! *blehhh* hahahha *snaps snaps for me this time*

3 people eat. No need cook a feast la. *I can cook okayyy*

Sure can eat laaaa ok.. We finished it all ok. Hmph. Look me small. Where can.
Sibeh full..'cos drank the soup too much. Hehe. So today I cook.. I no need wash the dishes lor.. Wahahhahaah

Ok. Enough said of my cooking today. That day I did mentioned bout collecting my call-card and how I guesssed it gonna be HORRIBLE. True.. it was HORRIBLE.. or HORRIBLY HORRIBLE than what I've expected. Hodoh-nya. I was so shaken that I called Johnny to screw him 'cos he intro one.. Tell me "PAO SUI ONE... I ALSO PRINT THERE.. not nice I refund". *ya.. he so kiamsiap will refund?? FOOT* Lucky and clever of him letting me screw him that time. Darnit man.. Waste my money and time. The lady-boss told me cannot this.. cannot that.. need to print in huge bulk only can.. say confirm nice one.. came out.. LIKE SHIT. LIKE SHITTT!!!

Haiz. Came out with a slightly different look but hmm.. nothing much changed just the size of the fonts and positioning.. colour too i think.

Well.. on the printing side.. i'm dealing with this guy online though. Some printing company but they only deal online. So hopefully it will come out good and it's cheaper than any bloody printing shop you can ask outside that provides Spot UV and Matt lamination. Much cheaper and good. Cos I did asked for some samples.. and they did sent to me by mail la.. GOOD.

Now I think GOOD la.. Will keep you guys update if the results come out good as well.
>_< *fingers crossed*

Gotta go put on medicine d on my rashes and boils. Still haven recovered yet. Till tomorrow then.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

a minute too late

you know bout how people used to tell u.. do it before it's too late..
AWW DAMN!!!!!!

too late for me this time.
(no biggie actually.. but i just really wanna sulk cos i really regretted i didn't do it earlier)

ok. Situation 1.

i was like.. so dying to cut my hair since like ever since my hols started.. but i kept postponing it due to some really idiotic reasons to con myself that i'm so poor.. broke.. err.. unsure of which new hairstyle to conquer... or.. i wanna to know how long i can keep my hair.. whether if i'm getting any split ends a not.. (cos i never get split ends before.. yea.. i'm bragging it.. *sniggers*)... where else the real freako reason is that I'm JUST PLAIN LAZY.

so... finally.. i promised myself (yea.. what a loser.. i have to promise myself to go cut my own hair) that i will go visit the saloon THIS weekend.. and MANA TAU.. i went to jusco today for dinner with Yvonne.. and that SNIPS sudah tutup.. ya.. TUTUP.. YES TUTUP!!!!! I thought they are in the renovating process but when I asked the info counter.. TUTUP LA!! I've always go for Snips since few years ago 'cos i simply don't sulk after i get my haircut there.. and i always go looking for Francis (stylist) to do my hair.. ok ok.. i'm not 'some' celebrity or rich bimbo but i just trust him and just used to his way of doing my hair without me worrying the hell on how i'm gonna look after the cut and his cuts are always satisfying. (am i annoying yet?)


i'm very particular on this cos i just wouldn't want any stranger to land their fingers and scissors on my head. i will cry.. if i hate my new hair-do.. (cry baby) *sobbb* *blow nose** bleughhhh~~

Like how Nick (newbie stylist aka childhood friend) told Charlie after some 'minor' mistake during trimming his hair..
*snip snip snip*
Nick: Ohh shit.
Charlie: Eh i don't like my stylist say shit while cutting my hair ok? *stern*
Nick: Err.. looks like one side 'tak seimbang' than the other..
Charlie: Wtf?? Are u serious! Don't play ok. don't play. *checks the mirror*
Nick: Aiya.. don't worry la.. it will grow back within months.
Charlie: (#*&(@*&amp;amp;%(*@&#(*!^

Funny scenario hor BUT if it were to happen to me.. Nick will not be Nick-my-friend-since-kindergarten.. Nick will be Nick-11-feet-underground-buried-undead. There shouldn't be mistakes in the process of beautifying I mean cutting hair. NEVER.

Muahhahahahha.. *evilz*

The bloody leason learnt is that - I should have went earlier!!!!!! ehh.. scratch that.. I won't be lazy anymore. BUT I SHOULD HAVE WENT EARLIER!!!

FUckingz regret. Where to go cut hair now?? Kns.

