Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pasta at Pastis??

I looked up.. and I saw this..
Guess where? hehehe..

Can't guess leh.. Hehehe
I mean if u were to ask me where by looking at this double-volume void..
errr.. I wouldn't know where either... *sheepish grin*
so technically I've asked a dumb question..
Nvm.. scrape that..

I had a date with Yvonne after work one day.
This was weeks ago.. before my dear friend left to Singapore for permanent work.
I met her at MidValley to shop for her luggage.. grabbing any last bits she needed b4 flying.. then hit off to Gardens for me to do a lil shopping at Isetan...

We stopped at Pastis just outside Isetan for dinner.
Hate it when we have to decide what to eat..
'cos seriously I'll be clueless unless I suddenly crave for something which happened quite rarely now. We can take up to like an hour to decide what to eat.. Something stupid like...

"Eat what?"
"Duno.. u decide?"
"No idea.. u decide la.."
"Yerr hate this man.. I decided Gardens.. so u decide food la.."
"Damn" (After in & out of a few retails... 15 mins passed..
"Ok we eat Western today.. but u decide which cafe.."
"Mff! it's not helping ok.. just decide a place la.."
"U decide where to shop.. i decide what to eat.. u decide which place la..."
"Idiot.. I duno lar.. here sucks, there ex.. here not nice.. there no people.. here eat b4.. how?"
"Cincai lar.. Susah la u.."
"Faster la.. "
"U faster la... Hungry weiii"
(After all the ding-ding-dongs-dongs).. then only we will come up with a final conclusion..
Yet the decision was still doubtful.. GIRLS!!

Stupid right?!?!
Can you believe it.. this happens EVERYtime..
If all of us in a big-ass group right?? lagi worst..
When finally someone came up with a suggestion.. sure someone will say NO..
then when say NO.. the routine starts running back round again.. UGhh~


Eh ehh.. too far back from today's post topic d..
Ok ok.. back to Pastis..
It was a very fine place to eat and have fruitful conversation with a friend.
It's quiet & "nice-seeing".. ahaha
Anyway.. after a hard decision to settle down.. then it was another hard decision to order.. hahahhaa but we managed..

"Kanasai.. I'm paying $18 for these 2 pieces of dried toast? Where's my salmon??"
Yvonne's look was so funny.. ahhahahaha..
She ordered Smoked Salmon Croque Monsieur. Technically Salmon Sandwich lo..

But it was good. Smoked salmon tasted just nice..
and they were all hiding between the toast la.. so the price was normal.. Can accept.

I ordered.. Pesto Pasta..
Can't remember the price d.. less than 20 obviously..

Eh they were good tho.. Not very olive-oily feel.
So overal.. one of the better Pesto versions compared to those I tried before.
Just that everytime I have Pesto..
before I could finish them.. the last few bites will be very... blehhh.. jelak.. hehe..

So it's late now.. And I need to sleep..
So the food was all good. Will definitely be back for 2nd time.
So I miss my silly buddy..
So... I need to K.O d..
So here I end this post.
So.. bbbbyeeeee~~~




yvonne said...

yvonne is missing missy too....will meet up soon yea!!16 more days to go......slowly count!

Michelle said...

hahahah yaya...
faster come back annoy me..
i need someone to go crazy with.. quick~~hahaha

backStreetGluttons said...

Then you shud really make it a point to ask us the same question of the before eating kind. We are decidedly bsg and will be as refreshing as the midnight dew.

Then also maybe we too might notice and get intriqued by the monster eyeball looking down. Visions of , love ? kanot be lust lah