Friday, March 02, 2007

this week FINALLY over

A huge huge huge huge burden OFF my shoulders for this week. Feeling so relieved now.. at least have some spare time to blog.

Finally, I've finished all the deadlines
. Some of my works I've uploaded below.. and some reports and presentations.. cannot la obviously.. *aiyo* I've been DYING to wait for today. FINALLY all SET for a big gulp of freedom, but not for long.. *pissed*

What I've been stressing myself so much lately.. endless hours in front of my pc.. sleepless night to rush.. cny fell sick lagi (ya..laugh all you want people).. no time for assignments.. freelances... ohhh gosh. 24 hours a day memang not enough.

Things done this week
Build Science - Report, presentation slides and poster.
Minor - 2 manual sketches
Design - Case Study Presentations
Tech - Draft Report for Building Services

Things to be done next week
Design - Site Analysis Presentation & design concept
Minor - Interim Crit - Storyboard Presentation
Build Science - Calculation Revision for upcoming mid-term exam
...and more to come... *i-hate-life-face showing*

I desperately need freedom and a dose of aspirins size of a ceiling fan.

YESTERDAY- Building Science class.... during presentation

My poster (to reflect the spiritually feel of the building.. bla blabla..) for my case study the Church of Light (Tadao Ando's) that I've been sulking over for so so so long time ago.. hahha finally done it and presented.

TODAY - Design 4

I mentioned we went to 3 different museums and galleries in KL rite.. the IAM, Seksan and Wei-ling. We divided our task and Tung is doing IAM, Daryle on Seksan and me on Wei-Ling.

Today's crit was
not bad. Not much of bad comments. Just that I know my sketch on Wei-Ling is slightly OFF. Last minute sketch, did it straight in photoshop lagi. Hehe. Other than local case study, we have to do another overseas case study, and I chose the Jewish Musuem (i love Daniel Limbiskind's concept and the storyline of the museum) in Berlin.

To check out more info??
*click* on
the images below to enlarge

Wei-Ling Gallery (
My boards)

Jewish Museum Berlin (My boards again)

In class today...

I was
the first to present. 3 juniors (TengWai, ShinYee & ZiuHong) from year 2 came in and buat kacau. Baizura didn't mind if we have uninvited guest during our crit though.

After m
ine, I went next door to kacau Boo, my junior in architecture Year 1.
Tengah busy all of them. Rushing for their drafting and design deadlines.

Real busy life man.. everytime rushing.. heart attack, panis attack, stress attack, brain-clogged attack.. all attacking at the same time.. i need a CLONE. *laugh out loud*

Sometimes I
wonder why when I'm working.. I complained work sucks.. and when I'm back for degree.. I complained that study sucks TOO. Hmmm.. hard to stay satisfied.. Well. life's like that. Nothing will ever be enough.

Right? hehehe...

BUT then again, reflecting happy moments.. i do enjoy what I'm doing eventhough it's really killing me at that time. What to do.
This is my passion. I chose to be here.

So shall be it then.

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