Friday, August 31, 2007

smokin' survey

Working on a short survey here.
Can you guys please help me with it?
True-to-your-heart-answers please. *bats eyelashes*

Well.. only for those who smokes.. smoking.. smoked..
Thanks a bunch.

*click here*

Love y'all.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


merdeka a year ago.. *click*
i "celebrated" at home ALONE, watching a corny movie - Puntianak.

merdeka this year.. i'm all ALONE sitting here..
trying to blog something but brain was clogged.

Thought of going out tomorrow.. BUT nobody's available.
Fated to stay at home to do design.

No feeling
No mood
No happy.
No spirit.

Anyway peeps.. 50th merdeka!
(like i'm SO feeling merdeka)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

design "dead" crit 3

Last Monday Design dead crit 3.
Hellish day.
Nightmare.. i mean.. Midday-mare..

*click to enlarge*


Some friend sent me this vid. Hilarious all the way to the end.
The Internet is for PORN - "Disney" version

Sunday, August 26, 2007

the insensitive me

One fine lazy Sunday afternoon.

So quiet at home now.
Only my mp3 randomly playing softly at the background.
Dad went out with brother..
Mom is sleeping in her room..
Sister is pigging on the cold floor next to me..
Dogs are napping outside my door.
Rabbits are also lying with their eyes closed.

Me?? Building my freaky model. Scale 1:20
The size of 2 A0 paper!!!!..
Each A0 is 84.1cm X 118.8cm.. do ur math.
Life's so unfair.
Feel like crying.
Stressed to the max.

At this moment..
I am emotionalized.
I am mentally-unstable.
I am gloomy.
I am unsatisfied.
I am unresponsive.
I am lethargic.
I am
I am spiritless.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"rush" hours rushed off fast

"I'm bout to slice u up like a giant California roll."
heheh idiot.

"Come on, Crouching Tiger! Don't you hide that dragon!"
hahahahha crouching tiger.. hide that dragon.. hahahah
even more hilarious with his stupid facial expression.

"Now I'm bout to beat the puberty out of y'all."
hahhaha i learned a new phrase!!!

I think Rush Hour 1,2.. not bad.. 3.. still okay.. though you know somehow there was nothing very new here.. you know what to expect and what might happened.. I wouldn't say i did not enjoyed it cos I did.. ehhehehe but still.... the keyword here is.. "hilarous".

Chris Tucker is still a dumb-dumb-headed comedian with rapid-fire, witty remarks. Quite entertaining at times.. but quite irritating too.. heheh
Jackie is omFg... all wrinkles... but still swifty.. or maybe camera tricks.. hehehe..
but stilll enjoying the movie with Yvonne..

*claps hands*
damn.. this is so stupiddd.... hahaha
that guy.. so so TALL!!!!! nutshit mann..

ok la ok la.. full trailer below..
if u haven't watch it.. go watch it..
not bad. can de-stress.. and scream too.. LOL.
Who screamed? Yvonne la.. hahahahah!!! *shaking all over*
when Chris almost got blown down the tower with the flag..

One simple night-out with a close friend..
Grabbed a movie near home..
Such a nice feeling..
No need to travel all the way to KL to have some expensive-fun.
I still enjoyed.

Tomorrow. Hellish full day to crack head for design.
Tonight.. a BREAK to release tension.


I'm such a space-cadet lately.
I need hug. I need hug. I need hug.
I need someone to tell me everything will be alright.

p/s: I can't believe I missed Gwen's concert tonight. SHIT. double SHIT. triple shit. So eager to go.. then suddenly everyone was sooooo quiet bout it.. till i forgotten straight. *sniff sniff* ended up as today.. 90% of today's songs.. ALL.. and I mean.. ALLLLL gwen's song.. *sobs* PEKCHIK!!!! *runs to a corner and sulk* HATE u GUYS!!!


For Minor class CRIT later.
Some faceless-modeling-clay mermaid creature thingy.

Monday, August 20, 2007

3 words that make my day

I HATE putting all my friggin' "effort"
... regardless of day or night
... into making some hopefully "potential" shit..

that ended up, awarded with a 3-words remark...
"not enough effort."

*stabs myself*

Saturday, August 18, 2007

long day

what a loooooooooooooongggggggggg day.
Out since noon till now. 11:59pm.
Lunch lar.. shopping-chores.. dinner.. drinking..
Fully-booked for the day. Tiring. Heavy day. *shucks*

Will edit this post tmr if I got time after finishing Monday's design tutorial shits parts.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

cass birthday trip

siao char bohhhhh!!!! same age as me till nex month.. hehehe
we'll celebrate when u let me know when decided k. *boogie*

Took a break today. Late night work yesterday.
Went KLCC with Cass today.
Drove up today through Cheras Smart tunnel.
A bit scary.. kinda lonnggg way.. like never-ending.
Teman her to collect her UK visa passport receipt thingy..
She blanja me makan wor.. so paiseh.
Nice lunch though, at Manhattan Fish Market.
We shared a fried fresh dory.. almond fried shrimp, butter garlic rice and old chips.
Hehe. *yummy* Quite filling.

