Monday, April 30, 2007

one devilish red piece of perfection

"bread feeds the body, but flower feeds the soul."
right? don't get it? forget it then.

From 12.45pm till now.. almost 5am.
I'm so tired. Back to work peeps.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

rabbits again

my rabbits.. fucked again.
and fucked.. and fucked..
another five fucked baby rabbits fucked out..
so now.. more fucked rabbits..
told my sister to separate them..
since the last birth which was last month (click *here*)..
she bloody tak nak..
so suddenly today popped out another 5..
the fucking rabbits fucked again.

end of the day.. it's all bout fucking.

not in the mood. lotsa work today.
supposedly to be Manyee-Day every Saturday.. but not today.
problems. troubles. craps. URGHHhhhhhh!!!~~~
end. period.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Idol Gives Back

Guess what?
I still have traces of tears silently traced down.

Sigh. I was watching the replay of American Idol results on 8tv like minutes ago.
So sad ler.. I mean NOT the elimination lar.. it was the playbacks and video clips and cover for the poverty children in USA and Africa. US$10 can buy pills for 30 children. They couldn't even afford US$5 one-month lunch fee, food, mosquito nets and other things that we are so much wasting everyday.. goshh.. (click *here* and *here*)

I quite like the Carrie Underwood clip. The song.. sigh.. just watch it..
And Il Divo.. they're hot and i like their background video... look closely.. yes the candle one.. The best with uncontrollable tears.. the last clip. (and yes.. Elvis is dead)

They ended the 2-hour charity show with the song "American Prayer" that I didn't really hear the lyrics 'cos I'm busy blogging now, but I saw the short short clip where all the orphans, victims and children saying their "thank-you(s)".... awwwwwwww~~ *melting away*

Yala. I know I'm unnecessarily emotional but I couldn't help but to really feel it. Looking at those children, smiles, tears and deaths... tsk tsk. *deep long breath*

So mind my previous and upcoming sulking, I'm really happy and grateful to where I stand today.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

an exhibition day

Went HomeDec exhibition. At KLCC convention center.
With Yvonne and her damn-fun-to-hang-out-with aunty.
Not really much things to see also. So-so only lar.
As the saying goes, "Mai hiam beh pai.. ai hiam jui kanasai."
Hahahha.. ok ok.. not that bad lar.. serious.
Lumbermart Timber girls were wearing like only white tube-tops and printed wrapped-around cloth as skirts at the previous exhibition (so er sin to me.. but those ahpek contractor enjoying like hell lar obviously... free admittance and free view)... but this time.. all so formal and dressed up in black suits and slacks. LOL. Drastic change.... Kena complain issit? Hmm... Typical exhibition lor.. one of the hundreds that I went since I taken up ID.

Another thing I wanna hiam is.. NO CUTE GUYS at all!!
(No wonder Yvonne also seemed bored at times.. hahahha lol)
Probably one or two.. err.. one is that.. Coway water-filter brand punya mascot.. look like a stupid water-drop with 2 hands and 2 legs.. another one.. probably is Eric Leong lor.. (click *here* if you dono who is Eric) the celebrity interior designer. I was just standing next to him.. seems friendly though.. but I saw like him EVERYWHERE in the exhibition. Ad for this brand, ambassador for this brand.. poster for another brand.. all ERIC ERIC ERIC LEONGGG.... Stood next to him also feel like standing next to a poster nia.. boh feeling.. hahhaa..

Reached around 12:30pm and left almost 5pm. Parking sepuluh ringgit ngam-ngam. So damn can untung. Blardee hell. Whaddaya expect?? KLCC wor.. the 2 high mighty jagung worr.. Kengg mann.. *rolled eyes*

Some random pics I took on the way back home. Wu-liao. Other than talking to the cute "chatter-box".. just ambik gamber sikit lor.. all taken in the car.. suka-suka saje.. hehehe my malay also pulangkan to my high-school Pn. Rabeah dy..

