Saturday, September 29, 2007

birthday dicks

To my 2 "so-called special" guys aka friends...

Both of their similarities are..
- BOTH dunno each other. hahaha..
- BOTH dicks.
- BOTH workaholic
- BOTH very nosy
- BOTH act-like-PIGS at times..
- BOTH not available.. which simply means...
- BOTH wei-chi-mong-kok
- BOTH quite lcly at times

BOTH my friends..
(lame right?.. haha i know)

Friend 1 = RAYMONDtheSEPET
my i-think-so-really-best-guy-friend-in-my-life and he-who-showed-me-how-KY-felt-like (cos he has one)...

He who recently will only msn me when he need my help and previously whom always ask me to bring in more clicks to his blog.


(from l-r : ChaiSeong + Ray)
p/s: click on their names to their further crap info.

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