Tuesday, December 12, 2006

welcome to the architectural world

Was fooling around at my office pantry today.
Came across this comic-ky thingy.. not sure it's from which consultant.. but it definitely IS real in the architectural world.

You know.. even when we're back in classes, doing our design presentations.. seriously lotsa people will have different kind of perceptions in seeing things and yet some, especially those who were unable to accept our ideas will keep on yakking n yakking away their so-called "truth" and some trying to blend into our minds.. digesting what we are actually explaining and would want to potray it out in our designs.. sketches.. and so on..

I mean.. in design.. no matter graphics, interior, advertising, products.. anything to do with brain-storming and creative business.. often comes in either ur design is good.. or bad.. well, as the oldies said.. there's no right or wrong in design.. just good or bad.. I've been listening to this sentence since like.. err.. my first year?? True kar?

In the real world.. well.. through my 1 year plus working experiences and few months of trainings... gosh.. your core design.. from A.. the results can turned to Z. I mean.. you ought to put structures into the picture.. mechanical.. bomba requirements... rules regulations, contractors' ideas and their no-cannot-be-done-in-a-way-i'm-lazy-to-think-of-a-way-how... and other panels or consultants trying to take a huge bite of your design.. oh ya~!! and your client's LOW budget.

In short.. nevertheless.. just accept it.. your brain ain't the biggest size of a pea.. people have different ideas.. not everyone can take yours.. (that's why some people complained that their clients sucked... hahahha lol~)

In even SHORTER words.. look at the graphics below.. I was like laughing inside when I saw it.. Super agree with it.. the simplest way to describe the architectural world.

*click to enlarge then zoom in*

I'm tired. Exhausted.
First fulfilling shopping trip was done. Last minute decision yesterday. Went Mid Valley and Cat Whiskers (subang branch). The jam was HORRIFYING teruk man. An hour half of waiting to get into parking in Mid Valley. All basement parkings were closed except Zone G and H. Gosh man.. I was like shrieking.. "where did all these people come from?? sibeh a lot mannn..."

Nevertheless, i still shop(ped) till I drop(ped). Bought.. err.. 2 tops, 1 CD and a pair of earrings only. The Christmas deco was superb. Very different from last year's White Christmas theme. This year is.. CandyHouse. Nice nice. Very looking forward for the next shopping spree.

Cass called this evening.. to go pasar-malam tonight. Got OT pulak.. couldn't make it. *urgh* Yvonne sms'ed just now.. say go lepak at Station 1 with the rest of the gang. Tempted to. But I've got a whole LONG day ahead of me and some work to be done. *regrets*

So people...
enjoy and i mean.. REALLY ENJOY every brand new day like there's no tomorrow...

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