Sunday, January 07, 2007

favourite kuih ever!!

Dad bought these kuih from pasar pagi. Rice flour kuih.. I always call it rice cake. 50cents each. Naik harga dy but they are still very nice. Fluffly and soft and sweet. Love it since I was a kid 'cos my grandmother (passed-away d) like to buy these a lot too.. Tried looking everywhere but I can never find these cakes in malls, or cafes.. or any homemade bakeries. Luckily dad found it in pasar pagi.. sold by this old aunty who self-made all her kuihs. Hehhe.. Whenever I see these cakes, I'll really miss my grams. Hmm..

I know I'm from Klang and that Klang is like so famous for its bah-kut-teh... BUT that doesn't mean i'm sucker for BKT or eat BKT every weekend morning or whatsoever you guys might think. I eat BKT like.. err.. once a month.. or sometimes.. once in 6 months. Ok? Friends who are not from Klang.. they like to ask me when they first know me from klang.. "Ohhh.. you're from klang.. so do you like eat BKT everyday? ur favorite food is BKT??" Urghhh.. NO.

So today, duno why suddenly my mom was like craving for BKT for dinner... Didn't wanna to go to the usual place at Taman Rashna, so we left for Sentosa. Get a new taste from another side of Klang. Hmm.. Not bad lor seriously. At least the meat was fresh, (dun have that thick oily pork smell) the gravy was just nice.. we got the uncle to add chili padi inside and pig intestines... NICE!! The aroma was ooooo~ strong and slight spicy. Oh ya.. cheap too. 5 rice.. claypot BKT for 3 person.. only 28 bucks altogether. Worth another visit next time.

After dinner.. went Tesco for some grocery shopping. Came across these weird-looking bras with no wire-support that got me thinking.. how to wear lehh?? And when wear dy.. how will ur tits look like?? Tsk.

Whaddaya think?

Any comments? hehehhehe....

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