Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mr Kacang's Holiday

Highlights of today.
1. Met ManYee. A blast.
2. Met Ashley. Prettier liao. And also the famous Bellie girl that always hear from Paul & ManYee. Their housemate. Ex-i think..
3. KelvinJUJU the pilot. FFK king!!! The bad bad pilot. The-surely-crashed-aeroplane-pilot. His favourite past-time... FLY KITE!!!!


I went pyramid again today. Yea.. with ManYee again.. lol..
Nothing better to do at home (other than assignments & work) *i need a break okay!!* so go lepak with her for a movie and lunch.. and... late tea.

Parked at the hotel resort. The bloody lift was so stupid.. only half the lift was occupied but the bloody lift keep on alerting "overload".. so idiot. every level it stopped, 2 person have to go out.. if not the "overload" start making noise again. Damn dumb.
*no fat people in the lift ok.. don't start with your rubbish*


We watched... Mr Bean's Holiday movie. Before watching, I really thought it was quite a stupid movie 'cos sometimes things he do are like.. really really unacceptable. Total idiot though it supposed to be a comedy. He's like really getting old with wrinkles and all but his expressions are still that impressive. Think about it man.. he's a super high IQ and highly-educated prof. mann.. *sheeshhh*

Today, I laughed my ass out like HELL man.. didn't expect it to be nicer than the first. I totally hated the first movie. This time.. it was good but also MOU LIU a bit lar... but still worth the laugh. Certain part of the movie was really really stupid. Biasalar... Mr Bean wutt.. but some really ticklish. LOL.

I actually prefer the cartoon more.. than his real-life movies.. hehhehe..
*bite me*

Anyway.. back to the movie.. it was really funny..
*I think I repeated it a lot of times d rite.. =P*
I burst out laughing LOUD a few times until like.. paiseh-larrr....

The beanie man made new friends.. kena slapped.. chase chicken.. his facial expressions.. his high kicks.. his throwing-raw-oysters-into-some-lady's-bag, swallowing the whole damn lobster... *rolled eyes giddily* Loved the part where he stole the speaker from this black guy n ended up doing some street dance or show to earn money. Damn 9 funny...

BUT... *really nothing is perfect*

This dude sitting next to me with his girlfriend was like TOTALLY IRRITATING. Even a nice kuai-kuai girl like ManYee also tak boleh tahan him. He's around my age or older.. keep yakking his big fat mouth there like as if he's the bloody director of the movie.

He can like keep talking and talking REAL LOUD and commenting on the movie.. like a idiotic goofy chinese translator or predictor of the movie. He can be a good verbal "subtitle" mannn... seriously feel like putting my shoe into his mouth. I mean.. before the show even started.. he can laughed at the advertisement... like real funny laugh.. like he never heard before a good joke.. like he laughed his fat ass out. *guffawed* Idiot. Damn. Hate sitting with people like that.. he seriously won't score any brownie or cookie points if he's my date. Arghhh seriously!!! Horrible experience. First time. HATE IT. TOTALLY. A big chunk piece of unwanted polluted distraction!! *puzzled*

Argh. Good movie but horrible experience. Both of us were like really really really trying to wack some sense into him to SHUT UP!!

ps: KelvinJUJU... you owe me a DAMN movie. I want to watch "Just Follow The Law". I DON'T CARE.... and yes.. i'm SCREAMING my lungs out. *stubborn face*

Thursday, March 29, 2007

new rabbit family again

New baby rabbits are born!!!
All thanks to my horny 2 couple rabbits.
Couple 1 - One brother and one sister "play".
Couple 2 - One sister and her DAD "play".

Other previous post on my rabbits - click *here* and *here*

HahahhaAHHAhah.. animals.. horny.. needy.. HAMSAPy. LoL
*playboy logo* no wonder is rabbit.