Situation 2
I saw this pair of open-toe heel that I wanted to buy last month. Last month haven't sale mar, rite? So i din buy lor.. lagi-lagi i don't really need that heels 'cos i duno which clothes to match with and that they are in RED. yeah.. i never had any RED leggys. now i wish to have one.. can a not?!

So today finally i wanted to buy it.. just to buy it.. for the sake of wanting it and buying it.. and GAWD!! my size HABIS lar!!! Malang Sial. Left only size 5 and 8. 5 can fit but it's the last bloody display pair. 8? I need a 6.. i can go snow-tracking in 8 man. so sibeh huge. Christopher said my size 6 foot is HUGE. DAMN!! and Arienna is size 10. Guys.

Regret again!!... Yala yala. i know it's small matter.. but REGRET la.. Wanting it but not getting to wanting it now.. I should have bought earlier you know. Aiyeerrr... mangchang liao..

*deep breath*


*very very very deep breath*

ok lahhh. let bygones be bygones lahhh.

*thinking of the cool clear quiet lake somewhere.. hmmmm*

I SHOULD HAVE LAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i fucking didn't.

ps: johnny. don't keh gau keh kiang now ok. i know u wanna say padan muka. i can feel u laughin ur garlic breath at my face. don't even think of doing it. i'll turn u into an eunuch. try me.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


itchy ITCHY itchy itchy ITCHY!!!!


Monday, December 18, 2006

speaking of brats.. i've got one at home..

Not in the mood to update anything at the moment.
Kena rashes. Got allergies. *yucks*

Went to Poppy Garden with Yvonne, Huay-Pin, JunWei, ChoonWee, KokHau and AllanG.
Will post up the pictures once I've gotten it from ChoonWee.

Gotta rest now. Damn. Kena screwed today by the Royal Highness. All because of my stupid brother. ASSHOLE. We almost fought. 22 years old vs 9 years old. Yaya... got a full long lecture on "how you must let kids win sometimes"... MY FOOT.

Damn it lar.. pls la.. I've got my limitations ok. Wicked brat.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

which more fun? dinner? or clubbing?

*phew* went shopping yesterday with cass.. the whole day.. hehehe
went 1U.. all I bought was just a denim jacket. haiz..

got dinner tonight. Kelvin, my lecturer. One of the Kelvin's I know. Hhehe..
Kelvin, my lecturer and Lee Chu, my limkokwing classmate. At Tai Thong, KL.
then might hit the clubs with ChoonWee and gang.
Which club? Dunoo yet.. ChoonWee to decide.
then crashing over at Yvonne's house. *muahaha*

Aiks. Going out now.. rushing.. collect name card and got manicure session with LayFong.
Will blog more later.. or will update tomorrow.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

because i'm a girl?

one song + storyline that can really make me sad. Hard to believe that still got such real man in this world but then again.. hahhaa.. it's just a damn clip. Check it out. It's nice, meaningful and yet.. touching. I even posted it in my friendster. hahaha..

I was melted.

Kiss - Because I'm a girl
i just can't understand the hearts of men
they tell you they want you and then they leave you
this is the first time, you're special
i believed those words and i was so happy

you should have told me you didn't like me anymore
but i couldn't see that and you just rushed me
although i will curse you, i'll still miss you
since i am a girl, to whom love is everything

i heard that if you give up things too easily
to a man, he will get bored with you
i don't think this is wrong
a girl says that she will never be fooled again but she will fall in love again

we separated today
you said you wanted me to be happy and find a better person than you
you're just like every other man
didnt you tell me you loved me?
actually i don't wan u to be happy
what if you met a girl who's prettier than me and live happily with her
what if you forget me and that hurts me so much
so much that i wanna die
when i still love you so much

don't take advantage of a girl's willingess
to do anything for love and her caring instinct
i didn't know that to be born as a girl
and to be loved was so hard

although i will curse you i'll still miss you
since i am a girl, to whom love is everything

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chocolate with ChoonWee

Just got back from ChoonWee's place.
Chocolate fondue again. But this time.. it was cheaper and more variety.. more relaxed and most importantly.. it was home-made. He got that fountain thingy. Hehe.. and tons of fruits.. from pineapples to apples.. to dragon fruits.. kiwi.. jambu.. the best = strawberries. Lagi got crackers.. wafer and.. some plum wine and.. err.. what else.. chocolate milk. Duno how the hell they gonna finish it all.

No idea how to use the fountain thingy.. and not knowing how much chocolates and stuff to add it.. we cincai just explore it lar.. err.. we melted.. 1 bar of milk chocolate.. 2 bars of dark.. and another 2 bars of white.. some chocolates he bought back from Australia though.