Okays. Night peeps.
Back to work.
Love ya(s).
Many many many hug-able hugs and cuddly cuddles.

oh ya.. I forgotten.. "Daulat Tuanku"

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

yvonne sama-sama saya

Alan ffk me today AGAIN for our Build Science 2nd assignment meet-up discussion... Busy. Nevertheless, I still gotta get my ass all the way to school to hand in my Minor storyboard. But today was slightly more fun.. why?? heheh 'cos Yvonne was with me the WHOLE day!!! My personal assistant.. err.. i mean.. partner.. From fixing my car-alarm, printing cover-page, handing up my assignment, extending my library books duration and getting my reserved dress... I got her one big big ONE buck currypuff as salary.. i meann.. as my gratefulness. *shrieks* (she's gonna kill me.. for the S word.. hehehhehe)

Ok ok. Cut the crap. Anyway.. we went to MidValley for a late late lunch. Just lepak a bit here n there. Saw there was a fashion show in BATA.. yes.. and i mean.. inside BATA... it sucked anyway. That's my opinion lar.. probably u guys who went there today loved the slim-long-legs-girls walking there showing off sandals.. but.. narhhh.. not my kind of fashion show or whatsoever-u-wanna-call-it.

Then I saw the stage. hmm.. not a WOW expression but not bad.. seriously. I feel it's kinda in quite architectural way.. the concept is "Fashion in Motion".. you can get more info from their leaflet. Design students will probably understand the concept better. *winks* (not braggin okayy)

Paul told me 1Utama's stage is nicer. But over dy. *awwww* Should have went that time.. 'cos last year's was a bomb.. he said this year was better.. but was too busy that time with crits and deadlines. So.. missed it lor... Thus, I snapped a few different pics of it. For funz. (Don't lebih-lebih ask me how fun ok.. *rolled eyes*)

Lepak. Shop. Makan. Shop. Laugh. Shop. Crap. Shop.
Yvonne wanna buy that FCUK top for a very very long time dy.. so desperado to get her hands on it but .. "mm seyy tak"... ahahha today finally.. she bought it.. with a bit of forceful nag from me. LOL. I tried the top that she wanna buy. The white one. With another additional layer of orange thick strap baby-doll top. I LOVE THAT TOP (only RM199) but I just bought a dress today. So budget budget!!!! Have to control my money.. damn damn damn. if not later next week I pokai. *angry snarl*

I showed this pic to my mom just now.. asking if the top is nice.. then I might go get it. She said.. I LOOK PREGNANT IN IT!!!! Damn. Tio char. Silence.

OH ya.. almost forgotten.. I will NEVER EVER step into House of Notebook in MidValley again. I FUCKING HATE that malay fuckshole who talked to me today.. no.. not talked.. he frantically almost YELLED!!! Cheebyeee betul. It went something like this..

Do you have the new specs for Fujitsu laptops?
Ha? What you mean?
I came last month.. you asked me to wait for the new spec upgrade.. so where is the new specs?
ohh.. we don't have the brochures? what model you want?
I want the brochures so I can study them.. how would I know what model I want now?
*stares at me* Oh. we got. (he go get the past pc fair leaflets) these are the new specs.
looking through.. *bloody fool* so no brochures.. where he get this then.. asshole!!!
So you tell me.. what type you actually looking for? *rude shit*
just wanna look around.. prolly something good for graphics usage..
why not this AMD?
my friend told me AMD get hot fast.. not sure if it's true..
ohh.. really? no idea.. just heard from some friends though..
okay.. *wtf.. what's for that reaction*
ok. fine. i did not say it's BAD. I'm just saying what i heard. *getting pissed d* (backing off d)
i said OKAY, alright?? *keeping cool*
my heart is like yellinggg.. "fuck youuuuu eggheadddddd"
I walked off. Don't wanna create a scene. You wouldn't want to see my "other" side. He was lucky 'cos I was in a good mood since morning till THEN.

Before stepping out of the store, I said out loud to Yvonne.. "I feel like giving him 2 tight slaps!"..... His few colleagues heard. like i care. then I crushed the brochures just outside the store. Fuck.

Bloody hell. I so emo after that.. lepak hafway I told Yvonne again.. "Can I go back n screw that asshole up?!?! Cannot tahan my anger lar!!!" WTF man!!!

I don't trust my friends.. then I go trust some asshole salesman like you??? or I go trust some "experts" who are trying to sell their products?? What the hell man!! Idiot bastard. I was so so freaking pissed man.. crazy asshole. obviously i gotta ask as many fucking questions as i like rite.. I am the one gonna buy that laptop.. so OBVIOUSLY i am the one who made the fucking decision in the end right??? SO.. why u bother.. just do your job lar.. salesman!!! you're suppose to promote.. not demote!! fuck you 99.. and you're supposed to be bloody polite to your customers... but he didn't.. fuck you 99999999!!!!!

so my lovely peeps out there...
if can..