Born on 27th
It was quite a surprise to see few pink balls lying around their cages.
Was quite a scary look at first..
I mean.. they were really naked.. all pink n all skin. Haha..
Now cuter a bit dy. Soft white hair coming out.. but eyes still closed.

Hungry dy?? Rolling around like rabbit-meat-balls. haha..

You guys wanna drink milk or sleep one?? Beh tahan.

Drinking MILKY time!!!
Poor mommy rabbit.. all nipples kena sucked to the MAX.
This is the results la.. of getting horny.

Sleep again. Fat asses. Eat then sleep.. sleep then eat again. *kaulatz*

Can't wait for them to grow big.. then got cute cute rabbits again.
Oh shit.. later they make babies again.. then I can open Rabbits' Farm.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

eyes popping out!!!

So tired. Just done for tomorrow's design tutorial stuff. And came across this visual online.
WalaooooOOoo... Making me even more tired.. and DIZZY..

Shit. Really animating my eyes till ... *argh* i can't take it any longer.
Some grid illusion. Lagi ask me to try count the dots. *drowsily cursing*
SHIT shit.. double SHIT.. triple SHIT.. my eyes just can't stop moving around this illusionary picture.


Clever of that person who came out with this.. but SHIT him too.. *puzzled*

Monday, March 26, 2007

a little piece of history

I was sick and I am still sick.
See my sick look? Hahaha.. This was taken during the cny.
Yeah. I was sick then too. Keep on sick one hor?? I also dunno why.

Prove to my horrible flu. Look at the 'wantan skins' handmade by me.
Wanna try? Anyone wanna order? Chinese Take-away. Free delivery. Hahahaha..

A few of the many pics I've taken during the cny. Will upload more la. Soon. When got time. Maybe during hols.. and that will be like monthssss after cny d. Hehe. Don't care la.

This temple is located by the main highway into PortKlang. Passed by it for like so so many times but din't notice. First time there. At least it's cleaner than some... *gulped*

above: I'll do it every cny. once a year, just for the sake of 'kepo-ness' and curiosity.

Guess what? Daryle did that ring thing on me last year and claimed that I'll marry by 25years old.. *haaa so fast?? boyfriend pun takda how to get married* which is 2 years time.. then there's this 'holy person' looked at my palm few months ago and told me... aku late marriage larrr!!! Walao.. I'm not desperate to get married but.. how late is late lar???? but I din't ask. *coward* Not that I really take his words for real but it definitely took me one big shock 'cos i din ask anything bout LOVE or MARRIAGE!!!!

Below 2 cutie pies in my family. Prince Charming & shy-shy first then talkative Fair Princess. Hehehe.. they totally made my day when we visited their place during cny. The guy run around, giggling and giggling and keep asking for more kuaci from me. Hehehe. When you laughed, he laughed twice harder and none stop. *so cuteeee*

The girl.. i just love her skin. I keep telling my aunty (her mom) her skin is so so so tender and fair and soft and everything I want my own skin to be. And she let me carry her and no crying.. hehehe

Then my bodoh sister go ask me to produce one or go make one since i like babies so much. Damn her. Responsibilities man.. i can't even fully take care of myself how to go jaga kids. Play play can lar.. hahahha.. I WANT HER SKIN!!!! then my mom reminded me my age. Damn twice. Ugh.

-_- i want her skin!!!!!!!

Too free nothing to do. Snap my new clothes while wearing it.
All bought last minute.
Like really last minute.
Like a day before cny eve. Hahaha.

Ok. Back to tech reports. Tomorrow deadline. Mati aku. *slaps forehead*
This song keep spinning in my head since I woke up.. but i LOVE it...

All American Rejects- Dirty Little Secret
*i very like-y them... drools*

Sunday, March 25, 2007

party in the park?

I went jogging at the public park this evening. Early evening around 4pm.
Hot like hell but I was all dressed up and ready to go.
So just jog and walk under those shady big trees.
Quite breezy actually despite the fierce sun glare.

