Tuesday, March 28, 2006

first project completion

I’m in office now. Boss not in. Finished my scope of work. Nothing much to do. So just flipping through the files in my pc & saw some of the new TGV Seremban2 pics taken last year. Located at Jaya Jusco Seremban 2. I didn’t know there was a Seremban 2 till then. Haha. Anyway the TGV was completed by Nov 2005, I think, if I’m not mistaken. I was only there twice while the project is still on but not completely done, still getting on defects.

It was my first project involvement & completed since I started working. My boss was like saying, “Heyy..It’s your little baby!! Must go see see…” I was like.. “Errmm.. ookay..” But it was a nice feeling though. In the middle of well.. proud + happy + all-the-hard-work-and-OT-was-worth-it feeling. Hehe.

After all, it was my first project completion. Wow. From nothing on the ground till a big building is constructed.

1. during construction of the whole Jaya Jusco Seremban 2's building. 2. The interior of the cinema auditorium.

For my opinion, the main foyer ain't that nice as TGV Tebrau's. The ceiling is flat but at least there are some effects, so that it wouldn't look that boring, I guess. Haha. Don't ask me why it is so colourful. The client wants it that way. So no choice. The original design concept was so much different than now. It was way nicer & hipper.

1. the main entrance foyer(taken from access level) 2. (left) ticketing counter (right) candybar

1. corridor outside cinema 1 & 2. the entrance doors look a bit tacky. 2. victor - measuring tape (no Hilti that time) & me flipping through the plans. boring huh? hehe

the film - exorcism of emily rose

That time when the movie 'Exorcism of Emily Rose' released, dAMn it!! Nobody wants to watch with me. Wanted to buy dvd, but I know I'll surely keep tracking the movie till I won't enjoy the show. Was afraid to watch it on my own & all my friends were freaking out saying the preview is scary enough. Sigh. So this pic was taken as a 'reminiscence'. Haha. Nuts.

There's more new TGV to come.. babyyy...!!~ but scared I'll get bored of it.. right now still ok lar.. working on new TGV Kepong & Cheras.. Till then...

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