Sunday, January 28, 2007

a hellish morning tomorrowwwwww

Oh shit. Have to wake up EARLY tomorrow.. like REAL early... Gonna reach school by like.. 8.30am to tail the bus behind in order to make our way to KLPAC for site visit.

DAMNNNNnnnnnn!!!~~~ It's not I'm not willing to go or whatsoever.. it's just that.. i'm PLAIN LAZY to wake up so damn early like before 7am so I can escape the bloodyyy jam.


Anyway.. let it be tomorrow's torture la.. Just grabbed this pic from Yvonne. We were on our way to Kelvin Ching's wedding in KL, was cam-whoring in the car 'cos we were stuck in the jam.

Jam again!!?!? Hell to JAM!!!!

OK ok. Enough of unnecessary sulking.
Pics as promised... *click to enlarge*
Below... the day of my lighting display kit design crit. *hellishhh*
Only 3 of us (Daryle, me, Tung) in this design group.

- Before crit-
While pinning up our works.. and making sure our bulb can work. Suddenly a bunch of people walked in to crit us. Wowww.. the feeling was like.. nerve-wreckinggg... ALL the lecturers in SAMS except Redzwan & Teoh.
*chest tightened up till can't breathe*
*butterflies flapped aroundin my tummy till they DIE*
A warning bell went offffff!!!! My head was screamingggg DEAD MEAT!!!!

- After crit -
Though our crit = horrible.. but nevertheless.. we ought to release ourselves from all the bombardings and stressed-out tension.. hahahhaa.. always finding excuses to have some little fun, huh??? No harm.. no harm k.. We're still serious in our studies.

Ended the day with TUNG, the "poser".
Err.. this pose.. i don't understand either...


My minor first short assignment.. (took me like 2 half days to complete it.. :P as usual of me.. last minute work 'cos busy with design.. *gulp*) err.. not really an assignment assignment.. sighh.. no idea how to describe it la.. err.. get an object.. take pics in order to create a storyline.. but to be presented in presentation format. Everything was in powerpoint format with a short 1 minute soundtrack.. so here.. i just upload the pics only lar..

Hope you get what my pics are about without all the titles and captions..
The main title - The naughty boy and MY yellow daisy

Get it? :P
Redzwan's comment on mine was so-so only.. 'cos i know my transtition for the slide is too fast.. hehehhe but it's cool.. i like my soundtrack.. the shorten version of X-japan - Eyes of Venus.

Ok. Beauty sleep now. Super early start for tomorrow.. Been ages since I have to wake up THAT early to go school.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

first architectural + ID bbq party


Success!!! 26-01-2006

we cleverly cleverly hosted a BBQ party for most of the SAMS "freakss"!!!
though got a lot of work to do la.. worth it. all happyyyy~~

*pics coming soon*

Thursday, January 25, 2007

ah Huay's 23rd years of living

just came back from Huaypin's house.
went countdown her birthday with the rest of the gang..

that bday girl complaining old dy pulak...
hahhaa.. tired.. tmr got early class lagi.


anyway... slow in blogging these days 'cos really busy with assignments and freelance jobs..
will soon upload the pics for that day's design lighting crit.

see ya..
and again...

"Happy Birthday.. ahhh Huayyy!!!!"

Sunday, January 21, 2007

design first crit

Phew~ finally completed my design assignment.
Seriously killing a lot of my brain cells on this lately..

Well.. here are the results..

= poster + visuals of the light-blub display case =

*click to enlarge*

Tomorrow is the presentation. Danggg~~
Hopefully it will go well.. no need very well.. but at least.. pls pls pls.. just less bombarding and more heads nodding... *fingers crossed*

Then again.. like what Daryle and Tung said.. "if gonna die.. we DIE together larr..."


Saturday, January 20, 2007

almost.. almost..

Mom's birthday today!!! Happy Birthday MA!!!

happy today..
tired also..

almost completed my light display case..
just left a few more finishing touches..

oh my gawddd *slaps forehead*
my presentation board?!?!??!
sketches?? idea development??? visualss???
everything due Monday.. ughhhhh~~~

oh dangg..
i lazy to do now la.. too tired to think alsooooo..
2.29 am d.
tomorrow la.. really need to sleep..
like a pig
err.. like this instant..