I din snap any pics 'cos no camera with me. Waiting for ChoonWee to send over some. =P
Haiz. Adding more unnecessary calories into my diet. Damn.
Oh ya. i damn sleepy.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

welcome to the architectural world

Was fooling around at my office pantry today.
Came across this comic-ky thingy.. not sure it's from which consultant.. but it definitely IS real in the architectural world.

You know.. even when we're back in classes, doing our design presentations.. seriously lotsa people will have different kind of perceptions in seeing things and yet some, especially those who were unable to accept our ideas will keep on yakking n yakking away their so-called "truth" and some trying to blend into our minds.. digesting what we are actually explaining and would want to potray it out in our designs.. sketches.. and so on..

I mean.. in design.. no matter graphics, interior, advertising, products.. anything to do with brain-storming and creative business.. often comes in either ur design is good.. or bad.. well, as the oldies said.. there's no right or wrong in design.. just good or bad.. I've been listening to this sentence since like.. err.. my first year?? True kar?

In the real world.. well.. through my 1 year plus working experiences and few months of trainings... gosh.. your core design.. from A.. the results can turned to Z. I mean.. you ought to put structures into the picture.. mechanical.. bomba requirements... rules regulations, contractors' ideas and their no-cannot-be-done-in-a-way-i'm-lazy-to-think-of-a-way-how... and other panels or consultants trying to take a huge bite of your design.. oh ya~!! and your client's LOW budget.

In short.. nevertheless.. just accept it.. your brain ain't the biggest size of a pea.. people have different ideas.. not everyone can take yours.. (that's why some people complained that their clients sucked... hahahha lol~)

In even SHORTER words.. look at the graphics below.. I was like laughing inside when I saw it.. Super agree with it.. the simplest way to describe the architectural world.

*click to enlarge then zoom in*

I'm tired. Exhausted.
First fulfilling shopping trip was done. Last minute decision yesterday. Went Mid Valley and Cat Whiskers (subang branch). The jam was HORRIFYING teruk man. An hour half of waiting to get into parking in Mid Valley. All basement parkings were closed except Zone G and H. Gosh man.. I was like shrieking.. "where did all these people come from?? sibeh a lot mannn..."

Nevertheless, i still shop(ped) till I drop(ped). Bought.. err.. 2 tops, 1 CD and a pair of earrings only. The Christmas deco was superb. Very different from last year's White Christmas theme. This year is.. CandyHouse. Nice nice. Very looking forward for the next shopping spree.

Cass called this evening.. to go pasar-malam tonight. Got OT pulak.. couldn't make it. *urgh* Yvonne sms'ed just now.. say go lepak at Station 1 with the rest of the gang. Tempted to. But I've got a whole LONG day ahead of me and some work to be done. *regrets*

So people...
enjoy and i mean.. REALLY ENJOY every brand new day like there's no tomorrow...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

daddy's daughter

One question that consists several subs..

I'm 22.
Big girl dy?
I doubt that.. not big enough to hold important responsibilities...
Still small?
Not that small or naive either..

So what makes me??
I really wanna know sometimes.. cos i'm so SO TIRED of "the queen" picking on me everytime..
It's seriously driving me CRAZY!!

I really want a life of my own, but yet I don't think I am responsible enough on other matters aka bills.. adults.. complications and more complications in the REAL world... (unlike my own problems.. i can settle it.. cos they are MY problems.. minor cases)

For example(s)..
My car brokedown once. I called my dad.
My tyre went flat. I called my dad.
I dono how to bank in cash. I called my dad.
I kena accident. I called my dad.
I kena screwed by "the queen". I called my dad to complain.
I this.. I that.. I still call my dad.
*sounds baby, huh? sighhh*

Why my dad? Other than all the fine qualities that he had and his justice, his patience, his understanding and helpfulness that seriously genuinely touched me.. is because I don't have a boyfriend.

Now friends and relatives ALWAYS ask me.. Why not go get one boyfriend?
Even my mom rush me to get a boyfriend...

I SUPER HATE the things she said when she saw red.. which is..
"girls your age.. lucky be a mother liao.. you!??! still need me to cover ur expenses!!!"
You call that lucky? Lucky to be a mother at my age?? It hurts.. it bang me twice as hard!! I rather be young and enjoy my youth while I still can. There's no tomorrow that will be like one's yesterday.

