Saturday, August 04, 2007

song-ing the whole day

I have a confession to make.
I din know Zhang Dong Liang can be so MAN.
(no wonder "somebody" is drooling over him since then..hehe)
Hehahhaahehehe... because of the drama character lar. What else?
Make him so MAN and heroic and romantic and "emotic".. hahahahha

make me wonder why real love never came across this way..
and make me wonder why real MAN are never that MAN..
oh ya.. drama mar!! fake one.

I don't quite like his 2nd batch of songs.. but soundtracks for that love drama..
Smiling Pasta if not mistaken... are quite not bad..
heard him live for that digi Aparty concert... *shrieks*
wow~ fuishhh.. good.. hahahaa.. though a bit narh.. but still GOOD.
*nods head like proud dad*

especially this song..

Tears from Polaris...
Hampao lang...

Sigh. Doing design the whole damn day.
Cracked my brain and ached my ass for sitting too long.
I only listen to one song the whole night tonight and probably till tomorrow morning..
which song?? play below.

SHE - Wu Yue Tian.
Thanks to Jackson who send me the mp3 and get me all addicted to it.

Back to work. 11.59pm now.
Wonder what time I will sleep tonight?
Model pun belum start. ARGHHHHhhh...
Siao liao.

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