Dropped by Cats Whisker Subang.
Left KL by 4 pm something.. to avoid the massive jam.
Prints PRINTS prints!!!
Love prints lately!!! tried a lot but i din't buy any.
Love prints.. but..
it's either I don't like the material.. or the pattern.. or style
or the hemline.. or the cut.. or THE PRICE!!!!
Ended up.. Cass was the one who bought a nice greek-stylo black dress.
I only bought a pair of earrings.
but i like the earrings. *smiles*

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

pyramid window-shopping

i want this dress!!!
ms selfridge. 169bucks.
but should i??
should i??
shoulddd iiiii????
*scratches head*

Yvonne's red "killing" flats.
damn shit. she always get the shoes that I like..
but no guts to wear.
hehehehhehe... yala sampat la. nabeh u.

"pan" cute!!
eh eh.. i mean she is MEMANG cute all the time!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

phoenix "blood" birthday

my love-bird. *blow kiss*

Eh.. where's the birthday girl??

Oh here!!..
like a pretty ostrich hiding its head in the ground. LOL

Lovely!~ MUUAHH...

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

More pics and vids coming up.
Tired d.
Minor halfway done. Gotta continue tmr.
*flops on bed and SNORES*

Sunday, August 12, 2007

emotional knife

I have a knife that is placed in my heart
people have twisted and turned it, its tearing me apart
it has been in me for many years
it has caused me many tears
some people try to be my friend
they try to help my heart to mend
but they nudge the knife without knowing
the pain inside keeps growing and growing
people have tried to take the knife out
but they'll stab it back in without a doubt
I've lived so long with the painful ache
I expect everyone to cause my heart to break
the knife makes it hard for me to show my love
people don't seem to understand what I am speaking of
I feel as though I live in vain
why can't I get rid of this terrible pain
my life is being torn apart
by the emotional knife in my bleeding heart....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mamak like Murni Memang Must-GO

Jungle people like me..
must say thanks to RaymondtheSepet brought me to SS2 Murni for dinner.
Ermm.. it's me who drove.. ok.. so it's me then.. LOL.. (ok. ignore this)
he just showed some directions.. which were REALLY BAD..
he might as well tell me like.. next week before i make the turn.. *rolled eyes* geezz...

"banyak olang leh".. and it was only 7pm.
"wait lar u see.. it will soon take up the whole street."..
"you're kidding!!" *eyes opened wide*
bloody ass just jeling at me with his sepet eyes.

I'm so craving for Roti Hawaii and Sirap Limau Ice now..
Deliciously wrapped thin layer of roti canai with scrambles of eggs, chicken chunks, pineapples, sausages and cheese.. CHEESE!! melted CHEESE!! yummyyy~~!!
but that wasn't what i had.. i just stole a few mouthfuls from Ray.
Mine was.. tada!!
their famous claypot "lou shu fun" with a poached egg
*pokes and egg yolk spills out* WWwahhhhhh high d. LOL
(mamak also got lou shu fun.... ray said.. they what shit also got.. ahahhahah.. what shit.. *funny bone tickles* idiot babiiz)

ahhahhaha TOoo BADdd.. i din't snap any pics of it.. next time..
too hungry just now.. just wallop all up.. ahhahaha..

- -

Sigh. Was trying to work on my RnD since like.. 2 hours ago.
But.. can't seem to concentrate. Baizura's gonna kill me.
But.. if i don't finish it by tonight.. i can't complete my another model tmr.
then.. Anwar's gonna kill me too..
GOSHhh.. why my sched so TIGHT like virgin's? Shhheeeshhh..
GImme A breakkk lehhh..
damn i'm like talking to myself. Idiot.

oh YA!!!
Listening to this songg.. the whole night d..
NICE NICE NICE... thanks to GuanKah. Sent me this song.
Love their version. Heard Melissa Manchester's version once..
then fell deeply in love with Carrie Underwood's.. click *here*
but prefer this more.. love the vid as well.. and the lyrics too..
damn blardeeee soothing.. like damn got "FEEL" for me..
love it... love it.. love it!!!! *shrieks*

Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now
Don't be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
cause I've seen the dark side too
When the night falls on you
You don't know what to do
Nothing you confess
Could make me love you less

I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

So if you're mad, get mad
Don't hold it all inside
Come on and talk to me now
Hey, what you got to hide?
I get angry too
Well I'm a lot like you
When you're standing at the crossroads
And don't know which path to choose
Let me come along
cause even if you're wrong

I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you
Take me in, into your darkest hour
And I'll never desert you
I'll stand by you

And when...
When the night falls on you, baby
You're feeling all alone
You wont be on your own

I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you

I'll stand by you
Take me in, into your darkest hour
And I'll never desert you
I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

Where are you???
Nobody stand by me.. *sobs*
for a very long time d.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

model lagi... tak habis2

B-U-S-Y. busy. DAMN BUSY.