Friday, January 19, 2007

bloody sales old fart

It's the truth that what people say housewives are easy targets to con.

My mom just got conned today.
(Not exactly con or watsoever but i feel the thing she bought was not necessary... at least for this time)
That bloody sales-aunty talked so much cock that I seriously feel like smacking her bloody fucking heavily-makeup wrinkled face.

I was with my mom and sister. Then she stopped us. Telling us that this freaking mask is very good for skin. Samo say to my sister.. "Miss you can use this also.. Your mother also can use.. and this one too.. " (looking at me)

Walau.. NIAMA.. THIS ONE??? What am I to you bitch?? Vase ar??? THis one.. bloody hell. Head on fire man.. then i bombarded her with a few questions.. then she err.. er.. no la no la.. this product is damn good one la.. export from US la.. gurantee you will like it..

Then I looked over at her.. "What if I don't like it still?"

Then my mom gave me this bloody glare that i'm being so.. so... rude.. impulsive!!! Ugh!!~

My mom asked me.. so whether to consider this product a not?? I was like.. No need la.. at home still got.. Why for?? Lagi you can get this thing everywhere in Guardian.. promotions are every now and then. Then the aunty butt in.. oh.. u can find me.. in bukit laja (bukit RAJA).. in bukit laja. i got do promotions there also.. err.. bukit laja guardian.. u want my nombor? i can gip u.. i actually got name card.. our company gave us name card.. but i din bring today.. wan me write for u?"

My reply was.. NO NEED. THANK YOU. You know you're doing promotions today.. yet you dint bring your namecards.. you ok ar? or you sick? I think u better stay at home n rest.

But the bloody sales-aunty still keep yakking away... I just couldn' stand her till I just turned my back to her, act as if there's so much interesting craps to look around..

Bloody HELL...she can eventually persuade my mom to buy. My mom??? The lioness??? The empress dowager of my house.!!!~~~ UghhH!!!! BIAS!!!

I asked my mom... WHY????
Her answer was. One word. Cincai-larhh..

Enough said.
I was bloody pissed.
Even I think back now.. the blurry looks of the sales-aunty..
I feel like strangling her and cutting her poodle hair and feed the piranhas.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

light in model, tears in heaven

Feeling totally horrible today..
Tired. Exhausted. Moody. Hellish day to be exact.

Was feeling so damn restless that I can't remember how the hell I drove home all the way from Cheras.. Until when I lie on my bed.. then only I realised.. how come I can't even recall did I pay the toll or stuck in the jam for a bloody half an hour. All I know is that.. I was driving with one hand "supporting" my head leaning against the door and drowning my sorrows into the sentimental songs on 105.7 And of all that I was thinking throughout the drive home was = my lighting bulb display case for Design 4.

GOsh.. this bloody assignment is seriously giving me a headache. It's gonna due next Monday. Though it's only within 2 weeks.. but.. urghh!! everyone is having problem with it. How to come out with a core concept.. a strong one?? Pening sial.

At times, when I thought I have the concept and idea for the model.. BUT when i asked myself some questions that I know the panels/lecturers might ask.. me myself totally have no answers to. Dead meat.

The clock is ticking.. 7.44pm.. and tomorrow is the last day for tutorial. Sigh.. I probably take a short nap now.. Wake up in an hour or two to continue brain-storming.. my brain cells are tangled.. stuck.. whatever words you can describe that i'm brainless now.

This song gonna be my lullaby to sleep. Ease me.. console me.. make my brain active again.

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven

Sunday, January 14, 2007

david gan big boy liao

Vkeng @ David's Weddingg Dayyy!!!~

Just back from a wedding dinner at Crystal Crown Hotel, Ballroom, Port Klang. 11.40pm. Make-up also haven't tanggal. Baju also haven't change. *lazy*

LayFong picked me up. We were fashionably late.. BUT.. we still waited for quite some time. Typical wedding dinner timing. Met up with super a lot of old friends that everyone changed so much that some can't even don't look familiar dy.. Hahhaa..

