Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pasta at Pastis??

I looked up.. and I saw this..
Guess where? hehehe..

Can't guess leh.. Hehehe
I mean if u were to ask me where by looking at this double-volume void..
errr.. I wouldn't know where either... *sheepish grin*
so technically I've asked a dumb question..
Nvm.. scrape that..

I had a date with Yvonne after work one day.
This was weeks ago.. before my dear friend left to Singapore for permanent work.
I met her at MidValley to shop for her luggage.. grabbing any last bits she needed b4 flying.. then hit off to Gardens for me to do a lil shopping at Isetan...

We stopped at Pastis just outside Isetan for dinner.
Hate it when we have to decide what to eat..
'cos seriously I'll be clueless unless I suddenly crave for something which happened quite rarely now. We can take up to like an hour to decide what to eat.. Something stupid like...

"Eat what?"
"Duno.. u decide?"
"No idea.. u decide la.."
"Yerr hate this man.. I decided Gardens.. so u decide food la.."
"Damn" (After in & out of a few retails... 15 mins passed..
"Ok we eat Western today.. but u decide which cafe.."
"Mff! it's not helping ok.. just decide a place la.."
"U decide where to shop.. i decide what to eat.. u decide which place la..."
"Idiot.. I duno lar.. here sucks, there ex.. here not nice.. there no people.. here eat b4.. how?"
"Cincai lar.. Susah la u.."
"Faster la.. "
"U faster la... Hungry weiii"
(After all the ding-ding-dongs-dongs).. then only we will come up with a final conclusion..
Yet the decision was still doubtful.. GIRLS!!

Stupid right?!?!
Can you believe it.. this happens EVERYtime..
If all of us in a big-ass group right?? lagi worst..
When finally someone came up with a suggestion.. sure someone will say NO..
then when say NO.. the routine starts running back round again.. UGhh~


Eh ehh.. too far back from today's post topic d..
Ok ok.. back to Pastis..
It was a very fine place to eat and have fruitful conversation with a friend.
It's quiet & "nice-seeing".. ahaha
Anyway.. after a hard decision to settle down.. then it was another hard decision to order.. hahahhaa but we managed..

"Kanasai.. I'm paying $18 for these 2 pieces of dried toast? Where's my salmon??"
Yvonne's look was so funny.. ahhahahaha..
She ordered Smoked Salmon Croque Monsieur. Technically Salmon Sandwich lo..

But it was good. Smoked salmon tasted just nice..
and they were all hiding between the toast la.. so the price was normal.. Can accept.

I ordered.. Pesto Pasta..
Can't remember the price d.. less than 20 obviously..

Eh they were good tho.. Not very olive-oily feel.
So overal.. one of the better Pesto versions compared to those I tried before.
Just that everytime I have Pesto..
before I could finish them.. the last few bites will be very... blehhh.. jelak.. hehe..

So it's late now.. And I need to sleep..
So the food was all good. Will definitely be back for 2nd time.
So I miss my silly buddy..
So... I need to K.O d..
So here I end this post.
So.. bbbbyeeeee~~~



Sunday, May 24, 2009

one full day

Met up with Kwangli for lunch at Sunway Pyramid yesterday.
After ding-ding-dong-dong over what to eat, we finally settled down at Sushi Groove.
I no longer like Sushi King or other sushi bar outlets except Zanmai & Groove.
Sakae is disappointing.. yet expensive. Sigh..

Alright back to the our lunch.. psstt.. she kautim the bill.. heheh thanks..
We ordered...

Spicy Tuna Roll.
See the chili padi "cap" on top..
hehehe i din know.. thought it was garnishing.. spring onion or smtg..

Shitake Mushroom
(tee-hee-hee... can't remember the full name)

Godzilla Roll
Shrimp sushi roll "blanketed" with mango & raw tuna slice.
Very nice combination..

Fried Curry Chicken Rice
Erm.. looked quite a mess d hor..
There was a raw egg but we mixed n stirred it in d..
I've always like Japanese Curry.. though it's not spicy..


After lunch & "chatterbox" session.. Kwangli left to fetch her son..
Bodyshop got sales and she managed to resist herself from entering.. Good mother. Haha
Me on the other hand.. no kids to fetch.. no husband to take care.. end up..
i went window shopping alone lo.. i always need a new pair of heels.. hehe
And I bought new blusher.. and gel eye-liner.. Nice nice.. cheap. 70%.

