Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i "am" a MODEL-ling freak

well well well..
hmmm.. i'm STUFFED with garlic cheese naan and teh-o ice limau..
went Modern with ChoonWee and Yvonne.
siao liao.. gonna be.. FAGLY not FUGLY okk.. as in FAT+UGLY..

haih.. anyway.. i couldn't find time to edit and arrange the reunion pics..
will do it.. hopefully by.. ermm.. this weekend.. i hope *fingers crossed*

Anyway.. you guys can check out some of the reunion pics *HERE*
ChoonWee updated some in a new blog already.
More to come I guess.. well.. yeah.. definitely..

What? what?? I LAZY?!?!
Ehhh siao ehh... i'm REALLY busy okkk...
i have to do so so so many mock-up models for design this sem..
*whispers* (eventhough it's getting more interesting as time passes by)


Anwar said to me today.. better to do one model every night...
*stabs myself to death*

Model.. a lot.. so many.. arghhh.. (stupid Yvonne laughed like hell)
*gonna faint*
*still fainting*
*still fainted unwilling to get up*

ONE MODEL EVERY NIGHT lehhhh.. play-play mehhh..
scale 1:50 samo!!!

*pengsan sial*

Pengsan till can't blog d. Bye~

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