Monday, April 02, 2007

The dinner i've made

My leftover sandwich.
Ate with ManYee at Cafe Flam, Sunway Pyramid.
"ta-pau" back home.. 'cos cannot finish. They served 2 pieces of the below pic.
A lot and FILLING.


My tortilla wraps pictures. As below. Some pics a bit blur.
Thanks to that "lauyah" digicam. My canon masuk kilang. Damn.

Sliced cabbage and carrots. Chopped green pepper and tomatoes.
(not in the pic) Chopped fine onions, garlics.
(below) ready-made wheat tortilla.. bought from Giant hypermarket.

cheesy!! crispy!! *bodek sendiri*

Done!! Made tortilla wraps for 7 people.
So "kan cheong" cos my mom keep rushing me.
How the hell would I know my cousin and her hubby is coming for dinner. Haiyeerrr...
I'm a sucker for black pepper and italian herbs. Make the aroma extra OHMmm.

Wanna try my cooking skills? Call me.. *rolled eyes* LOL


Tech Exam tomorrow. Study study. The whole syllabus. *nervous breakdown*

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