Come on.. Boyfriends are everywhere. Good guys are hiding.. or womanizer... or liars.. or attached.. or mommy's boy.. or no-ambitions-in-life-guys.. or they are just plain GAYS.. Not easy to just pop in and get a guy that you can trust. Having a boyfriend is something meaningful BUT they're not EVERYTHING. At least not to me now.. *probably saying this 'cos I have none now*

I am just SO done with fooling around.. and if I wanna get one.. I really want a committed relationship. Issit wrong to think this way?

Speaking of commitments... I myself.. not ready yet.
A lot of things going in my life now despite I'm single.

I might..
Till I find the perfect pair of glass slippers..

Err.. then again..
Not so soon..

Saturday, December 09, 2006

call-card draft

Finally came out with the complete-look for my call-card draft...
was bouncing between red and black background...
but might as well go with red... *striking*
the letters (the brighter red) on the left side will be in glossy finish..

was thinking.. hmm.. black background.. but what colour for the wordings..?
Vincent said the design is good enough.. and if i were to choose black background.. he was suggesting silver.. but I feel it's kinda corporate or like.. err.. too.. hmm *wordless*

I admit.. black might look.. u know.. cool.. err.. classy.. but i wanna something catchy.. Furthermore, this is for my freelance niaa.. so I wanna those.. kinda those informal formal kinda approach.. ya get what i mean?? actually.. i don't myself... hahahaha

*click to enlarge*

The red card is front.. the below is the back..
Was thinking also.. again.. do i really need a back page??
What if the whole damn card is red.. the back-page just leave it empty red?

hmm... whaddaya think??
I cracked my head d..


Going jogging now.. sudah 4.33pm liao.. will be back tonight.. (i hope)
Got something interesting to blog.. but haven't edit the pics yet.


oh ya... i got some free tickets to the TGV Beach Blast thingy tomorrow..
Anybody wants?? I've got around 6-7...
Come lar.. get from me lar.. if not wasted sial..
More bout this thingy.. check out at their website @

ps: I watched Gubra again. Alan Yun is sighhhh... ya know what I wanna say...

Friday, December 08, 2006

never possible.. never come true.. ever

i am in love with the "impossibilities".

As usual.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

call card dilemma

bloody cannot make up my mind.
what type of approach for my call-card?

double shit.
formal? or not formal?
montage? or not montage?
color? or b/w?

just finished my dad's business card design.
within minutes man..
and lucky he like it..

but i dunno how to habis-kan mine lehh... lehhhhhh....
too many ideas in my head.
i need to print asap liao lehhh...

*smackz forehead*

oh FUCKKK!!!!!!
scare the living hell outta me!!!!
click into Patrick's friendster blog page.. then i switched back to this page..
din know got that bloody flash ass-cartoon making weird noise...
suddenly make some idiotic weird sounds.. shitt!!!!
it's like 1.05am now ok..
kUbYE-nya... lucky i din't scream that loud.. ya.. i let out a short yelp... blooddyyy hell..
I just watched the freaking ghost movie yesterday la..


WALAU!!!!! my heart beating sibeh fast now..

*i need more air*

anyway.... any suggestions for my call-card?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I fell in another love

Some plans were suddenly kena buang one side today. So since I've informed that I'm not working today.. so what the heck.. go lepaking around lor.. hehehe =P

Went 1U with Paul and ManYee, shopping, makaning, laughing and watched "The Possessed".
(click here for more on the movie, here on Steve and here on Yun)

*sizzling hot + cute + tall + man + everything you ever want your bf to be*
atttitude wise.. i duno lar obviously.. it's not like i know him in person..

I have been longing to watch this movie NOT because of Amber Chia but more because of Alan Yun (pic above) and Steve Yap. Hot guys lar!!~ Don't get me started bout them.. I'll never stop. Getting all giddy and flirtyy dy...

Anyway.. not knowing why.. the movie was just ok. Probably I expect too much.. Kinda don't like the cantonese talking 'cos it's just ain't them.. kinda fake in a way, cos guess they're speaking mandarin while acting...

Not too much of a scary movie though. Several shocking scenes but more "comedy" scenes.. hahhaha... Almost everyone was laughing most of the time of the movie.. 'cos Amber's expression was really kinda weird to see.. I so much prefer her cool supermodel look.

And worst.. they cut the Steve and Harisu's kissing scene in the pool.. *sigh* Malaysians.

I REALLY hate shopping sometimes. I just CANNOT find anything to buy today.
Went to Forever 21. Nice clothes. TO SEE only.. the fabric.. SUCKS!!! and not worth the hundred bucks..
Went GAP. Nothing to buy.
Went MNG. Even more 'nothing'... human pun takda..
Went Ms Selfridge. The dress I wanted to buy today.. habis my colour.. left lemon yellow.. *yucks*
Went Topshop. Nothing lor.. the biasa stuff
Went Padini Concept Store. No nice heels.. no nice clothes..