Everything was good until...
I was sitting at the cement stairs by the slope, and heard girls giggling and laughing, guys smirking, talking like they owned the whole damn park.
Well, it wasn't my business so I didn't give it much thought.

Then I continued my jog and every bloody shady corner I passed, a couple hiding behind some trees, doing their 'thing'.

(I am not going to elaborate on what 'thing' they were doing ok. Just think it yourself. Obviously nothing too hamsap la but still got kids running around one leh.)

Argh. Then was up at the higher jog track, I looked down and saw another couple doing their 'thing' in their car openly. All of them were like doing it openly and LOUDLY.

I was like keep muttering to myself..
"Get a
room.. go get a room for heaven's sake.. err like PLEASE."
Oh ya. Then I remembered. They cannot get a room, later kena tangkap. -_-

I AM NOT but just get a room next time or do it silently.


Some ass just sent me this through msn.
More on all these weird funny statues.
Click *here*

So am I suppose to laugh or what?

Daryle sent me this url. But this is funny.
A bit funny la and whole lot of stupidity. Click *here*


Right now.
I'm feeling lazy.
I'm feeling tightened up.
I'm feeling real tired.
I'm feeling my patience are running very thin.
I'm feeling I cannot do anything right lately.
I'm feeling my creativity has gone down the drain.

I need a new life that doesn't concern all the crap I'm facing these days.
A new life.
(I think I sulk over this too many times. Horribly too many many times right? hehehe)

Or maybe I should go out more often (which everyone already have been nagging on me getting out from the house).. but if I bloody do that, my work will pile up till I can't see the next morning's sun.

Gawd. Thanks "honey" for reminding tomorrow is a freako Monday. *puzzled*

Saturday, March 24, 2007

bridge to my terabithia

Surprisingly a pleasant day today.

Paid my freaking summon of 80 bucks (discounted 30bucks only) at MPSJ today. *puzzled*
Went pyramid for a movie with KelvinJuju, Jeff and ManYee.

Bridge to Teribithia. Not bad seriously. Not as bad and nuisance as what Mark told me the other day. A good one to watch for those who love imagining the impossibles and letting their mind wander far far far far away from this sucking reality. Like me. *cheeky grinz*

Watching the trailer and watching the whole movie is different. So my advice is.. go watch it if you like stuff like Narnia, Harry Potter or LTOR. If not, save up your 11 bucks and spend me lunch. :)

Anyway I broke my diet sched today. The whole day I ate and drank like how I am NOT suppose to... but I'm just feeling happy and didn't bothered bout it at all. I even forgot my vitamins.

Like I said.
Surprisingly it was a pleasant day today.

*happy happy me doing little curtsey running around the house*
*uncontrollable giggles* stupid me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

stress best for u

"Stress is not always a bad thing -- in fact, it can bring out the best in you."

You know how people used to tell u that above sentence when you're drowning in the heaps of works?? Hereby, I fly you 2 delicious words that is so true - FUCK IT

Monday, March 19, 2007

feeling better..

Feeling better dy.

I don't know what else to say here.

Feeling better but brain clogged, back aching..
Can't sleep well lately.
Every night is a dread.
Every morning is a torture.
Every sun glare is unbearable.
Every drive back home from school is totally totally horrible.

Headache and hungry but yet no appetite.
*tummy growls*

I think I'm getting alienated.
Or am I already?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

i'm sick

I am so so sick.
Since yesterday.
Head aching, menstrual pain, fever, flu..
the worst is.. my whole damn body is aching like hell..
my bones especially.
Was like so hoping someone can just break it...
rather than letting me suffer like that..
The joints (issit called joints??) at my ankles.. my elbows.. my knees, wrist, calves, fingers too... damn 9 pain.. first time I'm going thru all this shits.
Really cannot take it.
Was so painful and weak that I almost cried. ok ok.. i cried. *malu sial*

Pull myself up from lying on the bed for 2 days straight because hav to send one important email, so decided to leave a short post here.