And thought of buying some clothes.. but end up..
camwhore a bit lor.. instead of paying cash at the counter lo..
Couldn't find anything i like.. hmmm..

this was what i wore that day.. *below*

Busy in the late afternoon till late evening.. settling some urgent matters.. sigh..
*sobs*... tired la.. i looked soooo tiring lately.. until he shoot this at me...

"kena gang bang ar?" ARGHHH!!! bahhhh grr!! idiot.. short fart.. hahahaa *blek*


Brought my mom & mischief-boy to Kim Gary for dinner.
Thought of checking out Bodyshop in Jusco Bukit Tinggi. *grins*

His honey pork-rib rice.

*digs digs*

hahah silly boy..
my naughty brother..

. .. . .

Saturday, May 23, 2009

that "whoring" is starting.. *evil grins*

be right back!!

posting more tonight..
while waiting... hmm count my freckles la.. hahahaha

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sick at the peak time..

Falling sick at this period of time is really wrong..
well.. not wrong exactly.. but just.. u know..
the influenza A virus running everywhere to every deep corner in the world now..
so.. kinda scary..

if u seriously do not know what is Influenza A H1N1.. by all means.. click *here*

i put my msn nick... ♥ missy is sick
instead of pity i've got.. most of them asked me..
"kena quarantine?"

"influenza A?"

"Swine flu?"

"Die people 1 wor.."

worst of all was.. "don't come near me.."
wth mann.. it hurts lor weyy... argh argh.. *sobs*

i wasn't quite paranoid about this virus in the first place...
as typically stereotype ass will think.. narhh.. sounds "so far".. not that lucky to get..
anyway.. i came back work yesterday feeling very very lethargic and chilly.. yet feverish.. collapsed onto my bed.. wishing i could just drown everything off with a couple hours of sleep.. but should i say sadly.. or fortunately.. my mom forbid it entirely..

she started lecturing and nagging none stop... i mean none stop...
on how i'm OLD enough to be few kids' mom & yet being so childish when i'm sick..
forcing me to clean up first.. or see doctor or pop some pills first..
but i just couldn't find the energy to even lift a finger..
she continued blablablabla none stop.. each time her voice getting louder n louder..
gosh man.. really giving me a free ticket to hell.. causing endless pain to my head..

fine fine.. i followed them out to the clinic.. on the same time to pick my sis up..
stepping out of the house forcefully i felt chills though in this bloody hot weather..
my my.. am i sick or what? can't believe the fact that sick can be so torturing..
(that's my complain quote everytime i fall sick.. *grins*)

anyway.. i was at the clinic... sitting in front of the doctor..
his 1st question to me was.. "are u paranoid bout the H1N1 virus around?"
I was like.. "nope.." and playfully added... "are you??"
He said.. "well yeah.. i am obviously... =) "

he started asking a few typical questions until he moved into the main topic..
he was checking up on me, looking at me... staring i should say...
asking me very very detailed questions if whether i have any H1N1 symptoms...
that was when i started to get all pussy-wussy realising the deep shit of H1N1..
after fully checking on me, my blood pressure stating I'm lil anxious lately.. stressed etc..
we had a short chat on how the virus has been effecting most ppl nowadays.. and how to encounter as such and walks of life etc etc...
not much patients that time.. was already 10.30pm ++..

until he started to lecture me on.. "women illnesses"..
gosh he trembled me the 2nd time tat night..

"u'r 25 d. u'll be probably giving birth in few years time.. until possibly u'r 35.. so u really really ought to take care of ur body.. if not how are you suppose to carry your baby in u.. *stern look*.."

I gulped.

"your lifestyle.. your inbalance schedule, your lack of sleep, eating habits will kill you..

don't be a 2nd hand smoker.. i saw very obvious signs in your throat. very red blood vessels.. when someone smokes around you.. chase them off... do you want your life or not?"

I nodded.

"cervikal & breast cancer are climbing rapidly sky high in malaysia lately. you really need to take care of your body. You should and you must... etc etc etc etc..."

He was so making me feeling so so so scared & paranoid.. not that i'm complaining..
but everything he said was true which i haven't been giving much thought to..

my med card reached my hands yesterday

starting today.. i think i must take care.. i'm freaked out.
arghhh.. thanks doc. seriously.

the best part was... he said... "want to talk bout stress with me? I have 70 patients under my hand 1 day in the hospital.. so don't talk bout stress to me? drink more water pls. 5 liters a day."

i damn tio char lor.. hahahahha... bengang sial me..