Despite the angpau, it felt more like a reunion gathering rather than a wedding dinner.. but everything went well except the rain.. And took a lot of pics.. hahaha.. more to come after I get them la..~

Guess who was the wedding planner? Eric!! My ex.. Hahaha.. unbelievable he can do stuff liddat.. but he told me.. he wanna do all he can for his hengtai.. David Gan Wee Keng lar (the groom).. of course... =P

*click to enlarge*

(above) Ee Lyn = my old primary school friend and David's cousin.
(below) David + Mandy (superstars of the night) and me + fubu, LayFong

Another David. Heng lar.. with his friend Kelvin Wong. I can't remember who told me that he looks like Wang Lee Hom.. so we were like teasing him when will his concert be held this year and stuff... At first.. after so long din't meet up with him.. thought he shy mar.. hor..

mana tau..

as EeLyn came around our table.. hehehe.. and a bit of too much liquor.. shyness duno go hide where d.. EeLyn's old flame. Both kena kacau by all of us. Hahaha.. extra entertainment.. but both of them also enjoy.. didn't mind. I think, both waiting for today since long time ago.. =P

Collage of other photo-takings. Everyone was happy.. everyone wanted another reunion.. everyone asking whose marriage next.

Hmm... I wonder.. Definitely not mine.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

exhibition turns to fly kite

Went to KLCC convention centre today for an Islamic exhibition. Was there Daryle, Farah, Baizura (lecturer) and Roshidah (ex limkokwing lecturer) and 'millions' of other Malay strangers.. a lot lot lot.. students from here.. from other states.. working people.. architects.. designers.. teachers.. engineers.. art lovers.. yada yada yada.. this is really what oldies say.. people mountain people sea. Beh tahan.. seriously a lot of people.. the queue was freaking loongggg.... and inside still packed like if u kena molest.. u can't even turn around and slap that freak.. ended up we all din masuk.. so we left the hall, waited and lepak at Coffee Bean for their daily brew and pita tuna sandwich with the 2 girls..

Baizura smsed us.. saying too packed.. come another day.. but me, Farah and Daryle frownedd... don wanna go liao la.. sibeh a lot of people.. sibeh far.. sibeh expensive parking.. and sibeh can make me pokai of all the shopping.. since now still season clearance at like discounts for 5o% - 70%... hehhee.. Was fun shopping with Farah today. =P

I went there by KTM to KL Central (1 hour).. then LRT to KLCC (15mins). Going wasn't a problem.. The journey back wasss... tiring.. *sigh*.. stood all the way 'cos crowdy and no place to lay my ass on.

Unlucky of me to end up in the same coach with these 3 aunties.. i mean.. parrots in their age of 50+.. Why parrots? Their conversation are mainly bodek here n there.. repeat this n that.. comparing this n that.. gossipping bout their own relatives' fat asses. UGH!!! For an hour from KL Central back to Klang.. I was like standing next to one of them.. oh mY freako god.

Conversation 1 (all in hokkien..)
Parrot 1 (holding grandson's hand): My husband think that having our own business is a good start..
Parrot 2 : Yes.. true true
Parrot 3 : True.. i agree
Parrot 2 : My husband also say horr... bla bla bla blablahhhh
Parrot 1 : simeh?? my husband also say liddat.. he also got say other thing.. he say horr... bla bla bla blablahhhh
Parrot 3 : no lar.. where got liddat one... my husband say hor... bla bla bla blablahhhh

(sibeh never ending.. talk like as if the whole train belong to them.. don wan to eavesdrop also cannot.. it's like they're screaming into my ears adding frus into my drowsiness)

Conversation 2
Parrot 1 : See.. my grandson sleepy already
Parrot 2 : Yalor.. your grandson look a bit sleepy dy
Parrot 3 : Yalor.. see his eyes.. red liao
Parrot 1 : Yalor.. aiyo.. eyes red.. come i carry you sleep *talked kinda too loud eventhough he was just standing next to her*
Parrot 2 : your grandson very kuai hor..
Parrot 3 : yalor.. her grandson very kuai..
Parrot 1 : yalor.. i also know my grandson very kuai.. everyone also say he kuai..

