Wednesday, September 05, 2007

happy 23rd bday missy..

A year ago *here* and *here* and *here*
A year and another year ago *here*

happy birthday to me..
Happy Birthday to ME..
BIRTHDAY to me!!!!..

Thanks a lot to you very love-able guys.. being there with me..
*generously blowing kisses*

hmm let's see..
I got "live" wishes, calls and sms'es from...
Yvonne, LayFong, Cass, HuayPin, ChoonWee, Alan, JunWei, ManYee, ChowLiang, Berny, FeiLing, Sharon, Imki, Chloe, Daryle, Ziuz, TengWai, Annie, Anthony, Biskic, ZhongHao, ChaiSeong, Kaveh, Jeff, YiYong, HooiLeng, SinYee, Marco, Vincent, Jeannie, Marcalena Chai, Nushka, TienSheng, Catherine, Brian, Angela, SinYi, SeakChiew, Gary, UCSI Finance Dept lady, Cafe Flam's waiter... and... can't remember d.. a few more, I guess... (don't emo ok.. i really appreciated it)

then.. I dengan segala-gala muka-tebal-nya..
i called and technically "forced" some to wish me.. *giggles*
Raymond (konon my best friend)...
(konon the most-understand-me EXboyfriend)...
(who forgotten totally)..
(the busy iron-lady)..
(who sang me a great birthday song last year)...
Johnny (the kolot-always-take-me-for-granted-fucktard)..
Ckean (always MIA "virgin" boy)...
(the tall-forgetful-slow-motion old hag)

Hahaha.. only eight.. not that tebal also lar horrr..
*pinches cheeks*

Tonight was fun. Special thanks to the naughty-Alan for the dinner...
Thanks to Yvonne, Ray, Cass, Imki and Sharon, FeeFee, FeiLing and ChowLiang for the great companion + lovely baby-cake + Flam night-out. I'm so touched. Awwww...
And thanks to HuayPin who got me all addicted to Grey Anatomy. 2 hours of sitting there this afternoon, watching none-stop... tsk tsk. *shakes head* Gawd. Love the brownies too.. *craving for more.. slurps*

Thanks you guys..
michelle the 23-year-old girl
(pssttt.. yes.. still girl..)

pics with Cass.. coming up soon.. *hugs*

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