Sunday, May 17, 2009

messy messy prints i like

been some time off my dressing room d right? *grins*
oh well.. finally today went to the mall to get some new clothes..
getting bored of the same pieces i wear lately to work..

in an hour.. i bought 4 dresses..
normal simple kind of dresses.. boyfriend-shirts & etc..
wallet empty d.. left 1 red note.. 10 bucks.. awwww... *sniffs*

this face must be pixelated.. too goofy to post up d.. lol

I always buy prints.. or embroidery patterns..
Don't ask me why.. just like prints lor.. no reason 1 wor..
Mom always say.. "Only aunty wear prints n batiks.. so old taste... why can't you be more in solid colours.. why so patterny? cartoons also ok wat.. abnormal la you.."

Oh well.. blah blah blah..


i just want more out of my life..

Been busy lately.
Need a breather.
Sometimes I wonder..
Why do we have to work so hard?
Is life all bout working?
Bout how people say life's bout love, bout passion bout "life"???
but end of the day.. it's all bout money.. no money no love.. no life.. no anything..
Sucks to face the reality..

We were talking the other night..
debating on whether we should work our ass off for a better tomorrow..
or just "kias pagi makan pagi"kind of attitude..
where u spend what u earn.. just enjoy life without worryin too much..
to be a "Let's Do IT" person.. don care just do.. done then only think..
I can't. I don't think I will ever do that..
I have expectations to myself.. I have goals to achieve..
I have things I wan to do in my life... not to just do something with no planning.
I know this sounds bored.. or low-life whatever u called it..
I do wish I can just do everything or anything without thinkin on other necessary perspective.. but hell no, i can't. I cannot to just do not care for anything.

A very family person. Family comes first..
Any good or bad news/things... i shared. probably the way I was brought up..
when it comes to undeniable very bottled up feelings.. I didn't.
Why? no idea.
i have this thing of "it's ME time.." only i share with me.. myself..
seeing me sitting in starbucks one corner with a good book..
a nice quiet time for myself with nothing to get all edgy with..

Mom asked.. why my goals allows no place for love (finding ur other-life scenario)..
well, not i do not want love.. i want love.. i need love..
i want someone to be there for me.. just for me..
but i just let it come naturally.. unconditionally just come..
need not to go hunt of it..
been through 3 disappointments with 3 very different personalities..
i do not know what to expect for the next..
though i wish my love life can be a little more "dramatic".. or shall I say "dreamy"..
but.. it's real life... time to wake up silly me..
so therefore let it come when it wants to come...
what's mine is mine.. what ain't mine.. is not mine then..
simple as that.. the more u wish for it.. the higher the chances of getting disappointed.
and i have enough of.. "you're picky.. you don wan to find only.. you this you that.."
Come on man.. cut me some slack please..
it's not like u'r going to market to buy fresh meat.

Mom said not once, not twice, "i don't want to take care of you forever lorrr.."
I know she's kidding... but.. it sounded pressuring & disturbing..

Lots of questions i've been asking myself lately which I can't seem to find the answer i want.
i want to live a satisfied life.
i believe in myself.
i want surprises.
i want things to just happen for the all the reasons it should.
I'm not worried bout life obstacles but i'm just kinda getting tired of it.
Ya ya i know i know.. i just started my life 'legally' in many things..
inclusive of being more responsible.. more shit-ass stuff happening around me..
where i need to "see the real society"..
but i'm just mentally tired sometimes..
need a good cry... possibly a good shoulder to have a good cry on..
just feel like letting all out.. then i bet i'll be fine.

i want too much out of me.. too much to expect..
don't ask me what i see myself in 10 years kind..
everyday i answered myself differently.. wanting different things..
sounds like unsatisfied bitch huh? ....

possibly this post at the end of the day.. today might be one of "those" days..

mutual feel is happening.. fucks

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Miss you lots, Charlie... hmm

Guess where we're heading to??
Spot the BILLBOARD!!!




Several bus trips we passed & walked by here..
So one day after our HongKong Island half day tour..
we decided to drop by and have a little tea...

