Saturday, March 17, 2007

i'm sick

I am so so sick.
Since yesterday.
Head aching, menstrual pain, fever, flu..
the worst is.. my whole damn body is aching like hell..
my bones especially.
Was like so hoping someone can just break it...
rather than letting me suffer like that..
The joints (issit called joints??) at my ankles.. my elbows.. my knees, wrist, calves, fingers too... damn 9 pain.. first time I'm going thru all this shits.
Really cannot take it.
Was so painful and weak that I almost cried. ok ok.. i cried. *malu sial*

Pull myself up from lying on the bed for 2 days straight because hav to send one important email, so decided to leave a short post here.

Ok la. Going back to sleep again.


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