Monday, July 30, 2007

*shucks* indian THRILLer

OK ok.. i know this vid is gonna be damn corny or well.. err.. stupid.. *grimaced*
SeakChiew send me this vid just now.
After watching twice only I get it. hahha.. laughed my ass out since then..
totally stupid!!!!~~

just sing or read along the english subs as the indian guy start "performing"
the lyrics don't make sense..
just tryin to make out how tamil can sound so alike some english words..

LOL. Ok lame right?
*yikes* ZhongHau-who-loves-Iraq-men's-ass, that old man already bising bout it d.
Too practical la that brain. *shhhh* hehehehe
Hmm.. tired d. Sleeping soon. *yawns*
Gotta charge full battery for tomorrow's minor..
not forgetting design model-making session till early dawn... damn.
ISK. *pening sial*

hate model-making!!!!! HATE HATE HATE!!!!

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