Monday, March 09, 2015

Appreciate nay.

Sometimes.. it's very frustrating.. simply because they want you to comprehend their situation and their unforeseen circumstances despite all their selfish doings are disappointing you, in fact it pisses you off big time.

Wait, I'm talking about me, not you.
Why is it that I have to be the one to have a mighty lot of patience when I am not the one in need to be patient? Why do I have to suck up to all your doings? Why don't you suck up to my explosive tantrums for no reason? Just because they are all your habits, I really do not see the need to swallow them up like a big-ass gust of air like nobody's business. THEN.. where should I express those unnecessary anger of yours at? Tell me. Every time I voice out my disapproval, a bullet hit me so hard that I couldn't even recall the root of the issue. Gee thanks.

The fact that you want respect gained upon you but your actions are not portraying that you are up for it because simple enough that you do not know how to even respect someone older than you, yes me.
I have said multiple times till the fact that I am even tired of listening it out from my mouth that you act how you want to be treated and be responsible of all your actions because those are all the consequences that you have to face YOURSELF.

There's a limit to my patience. A thin line.
Maybe I should move out. 
At least days of seldom meeting, you might start to appreciate my existence a little more. 

Still mad.