Monday, March 27, 2006

TGV tebrau, johore

I’m back. Went to Tebrau, Johor last week. Not for hols but to work. Sheeshhh.. Anyway was there at Tebrau City Jusco to do the TGV as-built drawings & defect with Kwangli, Victor & Faizal. 10 fricking cinemas man. So bloody tiring man.….

Measuring the whole building was really exhausting. Fortunately for us, just in time, David bought that Hilti. If not, it'll take us forever to finish the whole as-built measurements. Well, it's not THAT bad. At least it was a new experience. I mean, I wouldn't want to drive all the way from Klang to Johore, just to look at the new-built cinema. Yes, I'm involved in the project but it's still way too far. I know it's 20metres screen, largest in Malaysia but STILL.. it's FAR. It's like practically 4 bloody hours okk! It's in jaya jusco tebrau city. it's something like klang JJ but way bigger & way more expensive retail tenants. But for me, it's a so so shopping mall, not that nice to shop in, something like Putrajaya Alamanda. I still prefer One Utama though. Anyway back to the topic, i've got some pics to share with yall...

this is so typical entrance for TGV.

1. the main entrance foyer (left: ticketing counter, right: candy bar) 2. from the inside of the ticketing counter

1. candybarr!!! 2.postmix area.... the popcorn machine!!!!!!

1. the 'grand' entrance of CInema 1.the carpet is a bit messy tho. 2. interior of the CInema 1. it's quite dark when i took the pic. did some contrasting. a total of 600 seats man.. it's huge.

the big big 20metres screen. i didn't know behind the screen there are few fluorescent lights for the speaker or wiring technicians. we're standing under the screen with the client, so as can see we looked so tiny. lol.

1. i think it's cinema 3. it's smaller. 2. the corridor towards cinema 8 - 10.

the full set of the cinema projectors. cool huh? it's a great thing to be up at the projection room level. just keep in mind, people!! don't do anything cheeky or horny in the cinema because the projectionist up there.. can see everything!!!! and i mean EVERYTHING!!

There are still many pics to load but I'm plain lazy. Haha. Anyway when I was finally home that night, I was so restless.. Good thing we stopped by Basket Robbins on the way home. Banana Royale heal me halfway. Still, back in my own room, own roof is still the best. OWN BEDD!!! Slept like a pig. Thinking back.. so unfortunately it was Thursday night. Next morning, Friday still have to work. Arghh!!!

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