Wednesday, June 10, 2009

flour-balls made me happy tonight...

"Lookk at that aunty dang-yuan stall!!" *shrieks*
Hehhe.. a nice supper I had just now.

This is the oh-so-famous dang-yuan stall in Klang.. or should I say Port Klang..
They shifted to Bukit Tinggi ever since I don't know when.. *grins*
But well, they're here.. hehehe..
See the stall name.. "Port Klang Dang-Yuan"

White flour-balls with hot ginger broth...
Very nice on a peaceful night..

Dang-yuan in coated sugary-crushed nuts..
or some call this... Muachi.. or Mochi..
Very Q the balls.. just a lil' too sweet... hmmm mm..

Brother's Fried Lala+Egg.. hmmm in hokkien is Lala-Chienn..
A bit oily lo.. but very very aromatic.. yummm~~

Sister's Braised Chicken Yee Mee..
Ask her eat dinner.. she say "Diet lar.."
Go supper... she'll order this n that.. "Diet later lar..."
SIghh.. TEENS~~

Oh andddd... rojak (below)... mom likes rojak...
err.. I don't.. hehehe..

Been some time since I last go out with my family on weekday nights..
Everyday finish work pretty late.. sighh..
Took half day off today to go service my laptop.. and bought a new external hard disc...
Easily spent almost 300bucks today.. GRrr...

Ehhhh waitt... last piece~~

who knows a simple supper would taste this good..


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k.t.x said...

sometimes, i hate it when they use too much starch in their mix for the gravy. lazy bastards..go the short cut way using starch.