Wednesday, December 20, 2006

a minute too late

you know bout how people used to tell u.. do it before it's too late..
AWW DAMN!!!!!!

too late for me this time.
(no biggie actually.. but i just really wanna sulk cos i really regretted i didn't do it earlier)

ok. Situation 1.

i was like.. so dying to cut my hair since like ever since my hols started.. but i kept postponing it due to some really idiotic reasons to con myself that i'm so poor.. broke.. err.. unsure of which new hairstyle to conquer... or.. i wanna to know how long i can keep my hair.. whether if i'm getting any split ends a not.. (cos i never get split ends before.. yea.. i'm bragging it.. *sniggers*)... where else the real freako reason is that I'm JUST PLAIN LAZY.

so... finally.. i promised myself (yea.. what a loser.. i have to promise myself to go cut my own hair) that i will go visit the saloon THIS weekend.. and MANA TAU.. i went to jusco today for dinner with Yvonne.. and that SNIPS sudah tutup.. ya.. TUTUP.. YES TUTUP!!!!! I thought they are in the renovating process but when I asked the info counter.. TUTUP LA!! I've always go for Snips since few years ago 'cos i simply don't sulk after i get my haircut there.. and i always go looking for Francis (stylist) to do my hair.. ok ok.. i'm not 'some' celebrity or rich bimbo but i just trust him and just used to his way of doing my hair without me worrying the hell on how i'm gonna look after the cut and his cuts are always satisfying. (am i annoying yet?)


i'm very particular on this cos i just wouldn't want any stranger to land their fingers and scissors on my head. i will cry.. if i hate my new hair-do.. (cry baby) *sobbb* *blow nose** bleughhhh~~

Like how Nick (newbie stylist aka childhood friend) told Charlie after some 'minor' mistake during trimming his hair..
*snip snip snip*
Nick: Ohh shit.
Charlie: Eh i don't like my stylist say shit while cutting my hair ok? *stern*
Nick: Err.. looks like one side 'tak seimbang' than the other..
Charlie: Wtf?? Are u serious! Don't play ok. don't play. *checks the mirror*
Nick: Aiya.. don't worry la.. it will grow back within months.
Charlie: (#*&(@*&%(*@&#(*!^

Funny scenario hor BUT if it were to happen to me.. Nick will not be Nick-my-friend-since-kindergarten.. Nick will be Nick-11-feet-underground-buried-undead. There shouldn't be mistakes in the process of beautifying I mean cutting hair. NEVER.

Muahhahahahha.. *evilz*

The bloody leason learnt is that - I should have went earlier!!!!!! ehh.. scratch that.. I won't be lazy anymore. BUT I SHOULD HAVE WENT EARLIER!!!

FUckingz regret. Where to go cut hair now?? Kns.

Situation 2
I saw this pair of open-toe heel that I wanted to buy last month. Last month haven't sale mar, rite? So i din buy lor.. lagi-lagi i don't really need that heels 'cos i duno which clothes to match with and that they are in RED. yeah.. i never had any RED leggys. now i wish to have one.. can a not?!

So today finally i wanted to buy it.. just to buy it.. for the sake of wanting it and buying it.. and GAWD!! my size HABIS lar!!! Malang Sial. Left only size 5 and 8. 5 can fit but it's the last bloody display pair. 8? I need a 6.. i can go snow-tracking in 8 man. so sibeh huge. Christopher said my size 6 foot is HUGE. DAMN!! and Arienna is size 10. Guys.

Regret again!!... Yala yala. i know it's small matter.. but REGRET la.. Wanting it but not getting to wanting it now.. I should have bought earlier you know. Aiyeerrr... mangchang liao..

*deep breath*


*very very very deep breath*

ok lahhh. let bygones be bygones lahhh.

*thinking of the cool clear quiet lake somewhere.. hmmmm*

I SHOULD HAVE LAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i fucking didn't.

ps: johnny. don't keh gau keh kiang now ok. i know u wanna say padan muka. i can feel u laughin ur garlic breath at my face. don't even think of doing it. i'll turn u into an eunuch. try me.

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