Hate that malay fucker. LaoCheeByeeee... Dickless fart. HATE him.

p/s: i'm just telling u a part of the "scene". if u think i'm some rude shallow bitch. I don't care. this is MY blog anyway.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"wu-liao" things

Okay. Blogging have been slow lately.
I'm so so into my finals that I really really have got no idea wat to blog about.
And ... not just that lar.. I got no time too..
Sleep, eat or shit also no time.. blog lagi no time rite?? heheh

Anyway.. I just post up some wu-liao pics of today. Nothing much actually.
Just to fill in today's empty blank post. =P

Look UP. Sea weed larrr okayy!!! A very huge piece. What u thinking?? That was my fast-lunch from home. Just left for school that time.

Today was Minor3 last class. We have to habis-kan our storyboard and rendering, then hand-in today. But most of us couldn't hand in on-time. Me and Tung were already there since 2.15pm.. colour our asses off till almost 6pm with those who came later. Packed up and leave 'cos it started to rain like pigs and cows... (rain too heavy to "label" it as cats and dogs).. I just finished my 3 pieces. Will upload after finals.

Look UP. Sigh.
Both of them din't realised their "color perfecto" until end of the class..
What la.
Proves that all of us are so stressed-up and not-being-ourselves at all. *glum*
What'd ya think.. we sang childhood kindergarten CHINESE songs in class today okk..
How bad can we get??
How serious are our "penyakit" towards the finals now!?!? *shrieks*

Look UP UP. Ah Tung and his Mickey hands. I didn't know what was it at first. Hahha.. Malas to crap bout it d.. just read from the pics lar.. I very very very tired and sleepyyyy.. and freaking out too.. anytime anywhere anyhow will suddenly get "PANIC ATTACK"!!!!!! *clutched on knees and falls down dead* (so dramatic yeh? blehh =P)

Btw peeps, my final review will be on the 2nd week of May.. so there will be a whole of boring or no-post posts at all from today till thenn... then i'll fly and soar up high like the crazy-mighty eagle for 2 weeks (ONLY) then back to the new semester. DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!!!

Life's unfair.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

happy happy happy

I am happy lately. =)

Happy lor. =)
No idea why. Giddy-hormones jumping around inside of me, i guess...

A big smiley for all of you........................

Anyway. I'm happy though the fact that I'm so stressed-up with everything.
But I am happy.

Nevertheless, I am happy.
It's already 5:10 am now.
And I'm still happy. =)
A smile is plastered on my face.
Not a horny one.. but a genuine deep-down-to-my-heart-happy-smile.

*smiling away*

Thursday, April 19, 2007

a "exciting" lunch date

I was out for lunch with Eric today. I think I posted his pic up once 'bout Vkeng's wedding punya. (yala.. who say after break-up cannot be friends? lagi-lagi our love history was like back in high school) *rolled eyes*

(AND I am going to declare here that.. don't worry.. we won't get back together. I won't repeat the same mistakes again and.. i was YOUNG that time and we din't do anything we're not suppose to do that time if you get what I mean..)

Anyway.. I didn't want to go out today 'cos I've got a report to complete by tonight.. but I was running out of printer cartridge.. gotta go buy 'em.. so might as well cari orang to have lunch with me.. and he was the only one available.

Hence, we went for lunch in Bukit Tinggi and after that we went to Giant to kacau Vkeng who is on-duty there for Perodua car promotions. And darn.. how I regret agreeing to go kacau Vkeng with him and meeting their friends whom I've got no idea who they are and no interest in knowing them either.

They first glanced at me.. then glanced back at Eric. *curious* and smiling to themselves.
They thought I was one of those dumb despo girls that he slept with despite he got a gf now. I didn't realized their stare collaborate with the 'meaning' in the first place.. until he yelled out,
"No larr.. she knows I got a gf okayyy.. she's not "those" girls lar..or haven't... hahahahaa"

He laughed his ass out when he said that.. damn damn!! I was so kayu.