=::: Charlie Brown Cafe :::=

Love concept stores!!
Bye Charlie Honey~~
*blow kisses flirtatiously*

G/F-1/F, Kok Pah Mansion, No. 58-60 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon HongKong
Cafe Tel: (852) 2366 6315

I miss you

Thursday, May 07, 2009

buat kerja saja... bosan

I'm still at work lor!!!!!!!
Rushing for some design proposal due this Saturday..
Ugh Ugh UGHHH!!!~~

Rendering this view now.. in color of course.. hehe

Shoulders aching.
Head fishing..
Eyes automatically shutting..

Siao liao la..
How long more to go?


sad-nya aku.


Monday, May 04, 2009

burung kakak tua...

I don't quite fancy reading forums.. In fact I never read one..
A friend sent me this link just now... *english version* *chinese version*
And insisted me to read at least 1 post in it..
tat bugger.. knew i'm half-ripe banana.. still send me chinese version duno for what.. *grunts*

To some of you lazy bummies outthere... let me paste a short stanza here..

"A married secretary is making out with her boss in her boss car. At the same time, there is a truck nearby try to move the truck but then the truck driver lost the control and accidentally hit the boss car.

The hit cause the car to shake violently and mysteriously, "something valuable" to the boss got bitten off. Bleeding.

The husband of the secretary long knew that her wife is having affair with someone so he had hired a PI to investigate. During this occasion, the PI is monitoring that secretary from afar and found that she is ahem-ing with someone so the PI called the husband.

By the time her husband reach the scene, that accident happen. Both the secretary and husband was stunned. The wife could not respond but was nervous.

The PI sees the seriousness and called ambulance. The wife then pick up the dying bird and enter the ambulance with her boss."

Somehow I din't see it in today's The Star paper..
but it was in the Chinese Sin Chew... my sis told me bout it..
and oh well as typical as a crazy going-up rebellious teenager...
OBVIOUSLY she and her friends had a big huge-ass laugh about it..
which I don't see what's so funny bout it.. I was just more than surprised that's all..
Like can it come off just like tat?? Ugh. Pain.

Well, it's none of my biz anyway..
just posting it up here to see what reactions you guys would get reading it.. or "feeling" it..
Poor guy...
Living all his life to end up with a dying bird.. or mayb by now.. already a dead bird..

Mayb he shouldn't do what he have done.. **is my grammar right here??? hehehe
Karma... Ishhhh.....

I do believe in Karma.... hmmmm....

love him a lot.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

tits bits from HongKong - Part 01

Believe it or not? It was my first flight in 24years..
Mom said i did fly b4.. but I have total no recall on it..
then she said.. "when you're a baby..."
oh crap... Duh.. no wonder i dono ler.. Argh

* in mid-air *

Love this part of the sky the most..
Very cotton-ny..

We saw HongKONG!!!!! *shrieks with Louise*

* tsim sha tsui *

So conjested.. hmmm...

Cute little girl.. hehe keep on kacau us on the bus..
*psstt.... boss's daughter ok.. hehehe

we were walking walking & walking..
down the subway lane..

So many people..
throughout the whole damn day..
there were so so so many people on the streets..

Stopped & snapped..
we walked a lot.. almost every street at Tsim Sha Tsui..
We were somewhere near Nathan Road here.

Ahem.. I'm not SHORT..
she's very TALL..

Lots of back-lanes, ascending steps & road-ends..

I really wonder where they get their bamboos from
Every construction.. minor or major.... all bamboo scaffolding..
Never you see it here anymore..

We were in the cab.. tat famous red cab u saw in all TVB dramas!!!
Well, at least their cabs are all the same!!
Same color.. same car.. and all same SHINY!! hehehe

* victoria harbour *

if like.. i placed my hair there.. ermm can i get kungfu palms??

weather was so fine that nite..
chilling.. the "breeze".. about 20 deg that nite..
hmmm.. great panorama HK view too..

flying awayyyy... some black bird descending.. LOL


duh.. it's me.. hahahah being silly..

Hong Kong Film Awards statuette..

Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon..
One of the most expensive hotels in HK..
Can spot a lot of celebrities here..

We were at some bar near our hotel..
Can't remember the street name.. ehhehe
*left.. Louise, moi, Candy (Louise's HK friend)

Most pix are in my facebook..
Tired d.. Gonna sleep..
And.. and...


I'm still sooo excited over it..
love him lor..
my new hero.. MUSICMAN!!!

so hawt... Asked myself a million times.. why is there a guy soooo perfect!!!!

i really love him a lot.. how?