Sunday, January 28, 2007

a hellish morning tomorrowwwwww

Oh shit. Have to wake up EARLY tomorrow.. like REAL early... Gonna reach school by like.. 8.30am to tail the bus behind in order to make our way to KLPAC for site visit.

DAMNNNNnnnnnn!!!~~~ It's not I'm not willing to go or whatsoever.. it's just that.. i'm PLAIN LAZY to wake up so damn early like before 7am so I can escape the bloodyyy jam.


Anyway.. let it be tomorrow's torture la.. Just grabbed this pic from Yvonne. We were on our way to Kelvin Ching's wedding in KL, was cam-whoring in the car 'cos we were stuck in the jam.

Jam again!!?!? Hell to JAM!!!!

OK ok. Enough of unnecessary sulking.
Pics as promised... *click to enlarge*
Below... the day of my lighting display kit design crit. *hellishhh*
Only 3 of us (Daryle, me, Tung) in this design group.

- Before crit-
While pinning up our works.. and making sure our bulb can work. Suddenly a bunch of people walked in to crit us. Wowww.. the feeling was like.. nerve-wreckinggg... ALL the lecturers in SAMS except Redzwan & Teoh.
*chest tightened up till can't breathe*
*butterflies flapped aroundin my tummy till they DIE*
A warning bell went offffff!!!! My head was screamingggg DEAD MEAT!!!!

- After crit -
Though our crit = horrible.. but nevertheless.. we ought to release ourselves from all the bombardings and stressed-out tension.. hahahhaa.. always finding excuses to have some little fun, huh??? No harm.. no harm k.. We're still serious in our studies.

Ended the day with TUNG, the "poser".
Err.. this pose.. i don't understand either...


My minor first short assignment.. (took me like 2 half days to complete it.. :P as usual of me.. last minute work 'cos busy with design.. *gulp*) err.. not really an assignment assignment.. sighh.. no idea how to describe it la.. err.. get an object.. take pics in order to create a storyline.. but to be presented in presentation format. Everything was in powerpoint format with a short 1 minute soundtrack.. so here.. i just upload the pics only lar..

Hope you get what my pics are about without all the titles and captions..
The main title - The naughty boy and MY yellow daisy

Get it? :P
Redzwan's comment on mine was so-so only.. 'cos i know my transtition for the slide is too fast.. hehehhe but it's cool.. i like my soundtrack.. the shorten version of X-japan - Eyes of Venus.

Ok. Beauty sleep now. Super early start for tomorrow.. Been ages since I have to wake up THAT early to go school.


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