"OHHHhhhhh.." then they start nodding their head, then start acting normal again.
Before that.. they actually laughed with him!!! omFg!
*furious* >_<

I was like SO stunned!!! Worhhh.. I smacked his head and said..
"your f**cking reputation is like so everywhere in klang huh... everyone knows bout ur extra activities!! darn!!"

then I turned to the rest..
"sorry to disappoint that I'm not".. -_-

so ding dong mannn... that was all I can come out with at that time. and I couldn't act like I'm so MADDD... which I'm not actually la.. just a bit "funny" feeling.. Ugh!~
He lagi can be smug can say... "of course lar.."
More smackings and kickings from me after that. *killer look*

Lesson learnt. Write on my forehead "we did not sleep together" before I keluar with him again. But he's a nice friend to listen and to talk to despite his "sleeping" sessions outside that is none of my business. I mean, everyone is entitled for their own private life, right? So shall be it then. (as long as your "private" life-doings don't involve me and make me look like a fool.. )

OK lar. I have been sitting in front of this pc since 3pm.
Ass getting flatter and flatter.
Gotta go shower now. See ya.

*skips to the bathroom and slippeddd*
just kidding.

ok ok. I admit.. that was lame. -_-

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

dark blue day

Today's test. *disappointed* Don't even want to mention it.
Everyone was. Chloe, Daryle, Phoenix, the Farahs, Annie.. only the bloody guys happy.. *jeerrllinngg*


Felt so *ARGH* till I ate rice for lunch (which I shouldn't have) and finished one sweet Cornetto Triple Chocolate-y Ice-cream to chase my blues away.
Did it work? yeahh.. kinda.. err.. a little.
blahh 'cos all the regrets came flushing in 'cos I broke my diet sched. >_<

EngtheU3 and Kah Eng really chased my blues away. They're so hilarous during Cad class today. I purposely "trapped" myself between them 'cos I know Eng is filled with his "tak-da expression-straight-to-the-point" sarcasm. Hehehe.. then I forced TallGuyVictor to fetch me uphill to my car 'cos I'm too restless and lazy to climb up the damn hill-top (bad scenery) parking.

Okay okay. Enough of blues and reds.
Was fidgeting with my Friendster earlier.. and saw this.
I had a "thing" with horoscopes.. or astrology.. palm-reading, tarots or whatsoever.. Not that I'm pantang or whichever u wanna describe me as with ur stereotyping-mind.. I just like to.. u know.. see how u can relate the predictions with ur doings on that particular time. On how you can 'story' your luck.. ur sad shits or happy craps into that day's or month's or year's predictions. Obviously stuff like dat.. you CANNOT go 100% putting your holy trust in it larr.. otak also need to use one mar.. hor?

Look at mine today. I highlighted some words that somehow interest me.

Chun bohhh?? Hahahhahaa... sial gile..
Ok. Mind my crap-side. Back to report-writing. *excited*
Excited my foot. *rolled eyes*

Ya. Bet you did.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

yet another science quiz

Tomorrow ada QUIZ BESAR
damn. -_- *puzzled*

I'm reading through my notes since just now..
decided to take a break..
Quiz on Build Science 2 - Sound and Acoustic.
I takut lar.. like real takut... *shivers*
'cos LinLin said almost half the class flunk the first lighting quiz.
I was like..
"Am I included?? *me nodding*
I think so... *runs away screaming like a mad cow girl*
It's like.. OMFreaking-God.. I don't wanna repeattttt.... scared sial.

Looking at the notes..
*pening X1*
Looking at the calculations..
*pening X2*
Looking at the questions
*pening X3*
Looking at the whole stack of written notes..
*pening X4*
Overall.. I am damn pening now.. *head spinninggg.. gonna puke*

Was on the phone just now with the Mr. Lepak-King..
why lar..
...have to study..
...quiz tomorrow..
oh.. sap sap water lar.. easy job. snaps fingers only. *smirks* ur ass. u come study lar.. talk saje pandai..
aiyah.. just bulat the answers.. write some crap.. then hand-in lar.. then we go lepak.
...kepala otak engkau lar..
what quiz is that??
...building science lar.. acoustic..sound law and calculations... yada yada yada..
oh. *silence*
...what? *grunts*
better go study. sounds serious. memang serious la.
oh. ok. go study.

*hungs up*

crappy idiot.

