Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sick at the peak time..

Falling sick at this period of time is really wrong..
well.. not wrong exactly.. but just.. u know..
the influenza A virus running everywhere to every deep corner in the world now..
so.. kinda scary..

if u seriously do not know what is Influenza A H1N1.. by all means.. click *here*

i put my msn nick... ♥ missy is sick
instead of pity i've got.. most of them asked me..
"kena quarantine?"

"influenza A?"

"Swine flu?"

"Die people 1 wor.."

worst of all was.. "don't come near me.."
wth mann.. it hurts lor weyy... argh argh.. *sobs*

i wasn't quite paranoid about this virus in the first place...
as typically stereotype ass will think.. narhh.. sounds "so far".. not that lucky to get..
anyway.. i came back work yesterday feeling very very lethargic and chilly.. yet feverish.. collapsed onto my bed.. wishing i could just drown everything off with a couple hours of sleep.. but should i say sadly.. or fortunately.. my mom forbid it entirely..

she started lecturing and nagging none stop... i mean none stop...
on how i'm OLD enough to be few kids' mom & yet being so childish when i'm sick..
forcing me to clean up first.. or see doctor or pop some pills first..
but i just couldn't find the energy to even lift a finger..
she continued blablablabla none stop.. each time her voice getting louder n louder..
gosh man.. really giving me a free ticket to hell.. causing endless pain to my head..

fine fine.. i followed them out to the clinic.. on the same time to pick my sis up..
stepping out of the house forcefully i felt chills though in this bloody hot weather..
my my.. am i sick or what? can't believe the fact that sick can be so torturing..
(that's my complain quote everytime i fall sick.. *grins*)

anyway.. i was at the clinic... sitting in front of the doctor..
his 1st question to me was.. "are u paranoid bout the H1N1 virus around?"
I was like.. "nope.." and playfully added... "are you??"
He said.. "well yeah.. i am obviously... =) "

he started asking a few typical questions until he moved into the main topic..
he was checking up on me, looking at me... staring i should say...
asking me very very detailed questions if whether i have any H1N1 symptoms...
that was when i started to get all pussy-wussy realising the deep shit of H1N1..
after fully checking on me, my blood pressure stating I'm lil anxious lately.. stressed etc..
we had a short chat on how the virus has been effecting most ppl nowadays.. and how to encounter as such and walks of life etc etc...
not much patients that time.. was already 10.30pm ++..

until he started to lecture me on.. "women illnesses"..
gosh he trembled me the 2nd time tat night..

"u'r 25 d. u'll be probably giving birth in few years time.. until possibly u'r 35.. so u really really ought to take care of ur body.. if not how are you suppose to carry your baby in u.. *stern look*.."

I gulped.

"your lifestyle.. your inbalance schedule, your lack of sleep, eating habits will kill you..

don't be a 2nd hand smoker.. i saw very obvious signs in your throat. very red blood vessels.. when someone smokes around you.. chase them off... do you want your life or not?"

I nodded.

"cervikal & breast cancer are climbing rapidly sky high in malaysia lately. you really need to take care of your body. You should and you must... etc etc etc etc..."

He was so making me feeling so so so scared & paranoid.. not that i'm complaining..
but everything he said was true which i haven't been giving much thought to..

my med card reached my hands yesterday

starting today.. i think i must take care.. i'm freaked out.
arghhh.. thanks doc. seriously.

the best part was... he said... "want to talk bout stress with me? I have 70 patients under my hand 1 day in the hospital.. so don't talk bout stress to me? drink more water pls. 5 liters a day."

i damn tio char lor.. hahahahha... bengang sial me..



tesstotoro said...

so kesian... 5 litres..
seems alot to me lar~
wont end up like water bucket ar??

Anonymous said...

what is tio char?


★ whoaamello ★ said...

Get well soon.