Am I picky or what?? But really got nothing that excite me to buy lehh...

Went ZARA. Found the perfect dress I WANT!!! I TRIED!! I LIKE!!!

(there's always a BUT when good things are about to happen)

It's 500bucks lehhh!!

No money lehhhhhh~~~.. MMm kam buy.. Sibeh eXY!!
Lagi-lagi.. i'm not working now.. no income.. just part-time only. Sibeh sien.

So.. i "ki hiao" snap a few pics lor..

Before heading home, we makan chocolate fondue...
We ate our lunch at Dragon-I.. and the food SUCKS!!!! The famous 'siew lung pau' was ok only.. not as juicy and thick skinned..
I kept blurping while shopping, and it smelled like it. hahahahha *digusted myself too*

Settled down at KoKo Bistro. The fondue was not that expensive. Large set for 20 bucks only. Earlier Paul said wanna diet.. ahhahah mana tau.. Saw the fondue.. diet pun dah lupa.

Paul kept repeating.. "I'm melting... I can see paradise.. Very nice ooooooooo..."

But it was really good.. adding in our SIN, we ordered one piece of super super sibeh chocolate Chocolate Tort cake. Very chocolate lehh... TOO chocolate indeed.

Apa pun takda beli except makan and movie..
and parking and toll and petrol and phone credits...

Dec 2, 2006 - wedding bells ringing
Mom's friend's daughter got married.
Girls' Side Dinner
Venue - Restaurant V Garden, Klang

I think around 50++ tables lor.
Met old friend. Cheng Seng.
Met high-school juniors. Twins-i can't-remember-their-names.
Met KTV-number-1 fans

Din snap much. Cos ears got polluted with aunty uncle singing and cha-cha-cha on stage and the "yammmm sennggggg" speeches...

New addition to my "family"

Bought a new pair of shoes. Lupa when dy. Just buy only la after I got my freelance money. Lazy and kepala pening to go choose one by one. Just grab it cos I need it for emergency use that time.. AHHAhahahah.. stupid excuses to buy stuff.

*Random snaps*

Rainy day and I got "wu liao".
I folded the paper boats ok!! cos my brother wanna play. Hehehe..

My Kuantan Trip *previously*

Start the day with 'yau char kwai' and a bowl of soya bean. So-called Taiwanese breakfast. My first time though.

Cut things short, dad decided to check out this famous indian temple at Marang, Kuantan. Never been there before, we took like an hour plus to find it.. Biasa-lar.. famous things sure hide in some rural corner...

Unexpectedly.. I was kinda grateful that we went to the temple. They were constructing a bigger temple compared to the existing one. Super huge for a temple la.. The architecture was.."CUN"!!! I mean.. I'm super interested in cultural stuff... so i was giddy giddy walking around the construction site.

The building was still.. halfway through it.. when it comes to detailings and fantastica carvings.. indians craftsmen will be coming down to Malaysia from India. Wwwoooo!~~~ hehehehe..

With a glance, the temple seemed like just any other building.. but if you really study it.. you'll really find out a lot more of the story behind it..

The temple do rare peacocks. Quite a couple of them. In front of this temple.. there was this wide piece of green land.. Banyak sheeps la.. Not sure if they belong to the temple or the villagers there.. They offered us sips of goat's milk. Fresh... Super fresh..

After the indian prayers, they gave us some blessing offerings to take home. Bananas, coconuts, flowers, the sticky paste indians put on their forehead and some ashes.. Each of us had one.

Back in hotel.. cari my dad's friend (this is actually a tag-along-dad-business-trip).. then we went makan seafoodddddd.... I just love prawns... but most of all.. the slipper prawns.. or.. "lai liu har" (in cantonese) or.. duno what else you guys call it. Back in town.. these prawns are normally naked.. but here.. you can enjoy kopek the shell and it was "finger licking GOOD"!!!

The kids. Sigh. Bising wanna go beach. So we went lor. But sibeh wrong timing cos it started to rain soon. But I really like standing there, breeze through your face, hair.. listening to the waves.. looking at couples holding hands walking by the beach REALLY activating a freaking green monster sitting on my shoulder. Argh!

Hope one day.. someone will hold me hand and walk me by the beach.

Please. Not Port Klang, Morib or any part of Malacca Straits ok. Hor sim lar!!