Monday, March 26, 2007

a little piece of history

I was sick and I am still sick.
See my sick look? Hahaha.. This was taken during the cny.
Yeah. I was sick then too. Keep on sick one hor?? I also dunno why.

Prove to my horrible flu. Look at the 'wantan skins' handmade by me.
Wanna try? Anyone wanna order? Chinese Take-away. Free delivery. Hahahaha..

A few of the many pics I've taken during the cny. Will upload more la. Soon. When got time. Maybe during hols.. and that will be like monthssss after cny d. Hehe. Don't care la.

This temple is located by the main highway into PortKlang. Passed by it for like so so many times but din't notice. First time there. At least it's cleaner than some... *gulped*

above: I'll do it every cny. once a year, just for the sake of 'kepo-ness' and curiosity.

Guess what? Daryle did that ring thing on me last year and claimed that I'll marry by 25years old.. *haaa so fast?? boyfriend pun takda how to get married* which is 2 years time.. then there's this 'holy person' looked at my palm few months ago and told me... aku late marriage larrr!!! Walao.. I'm not desperate to get married but.. how late is late lar???? but I din't ask. *coward* Not that I really take his words for real but it definitely took me one big shock 'cos i din ask anything bout LOVE or MARRIAGE!!!!

Below 2 cutie pies in my family. Prince Charming & shy-shy first then talkative Fair Princess. Hehehe.. they totally made my day when we visited their place during cny. The guy run around, giggling and giggling and keep asking for more kuaci from me. Hehehe. When you laughed, he laughed twice harder and none stop. *so cuteeee*

The girl.. i just love her skin. I keep telling my aunty (her mom) her skin is so so so tender and fair and soft and everything I want my own skin to be. And she let me carry her and no crying.. hehehe

Then my bodoh sister go ask me to produce one or go make one since i like babies so much. Damn her. Responsibilities man.. i can't even fully take care of myself how to go jaga kids. Play play can lar.. hahahha.. I WANT HER SKIN!!!! then my mom reminded me my age. Damn twice. Ugh.

-_- i want her skin!!!!!!!

Too free nothing to do. Snap my new clothes while wearing it.
All bought last minute.
Like really last minute.
Like a day before cny eve. Hahaha.

Ok. Back to tech reports. Tomorrow deadline. Mati aku. *slaps forehead*
This song keep spinning in my head since I woke up.. but i LOVE it...

All American Rejects- Dirty Little Secret
*i very like-y them... drools*

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