Conversation 3
Parrot 2 : That Ah Lian now very fat liao hor
Parrot 1 : Yalor.. last time thin.. now very fat hor
Parrot 3 : Yalor.. last time her son say we all fat fat.. now she more fat.. *evil laughter*
Parrot 2 : Yalaa... say us fat.. now she fat.. i tell u har.. fat hor.. very hard to thin one ar.. hahaha
Parrot 1 : still ok la.. i last time also very fat.. then ever since i took the medication.. i thin down liao looo (she still fat) my diet supplement very good one ar.. no side effect.. sibeh good.
Parrot 2 : Yalor yalor.. u thin down a bit liao.. (obviously bodeking)
Parrot 3 : yalor.. look younger too.. *paiseh laugh* how u keep fit? i also want to know leh
Parrot 2 : yalor.. i wan to know also.. share share la..
Parrot 1 : ohhh.. aiyah.. boh ming kia la.. i one day only eat one meal you knoww.. sibeh hard leh.. lunch i skip one... then dinner hor.. i drink soup nia... so kankor..
Parrot 2 & 3 : aiyo..
Parrot 3 : aiyo.. si ah ni kuan yeh lar... boh pien.. ai sui mar.. i also the same..
Parrot 1 : but i eat totalife product.. beh pai you know.. can thin faster.. u see my tummy also flat a bit liao..
Parrot 2 : silor silor..
Parrot 3 : remember last time we go slimming.. pau plastic.. then burn out fat one.. very good u know.. but boh pien.. i like to eat.. beh kim.. so fat again..
Parrot 2 : Simeh?? i see u still fit fit (this type of friend.. no honesty)
Parrot 3 : Mana got? U see my tummy.. this tummy all because i drink beer la.. u duno meh.. drink beerr.. very fat one ar.. a lot of sugar mar.. but i sibeh suka lim..
Parrot 1 : Aiya.. bian so kankor lahh.. follow my words.. sure success one.. some people can thin fast.. but some people cannot.. see hormones one mar..
Parrot 2 : yahor.. you sibeh clever.. i also duno this thing
Parrot 1 : hehe.. bo lar.. bo lar.. i also hear people say one la..
Parrot 3 : i stop the slimming liao.. cos hor.. the bills very expensive.. i think i follow ur eating habits.. then we can slim down..
Parrot 2 : silor.. then we can together pan leng leng..
Parrot 1,2 and 3 : hahahhahahhah!!!! ya ya good idea.

*UGHHHH!!!* my eyes rolled a million times till it hurts.
Beh tahan.. a lot more they talked about that i find it so BIMBOtic.

I can't help but to feel super sUpER blessed that we reached Klang station. Can hear angels sing. Can see God's smiling, kicking them off like football off the field.

Ya ya.. i'm bad.. So what? I was tired. The whole train was listening to their conversation as people started to reach their destination. You can see those who understand will secretly smile.. looking at them.. smiling again.. some whispering.. some looking at them like they were from Mars.. Even more funny case was that this guy around my age.. went sitting next to them.. ended up he prefer to stand by the door and waited.. obviously irritated la.. cos i saw him making faces behind the parrots to his friend.

See? I'm not the only one mentally abused.

OK ok. I'm such a conceited bitch.

Friday, January 12, 2007

church of light

Hmm.. a lot of things kept me very occupied recently.. probably like ever since classes started to pour in.. assignments' piling high up.. Sigh and the internet line sucked to the max making blogging extra hard. Ain't excuse people.

Doing some research on my case study.. that Jap architect.. Tadao Ando.. mainly more on the Church of Light.. his famous project.. Basically it's bout.. is a concrete cube (approximately 6x18x6m) penetrated by a wall angled at 15°, dividing the cube into the chapel and the entrance area. a cruciform is cut into the concrete behind the altar, and lit during the morning (as it is facing east).. so-called like.. god entering the space.. nearer to god.. yada yada yada..

Gotta analyze it for.. lighting.. and lighting.. and lighting stuff.. my understanding to the church and "stuff"... ehehhe..