Okay. Gotta head back to my notes. Wish me luck. *fingers crossed*
Wanna know what i'm reading through now??? click *here*

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Reaping

Was working on my Tech report and drowning into Ken Hirai's sweet sentimental songs for the whole morning today. Tired and in love with Ken Hirai. *giggles*

Desmond-san FFK me today without notice. *rolled eyes* Guys.
As a break and to do some case study on cinemas' services for tech report, Yvonne (can say kena forced kuaa..) teman me for a movie late afternoon. We watched "The Reaping". (I was surprised that Yvonne wanna watched this movie 'cos I know it's a bit scary. hehehehhe)

We both let out some soft screams at different parts of the movie.
The story was kinda about religious belief and cults.
Christianity, satan, evil.. lucifer.. etc etc..
(I really really wanna state this out.. I really like Constantine. The movie and also Keanu Reeves)

Okay okay
.. back to Reaping.. not bad actually.. kinda horror.. violent.. and slightly on sexuality that those "orang besar" obviously censored. But I don't quite like the ending.. no core ending.. suddenly got explosion lar.. this la.. bomb la.. dead people rising lar.. bla bla bla.. and probably there will be a Part 2.. 'cos she's pregnant with the so-called devil's son. Don't think this is ending right? *scratch head*

I'm not trashing the movie, for me, I'll rate it 3.5/5 'cos I like to watch Hilary Swank here. Maybe I didn't really get the meaning of the movie 'cos I was busy covering my face when I freaked out. "watched through moving fingers". Get what I mean??? hehehhe *malu-nya* Only both of us sat at the whole damn row. *hugs myself* (a bit scared la obviously.. later i turned suddenly got some fella sitting there... yeerrrr.. u know lar.. my imagination so "rich")

Here's the trailer.. no need susah u to youtube it..

I like their posters and website. To view, click *here*
Nice illustrations and colours. I like this style. Dark, mysterious and stylo.. hahhaa..
And this was my first time watching Hilary Swank's show. I mean.. I didn't know why I'm just not that interested in her previously.. but I actually thought that she was skilled and good in this movie. Pretty face and a hot hot body. Reminds me of Kate Beckinsale though. Hehehe..

below- Watching halfway. Scared.
So I snapped some pics. *cacat rite me? heheheh*

After the movie, on the way back.. JAM larrr.. lagi-lagi jam next to this "beautiful" tower. (tower meh.. not that tall also) Haihhh so-called Klang Town Tower or something liddat. It was built years ago as a purpose for the public to lepak and hang-out. Nobody goes there.. except some singmahs.. and beggars. They keep renovating it and god-knows-when only people will actually go picnic there. It's dirty. Dusty.. near the highway. And.. worst.. it's UGLY.

Waste of money.
Waste of raw materials.
Waste of labour.
Waste of time.
Waste of land.
Waste of effort.
Waste of everything.

If you think this "thing" looks nice.. probably my skills of taking these angles.. *lol* but it really sucked in real life. Don't believe mua.. go check it out yourself.. it's near that roundabout "Bulatan 100" towards the Klang Bridge.

A sore to my eyes everytime I passed this "thing". Ugh. Ugly.
Total humiliation.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


As May drawing nearer.. I'm done dead.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

a trail down last sunday

WARNING - A long post of pics ahead.

Firstly.. sorry lar. I malas nak update my previous post.
and I also malas to blog in "words" today.
So understand yourself la with the following.


This was yesterday's minor class.
We had our first watercolour-rendering workshop.
My skills can throw away d. Sucked big time.
Hand became kayu.. too long din touch d.
(not all pics are uploaded)


An afternoon spent as a panel in this one mini art-contest.
Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.
We were new there.
The people were all very friendly. *felt the warmth at heart*
Some were really good.
Some were okay.
Good effort. You guys mai hiam larr...
Overall.. *two-thumbs-up*


After judging the contest..
late lunch with queen of all birds, nyonya Phoenix.
Went Ryu Tei, Midvalley Boulevard.
Food was okay.
Price was okay.
Environment was okay.
Waitresses not that okay.

(no intention to create this effect but the pic was blur *puzzled*)


Dinner in Taman Sentosa, Klang with family.
Mom's friend intro mom - mom wanna try - mom love seafood


Okay folks.
Gonna be really really busy soon.. or perhaps I'm bloody busy now.
Getting more n more n more n more stressed lately.
Finals coming. Deadlines coming. Exams coming. *run and hides*
Period coming too... wtf. -_-

Last phrase before ending this post...
"Hold me down and knock me dead. I want me dead!!!"