Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Goodbye Ah Huay~~

Study. Abroad. Aussie. Curtin. Leaving. My friend. Sad. Tears. Goodbye. Reunion. Nov 2005. Hopefully time passes fast. So many friends leaving to study abroad. Sigh~ Luckily Ah Huay only a year. Cass for almost 4-5 years. SOooo long. Sent her off this morning. Everything was fine when we reached the airport, her family and classmates were there, Boon Kee and his family were there too as they're going off on the same plane, casually talking ang laughing around until the moment came. The moment of walking to the departure hall. As we hugged one by one, Yvonne bursted into tears, causing most of us to start crying. Uncontrollable tears. Guys obviously stood there and act macho and all tough la. Hehehe.. Girls.. Emotional.. Definitely gonna miss her presence here. Never mind, she'll be back soon.

Aiyo.. Choon Wee gonna back to Aussie next Monday. Another one gone. Not much friends left already. Hahaa.. still got Yvonne & gang, Lay Fong, Veron, Angela they all.. Better say out if not sure later kena 'screwed' by Yvonne again! hehe..

Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day!

Well, Valentine's Day is obviously for couples.. but luckily for me this year, I wasn't completely alone. I surely thought I was going to stay at home to rot today as I don't have someone special in me YET. And some of my 'coupled' friends obviously busy today lar.. Last minute call around 12pm, Yvonne rang to meet me up for a lunch date with Huay-Pin and Chui Hong in Genki Sushi, KP. Chui Hong can't really recognised me, haha.. maybe my new hair cut or that I've grown sideways since cny started. Hahaha.. But it's been almost a year plus since I met her in Jusco with our families. Speaking of not-recognising-me case, last Saturday went visiting with Lay Fong, Radio(Sher Yee) and the Amy Twins (Chung Ee & Ming). Chung Ee waited for me outside the Bah Kut Teh restaurant in BBK, he saw me getting down from the car and he just looked away from me. How frustrating is that!! hahaha then only I realised as I walked to him, he can't recognise me.

Alright, back to today.. Hmm.. after a few hours of lunch date, we realised we had nothing to do tonight and that Huay-Pin's leaving tomorrow early morning. So we planned that we all drop by her house tonight, meanwhile to visit her for cny and also to gamble!! Her house aka Klang's Las Vegas.. Mahjong table, poker table etc.. hahaha.. aunty and uncles all damn happening.. All of us had a great time though.. Reached home around 12.45am, sending her off tomorrow morning at 7.30am.

End of my 2005 'romantic' Valentine's Day~

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Another day has gone..

Hahah.. Thought that yesterday would be incredibly bored but luckily no. Lay Fong came around 3pm plus. Supposedly Im Kiat gonna fetch Yvonne and Fei Ling to my place after visiting Pin Chean but unfortunately Im Kiat's car broke down. However we all met up in Im Kiat's house, then to Fei Ling's place, then to Yvonne. Supposedly they coming to my house but Yvonne and Lay Fong have to attend a family dinner that night. Nevertheless, the chance will come, long time more to end CNY. Hahah then when finally I'm home yesterday evening, I was too lazy to do anything, ended up watching American Idol First Cut on TV then hit the bed.
Obviously I'm quite hyper these days that I keep updating my blog. Hahahaha

Friday, February 11, 2005

Nowhere & nobody for me

Sighhh!~~ I've got no friends to go visiting to and with. Quite bored! After two hectic days of travelling and visiting far relatives, finally today is my turn to go lepak but just found out I've got NO friends!!!

Cassie and Jun Wei all the way in UK, Choon Wee - Bali, Yvonne - Parent's driver for today and maybe tomorrow, Ah Peng - busy with open house, Raymond in KL, Angela, Veron, Lock, Berny, Minako and the rest of coll-mates all balik kampung far far away, Lay Fong - Grams masuk hospital, my cousins busy with their girlfriends' family, Eric - busy as usual, Bonkers and the rest - nowhere to be seen nor heard.

Me? At home la... Dad's friend came, mom's friend came, aunty came, cousins came to MAKAN in my house.
What I did the whole day was 'layaning' those who came visiting, refilling cookies into tupperwares and jars, pouring juices and wine into their empty glasses, washing dishes, setting out the table, deserts, fruits but luckily received some angpau. If not, I wouldn't want to imagine what will happen to me for today. Oh yeah.. forgot to mention this stupid big ulcer in my mouth. DAMN damn damn!!!!

:: Tomorrow pls be a better day. *fingers crossed* ::

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Happy CNY!!!~~~~

Hmm.. some Chinese mediums and fengshui masters etc predicted that this rooster year is some sort of disasterous year. Natural disasters like earthquakes, wave tidal, floods are gonna occur in some Asian countries this year. Hmm.. how true would that be? We'll see. For instance, some CNY specials on TV stated about this particular famous well-known for his predictions monk from Thailand predicted that today later after 9pm, some minor big waves thingy will occur by the coast side. Something like that, I'm not too sure. Anyway, none of the predicted disasters are in Malaysia. Hehe.. Thumbs Up!!

Rooster year, mandarin oranges, firecrackers, cookies, cny cards, peony buds, red deco stuffs, new clothes, new shoes, visiting, far relative, 'sam koo lor poh', new movies, hot weather, cny programmes uncomparable to all the ANGPAU this year!!!

Happy CNY to me, myself and I !!!!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Something for Somebody

Have you once ever felt like you thought you knew the person who shares a bond with you for reasons neither know, a feeling that they were close friends? I do.

But when fate decided to play a certain hand, they stumble onto each other by pure circumstances, unexpectedly distrust and betrayal occurs, and it wipes away all reminiscence and removes all memory from the very beginning. Why? Have you ever stopped once and wondered how things can changed so drastically over a night, then starting the next day with bad thoughts and regrets of knowing that person? I do.

In the past, everyday reality will definitely shatter if truth and honesty spills. Why? Will you accept unpleasant things about what people say about you? Who will admit your own flaws? Have you given a thought on why people around you are getting lesser? I don’t think so, because there lays millions of excuses in everyone will create to make themselves feel better and set others wrong in their own strong opinion.

Making the first move isn’t important. The big deal is ‘Have it crossed your mind if YOU would be the first?’ It did cross my mind if I should. But if you have set your mind on what you’re assuming or thinking, would me making the first move make you feel better? I confessed, I made the first move, you forgave me, do you think everything will get back to normal? The trust and possibility levels are way too low. But I can put my word on what we once shared, it’s only between us. Everybody has their own sides of stories. Right now, I don't care what you gonna think Who knows where truth lies? Will you agree with my truth or vice versa? Well, what’s true is that it’s not easy maintaining a friendship without giving and taking. And I wish somehow somewhere where miracles exist; these two souls will find each other, two souls that we all call friends.

Like how you did in friendster, I left you a message here..