Ok la. Going back to sleep again.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

red strawberries

today is definitely all about pain.
it's hurting me so much that i can hardly walk.
knees went weak when i woke up just now.
i see red. like real red.

get what i mean? *bitter smile*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Weirdly... I like this song..
Not that I don't like her or anythin..
Her "singing-mouth" is kinda exaggerating at times.. hahah too much for me to handle.
And she's not as bimbo as you think.. she might be faking it.. i guess
even though she thought that there are orgasm in the planet Mars...
and buffalo wings are REALLY buffalo's wings.

Jessica Simpson - "I Belong to Me"

I belong to me...
It's not that I don't wanna share my life with you baby
It's just that I'm the one I need to be true to baby
And I won't give up me to be part of you
It's not that I don't wanna have you in my life baby
It's just you gotta know that it's got to be right baby
Before I open up my heart to you

I don't need somebody to complete me
I complete myself
Nobody's got to belong to somebody else

I belong to me
I don't belong to you
My heart is my possession
I'll be my own reflection
I belong to me
I'm one not half of two
And if you're gonna love me
You should know this baby
I belong to me

I gotta let you know before I let you in, baby
That who I am is not about who I am with, baby
That don't mean I don't wanna be here with you
I do

I don't need somebody to complete me
I want you to know
I'll give up my love but I'm not giving up my soul

I belong to me
I don't belong to you
My heart is my possession
I'll be my own reflection
I belong to me
I'm one not half of two
And if you're gonna love me
You should know this baby
I belong to me

Oh yea
Love don't mean changing who you are to be
Who somebody wants you to be
Nobody's got to belong to nobody

I belong to me
I don't belong to you
My heart is my possession
I'll be my own reflection

I belong to me
I don't belong to you
My heart is my possession
I'll be my own reflection
I belong to me
I'm one not half of two
And if you gonna love me
You should know this baby
I belong to me

ps: love those phrases... meaningful and REAL.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

24 hours ain't enough

24 hours ain't enough for me.
Can I like upgrade my daily hours like how I update my ram?
Probably if you give it an extra 5 hours or 10.... ain't gonna be enough too..
Why? 'cos most of the time.. i was forced to do other people's things.

So many things.. so little time..
Everything ain't easy to do..
Take hella lots of time which I never will have enough..

No one's helping.. but giving extra problems..
Sometimes I wonder..
hills and mountains of obstacles are seriously pissing me off..
Konon to make me a tougher person.. ya rite..
I AM human too. I need a space to store my happy hormones.
I can't even enjoy life when I'm young.
Come.. let's go clubbing with our grand-kids ok?

What is life anyway? We just live our life ONCE...
but we're flooding our lifetime with stress.. work.. emotions.. everything for MONEY
*rolls eyes*

I don't mind facing all these shitloads..
but if you ain't helping... then don't trash me.
Everything coming out from your mouth..
bulls' eye to the midst of me.
Bias queen.

I just wish to like freaking get a bedroom with toilet and internet access SOMEWHERE~

For god's sake.. at the mean time.. just leave me alone.. let me get my things done.
For once.

Err.. like please??

Thursday, March 08, 2007

peanuts for f*cktards

don't like ever mention the feng-shui matter to me anymore.
really really got onto my nerves today.
there's no free lunch served in this freaking cheesy world.
just get REAL.. you fucktard!!!
face the fucking facts !!!!!!
there's no shit thing as cincai.. a bit.. one answer only.. just a thought..

like how the saying goes...
u pay peanuts.. u get monkey...

but now.. u ain't wanna pay at all.. what the hell..
so don't come pointing fingers on my nose saying "You all talk. You ain't capable of helping me"

If you ain't paying, how close I am with the fella, it's useless.. 'cos you're seeking for professional help.. and the price he set is NOT HIGH on market AT ALL!!!!

one word from me to you.. FOR FREE


i freaking don't care d. everytime u suka-suka mari.. u tak suka-suka you pergi.. treat me lower than a speck of dust. worthless trash.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

more hard days to come

Design Site Analysis presentation board.
Presentation was yesterday.
Baizura said.. not enough info..
ought to go back to site again for further analysis..
so guess another 1 or 2 more board to come..
it's a group work by the way...