(click to enlarge)

Oh ya.. i watched KungFu Mahjong 3 yesterday with LayFong.. Recommended. Funny like hell.. And there's a cool macho my-kind-of bad boy in there.. Bowie.. but i dono his real name.. will find out soon.. *winkz*

new links

New links in my blog..
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Thursday, January 11, 2007

dogs and lingerie just so not meant to be

Came across this picture in Clarance's page.
Wah.. really duno what the heck is he thinking "fixing" his dog up liddat...
Shockingly sad boy. Sad dog. Sad lingerie. Sad sad.

Really his dog la. His house really a lot of dogs. Different breeds lagi.
If not mistaken.

Monday, January 08, 2007


a story to dilemma to..

naive of me stating no love is involved,
couldn't find when thoughts came flooding through,
months later crazy of me wanting to meet again,
but when we coincidently did today,
we were unfamiliar towards each other,
and that disappointed me in a way of
unsure whether to feel happy that i've finally found

sad of the unfamiliarity.

ain't know what i'm thinking.. and ain't know what the fuck i'm trying to let out here..
if don't understand.. don't mind me then.. just ignore..

i tengah blur 'cos i'm seriously 100% sure that no romantically gadgets are involved.

so tell me why am i still thinking and feeling this way?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

favourite kuih ever!!

Dad bought these kuih from pasar pagi. Rice flour kuih.. I always call it rice cake. 50cents each. Naik harga dy but they are still very nice. Fluffly and soft and sweet. Love it since I was a kid 'cos my grandmother (passed-away d) like to buy these a lot too.. Tried looking everywhere but I can never find these cakes in malls, or cafes.. or any homemade bakeries. Luckily dad found it in pasar pagi.. sold by this old aunty who self-made all her kuihs. Hehhe.. Whenever I see these cakes, I'll really miss my grams. Hmm..

I know I'm from Klang and that Klang is like so famous for its bah-kut-teh... BUT that doesn't mean i'm sucker for BKT or eat BKT every weekend morning or whatsoever you guys might think. I eat BKT like.. err.. once a month.. or sometimes.. once in 6 months. Ok? Friends who are not from Klang.. they like to ask me when they first know me from klang.. "Ohhh.. you're from klang.. so do you like eat BKT everyday? ur favorite food is BKT??" Urghhh.. NO.

So today, duno why suddenly my mom was like craving for BKT for dinner... Didn't wanna to go to the usual place at Taman Rashna, so we left for Sentosa. Get a new taste from another side of Klang. Hmm.. Not bad lor seriously. At least the meat was fresh, (dun have that thick oily pork smell) the gravy was just nice.. we got the uncle to add chili padi inside and pig intestines... NICE!! The aroma was ooooo~ strong and slight spicy. Oh ya.. cheap too. 5 rice.. claypot BKT for 3 person.. only 28 bucks altogether. Worth another visit next time.

After dinner.. went Tesco for some grocery shopping. Came across these weird-looking bras with no wire-support that got me thinking.. how to wear lehh?? And when wear dy.. how will ur tits look like?? Tsk.

Whaddaya think?

Any comments? hehehhehe....

Saturday, January 06, 2007

bloody pervert & his prank calls

Some farker prank-called me last night like around 2-3am in the morning. Bloody asshole.. talked in Malay to me.. assumed he's a malay then. Never such cases like this occur since back in high school.

At first I was on the other line with Leong, then he called.. so I didn't manage to pick up. Then later I miss-call him back. Then he called again. Before I could answer he closed the phone. So I thought it might be some friend of mine 'cos I kinda lost quite a number of contacts when my phone got stolen months ago. So fine. I called him back. He didn't pick up but he just off my phone. I was like.. whatever then. If it's important, he/she will call back and eventually.. he bloody did.. and it went something like this...

His number = 017-6545577

Pervert : Eh you siapa?
Me: You call I, you tanya I siapa?
Pervert : Mengapa you call I?
Me : (slightly pissed d) Apa?!! you call I dulu kan.. if not.. macam mana I ada you punya number?
Pervert : I ada call you ke?
Me : you gila ke? I call you buat apa? how you get my number??
Pervert : Ohh.. you punya number.. kawan I bagi. orang Cina bagi..
Me : What?!??!
Pervert : Kawan Cina itu kata.. you.. I boleh call you out to make make..
Me : Make wat?
Pervert : Make love. Dia kata you boleh I ajak keluar untuk make love.
Me : Fuck you la cheebyee kia.
*click!!! i ended the conversation*

He called again. I din't answer for like twice. I need to sleep!!
Then he smsed me... I WANT FUCK YOUR FUCKED.
What the holy crap is that??!?!? ARSE!!!
Before I could even delete the msg.. he called again and again..
Then I fed up and answered on his fourth call.