Second interim crit today was okay.
Not bad.
Another model.
For my design module.
Anti-smoking pavilion.
This time... scale 1:50 *pening*

for previous models, click *here* and *here*

why lustfairy?
my dA nick.
just uploaded these pics in my dA too. (click *here* if u'r kepo enough)
can check out all the models there..

darn. MORE models to come.
This is the FIRST sem of my whole diploma and degree modules..
that.. that.. *stammers* that I buat so many models...
WORST.. they're all only MOCK-UP!!!!
I need to do another scale 1:50 with different materials during this weekend.
Anwar said it will be the LAST model.
*happily jumping around*

ya RITE... the LAST model of scale 1:50.
Gonna start on model of scale 1:20
1:20 lehhh!!!!!!!!!!
FREAKING HUGE weyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*flops on bed sobbing*

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

minor mermaid model all MINE

What happened in minor class today?
hmm.. nothing much ler..
just the assignment was..
from the sketches i did *here* and the previous digital rendering (below)..

i have to like.. err.. make.. build.. a structure or model of it..
got started last night.. bloody fixing it till like 5am from the morning..
but I started like.. by 2:30am.. sheeeshh..
no wonder look like a zombie today. *shrugs*
(duh. everyday also look like zombie d)

The mess on my table in studio today. (look quite neat in a way too. hehe)
Did nothing except stuffing paper into the empty wired frame..
and talked a lot.. ahahhaa..

Mr Redzwan. The captain of our Minor class. (below)
Whatever he gave us as assignments.. he will also hand in one of his own to himself.
Meaning.. he did our assignment with us.
We buat our concept.. he buat his. Hehe.

My mermaid lying.. longing for hug. Awwwww...

Annie and gruesome monster drowned with its "principles of lust".. (below)
Closer shot (below below)
More pics up on my feminine mermaid and this macho monster.. posing.

Chloe. My design-partner-in-crime. (above)
Modelled with my mermaid.. she reasoned..
but can't see my mermaid pulak. IShHH.. *shakes head*
ya know lar.. whenever there's camera around.. she will.. just.. sighhh...

Iwan aka Izwan aka Curb or.. like what Anwar calls him.. "Dato"
Busy-nya and serious-nya today. Tsk tsk.

Tung (below). Buat roti canai for tea.

No thanks man.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

celebrating "model" day!!

Hot HOT hOT humid weather today..
everyone's feeling drowsy and tired..
and moody and restless and.. and.. oh well.. the list just goes on..

even Rocky also tak nak layan me.
hiding in the little parit only that fella..
cooling wor.. *shrugs*

HEhhehEHheh.. *laughs* stupid dog.

What I did for the whole damn day today was model moDEL MODEL!!!~
Tomorrow to meet Anwar for tutorial before second crit on coming Thursday.
Crazy rite?!??! just crit last week only.. Sheeeshhhh *kicking, pulling hair*
but this semester is all.. and I mean.. ALLLLLL about models!!!
*sobs* tak tahan d.

Hiding in my room whole day except lunch, dinner and "juice-bar" breaks.
Look at the mess.
Bring in the table, craps and all..
On my laptop.. let the dvd(s) ran a marathon..
sat on my bed and did my model(S) till like.. NOW.
*looks at clock* 11.39pm.
Still got sketches!!! oh shit. Shucks. Argh. Darn.

First mock-up model for my pavillion. (up) Done last week.
Can view my previous conceptual model *HERE*

(up) Second mock-up model. Different views.
(down) Third mock-up models.

All done by today. Started from 2pm till now lor.
Err.. gimme a break la ok.. i know i said WHOLE day.. though it started at 2pm..
I woke up at 12.30pm today ok. Lunch and all.. Sigh.
Halfway through the day... couldn't take it any longer.
Feeling like a nun.
So, hoping shower - cooling facial mask - cookies - cheesy nachos COOLS me off and ENERGIZE. Well.. and it did. Hahahha. *rolled eyes*

Compilation of all three.


p/s : See Yvonne!! I got do my models.. Nyek nyek!!~~ Blek.
*whispers* if not.. sure I kena from her more than I kena from Anwar. LOL