*original size in A2 - click to enlarge*

Minor Interim Crit supposedly today.
But.. err.. *speechless*
Our bad also.


My mood lately was like a total roller-coaster ride.
Yesterday my car aircond rosak.
A total of 3 hours jam pergi and balik from college was a total disaster..
I finally can feel what the chickens feel in the Kenny Roger's oven..
except I flooded lotsa F words and curses. Haha. Mind me.. I was FRUS ok.
Hot, humid, moody, jam, dust, sun, glares, smoke pollution.

Phew~~~ Finally can rest today. *wipes forehead*
For one night at least.

Mixed emotions sial.

*shrugs* life's like that. hope can make it a brighter one sooner. *finger crossed*

Monday, March 05, 2007

perfect man, perfect voice, perfect everything

2.15 am
Perfect ending for chinese new year.

Went to LeeHom's concert.
A blast.. and I repeat.. a freaking super-high BLAST!!!!~


Ended the concert with this perfect love song.. "Wei Yi"
Like I titled it..
perfect man,
perfect voice,
perfect talents,
perfect looks,
perfect qualities,

perfect in absolutely everything...
he's just so freaking perfect..

I can't believe I enjoy THIS much tonight.
Screamed and screamed... till like as if I'm a pig awaits to be slaughtered.
Singing my lungs out.. and nobody will know u'r singing off-key.
I'm for sure ON for his next concert.

Again.. he's such a sweetheart... *drools*
prince charming

ps: might edit on this post sooner or not.. pics will be coming in soon.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

what i did today

Not knowing why.
Woke up kinda early.
Waiting for the clock to tick by.
Play with my new puppies.

Camwhore early morning.
Semangat case.

Went MidValley.
With my favourite virgin darlings

To meet Daryle & Tung
Discussion for our upcoming design presentation.
ManYee came along.
Watched a movie.
Chosen Wonderful Life.
Don't make sense.
Laugh my ass off.

Went to Kelvin Chiing's house.
TengWai, ZiuHong, Daryle, Goh
Baby is on the way!!!
A fantastic news.
Drinking session.
Long long long chat with chicken wings.
Back home.
Tiduring now.


Saturday, March 03, 2007

restoration? conservation? any good?

Writing tomorrow's discussion for our site analysis.. the old shoplots along Jalan Kamunting, Kuala Lumpur is going to be our final design site - which is some museum or gallery that I still not sure what my artifacts or exhibits gonna be. Still not upto that stage yet.

Gonna be a presentation (ya.. again.. can't "wait" *argh*) for site analysis on Monday. Sigh. Anyway below, a few pics of our site.

So was writing a short brief or my thoughts of the modern people kinda neglecting the fact that old buildings sometimes ought to be restored and taken care of despite they're decaying or what not. *emo*

Sometimes i think i am this way too.. but just that i'm working on the historical part of the site.. eventually brought out the 'kesian' part of me towards these beautifully olden architecture that you can never 'reborn' them again back now..

Hence, here goes nothing.... my words.
(read only if u'r interested.. don't later "kau-peh" i crap too much.. but this is just a part of it only.. hehe)

Next to modern skyscrapers, in the heart of bustling city life, are buildings that have once seen glory days, but are now in a sorry state. As you drive down the roads of Jalan Kamunting you will see the contrast of towering skyscrapers and neglected, rotting and decaying pre-war colonial old shop houses left abandoned.

There isn't even a remote sign that the algae and ferns on the fa├žades of heritage buildings will see their end. To avoid the beautiful architecture of pre-war British colonialism that had once retained an illusory facade of harmony built in the past, we should put them into fine consideration and restoration towards a prominent feature in the cityscape.

