Thursday, August 02, 2007

Once in a very blue moon I meet him..

nice dinner, nice friends..
nice coffee break, nice company..

nothing much to complain or grumble or sulk bout tonight..
just carefree and stress-free.. nice..
how nice if life's like this everyday...
then again.. make life pretty useless and "vegetable" right? hahhaa
crap la.. all also i say habis.. *blek*
overall. good mood. *thumbs up*

Soothing.. once in a very blue moon
by Emi Fujita.

Happy birthday to Jeff..
(eventhough i know he don't even know my blog exist.. but still. hehe)
busy guy.. can't even book him in advance..
have to see our "luck" if we're lucky enough to catch him whenever he's "available"..
so hau lian hor.. *shakes head* beh tahan. ahahhaa

it's 3.11am now. sleeping soon.. still in a good mood.. =P

p/s: Kelvin Koh.. u owe me one hour of my precious time..

pay up!!! i'm waiting.. hehehahhhee..
psstttt... cicak cicak.. LOL... hilarious..

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