Pervert : Boleh la.. bagi I chan(chance) boleh? Satu kali saja.. satu chan ok??
Me : (was practically yelling) Go fuck your mother la. Cheebyeeeee....

he called and again.. and again.. i just bloody ignored him.

I called Leong up to call that pervert to screw him. But that coward didn't dare to pick up and kept off'ing his calls. Finally I can get to sleep. Fuck man. Fucking idiot. Desperate maniac. UGHHH!!!! Nut-less. Childish fuck.

Friday, January 05, 2007

keep holding you

just being a dream, so useless
I open my eyes and the wind softly blows
love suddenly makes your heart tighten
my words, your way, I keep it in me

until when a yearning heart
a wanting that can't be explained
trying to hold it in but little by little it starts to fall out

I'll watch over you
I wont hesitate
until we stop breathing

what I've been looking for a long time
matching loves melodies
make it right, you and me
even through the tears that happen to fall
forever being with you
Keep holding you

I hold the passion you gave me in my two hands
It's so, my love
as the seasons go by I want to return to you
the familiar melody
I'll put it in the wind so there's no end and send it to you

I'll watch over you
wont hesitate
with my hearts wings I want to fly

the vast sky
becoming something small to feel you
no matter how far I am
I'll be with you forever

what I've been looking for a long time
matching loves melodies
even through the tears that happen to fall
forever being with you
Keep holding you

Let me love you
I will hold you
Let me squeeze you
And we're gonna sing this song
Baby on & on & on...

what I've been looking for a long time
matching loves melodies
even through the tears that happen to fall
forever being with you
Keep holding you

Thursday, January 04, 2007

is japan really sinking?

My call-cards arrived today. Delivered to my doorstep.

A parcel for me? Hmmm...

Yay! Call-cards are here. 200 of them.

The effect I totally wanted. Great. Happy me.
So much better than the previous printing la Johnny... and cheaper and better service.

Anyone wants printing? I can recommend. =P


Went 1U with LayFong today. Wanna shopping 'cos Zara got end-season clearance, cheap lar.. some only left like tops and skirts for 20bucks, 30bucks.. mostly less than 50bucks.. but din buy any 'cos none I like. She din't buy any too. Walked n walked through the whole afternoon till evening.. bought nothing but Changkee's currypuffs. Naik harga dyyy... but who cares.. I'm so still a currypuff maniac.

Back to Jusco for a movie. Sinking of Japan.
An hour and 45 mins movie. Not bad seriously. I think it's good but Layfong so-so only. But why like.. cursed their country.. Japan sinking?? If I'm a Jap living in Japan now.. I will kinda freaked out you know. It might happen one day. Who knows? The earth is like changing fast. Heard the news of Canada's iceberg? Yeeerr... What? I'm a scaddy cat ok. I don't want world to end soon. There's still a lot I've not done. Blek.

Well, the e
ffects seemed so bloody real and it just like made me realise even more that human life.. is .. so.. fragile. Can just simply die in *snaps fingers* just liddat.. Tsk. Not that I do not know this earlier but.. watching this is like.. you can just see how humans are like dying due to mother nature.. they were like how you go dropping tictacs from the table and they spilled everywhere on the floor. Hmmm... Really gotta appreciate life more. *paranoid*


Blood rising.

While watching this movie... I fell in love with this new soundtrack.
From the movie, the subs=translation was just so fine... but i couldn't find the english translation on web la. Sigh.

But if not mistaken.. it was sung by SunMin feat. HyeSung. Both Koreans. If not mistaken lagi.. the song is also in Korean. Jap movie with Korean soundtrack. Hehe. Weird. But their voices complemented each other. Nice. I like it.