As Asian Heritage Row is just in walking distance from the site, it is to consider that beautification of the neighbouring buildings, the unique heritage should be put in attention together with the progressive state of social night activities and high-dose of living state. This is also to encourage our people and tourist to identify the beauty that once was left behind.

The ramshackle and abandoned old shop houses remains with its roof caved in stands as if “unnoticed” by the locals. Why is this even happening? They represent the various architectural styles through our history and they also have cultural value that can never be reproduced. The buildings can be refurbished or preserved for re-adaptive use. Well, at least Asian Heritage Row is a good effort to be brought in as one fine example and captivated our hearts in one blistering afternoon or never-ending night when we needed a break from our labours.

Heritage are not about empty structures. Malaysia has an abundance of buildings that are not utilised. Why couldn’t we make use of whatever we have today before building more?

Friday, March 02, 2007

this week FINALLY over

A huge huge huge huge burden OFF my shoulders for this week. Feeling so relieved now.. at least have some spare time to blog.

Finally, I've finished all the deadlines
. Some of my works I've uploaded below.. and some reports and presentations.. cannot la obviously.. *aiyo* I've been DYING to wait for today. FINALLY all SET for a big gulp of freedom, but not for long.. *pissed*

What I've been stressing myself so much lately.. endless hours in front of my pc.. sleepless night to rush.. cny fell sick lagi (ya..laugh all you want people).. no time for assignments.. freelances... ohhh gosh. 24 hours a day memang not enough.

Things done this week
Build Science - Report, presentation slides and poster.
Minor - 2 manual sketches
Design - Case Study Presentations
Tech - Draft Report for Building Services

Things to be done next week
Design - Site Analysis Presentation & design concept
Minor - Interim Crit - Storyboard Presentation
Build Science - Calculation Revision for upcoming mid-term exam
...and more to come... *i-hate-life-face showing*

I desperately need freedom and a dose of aspirins size of a ceiling fan.

YESTERDAY- Building Science class.... during presentation

My poster (to reflect the spiritually feel of the building.. bla blabla..) for my case study the Church of Light (Tadao Ando's) that I've been sulking over for so so so long time ago.. hahha finally done it and presented.

TODAY - Design 4

I mentioned we went to 3 different museums and galleries in KL rite.. the IAM, Seksan and Wei-ling. We divided our task and Tung is doing IAM, Daryle on Seksan and me on Wei-Ling.

Today's crit was
not bad. Not much of bad comments. Just that I know my sketch on Wei-Ling is slightly OFF. Last minute sketch, did it straight in photoshop lagi. Hehe. Other than local case study, we have to do another overseas case study, and I chose the Jewish Musuem (i love Daniel Limbiskind's concept and the storyline of the museum) in Berlin.

To check out more info??
*click* on
the images below to enlarge

Wei-Ling Gallery (
My boards)

Jewish Museum Berlin (My boards again)

In class today...

I was
the first to present. 3 juniors (TengWai, ShinYee & ZiuHong) from year 2 came in and buat kacau. Baizura didn't mind if we have uninvited guest during our crit though.

After m
ine, I went next door to kacau Boo, my junior in architecture Year 1.
Tengah busy all of them. Rushing for their drafting and design deadlines.

Real busy life man.. everytime rushing.. heart attack, panis attack, stress attack, brain-clogged attack.. all attacking at the same time.. i need a CLONE. *laugh out loud*

Sometimes I
wonder why when I'm working.. I complained work sucks.. and when I'm back for degree.. I complained that study sucks TOO. Hmmm.. hard to stay satisfied.. Well. life's like that. Nothing will ever be enough.

Right? hehehe...

BUT then again, reflecting happy moments.. i do enjoy what I'm doing eventhough it's really killing me at that time. What to do.
This is my passion. I chose to be here.

So shall be it then.