Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the end of Falling in Love

Just finished watching the last episode of Falling In Love. Happy ending as usual. Happy me. =) Sad me too. =( Can't see Alan Yun every weekday night dy. Hehehe. Then again. Good also la in a way. Can stop me from drooling over him everytime. =P *slaps me back to reality*

Ok. Back to countdown. Had a blast. Went to the Curve with Cass, Yvonne, Huay-Pin, Ellie, Allan, FeiLing, FeeFee and ChenYap. I was waiting for Cass's movie to over at Jusco around 9.. so we headed to the Curve and I was like.. afraid of all the jams, jams.. and JAMS... 'cos I was driving mar.. hehehe.. and no parking too.. but surprisingly the traffic was clear. Within half an hour we reached Ikea dy but the bloody road was blocked for the countdown so had to stuck in a small jam (bloody traffic lights) and desperately started looking for parking. Me, Cass and Ellie were like cheering when we finally found one parking by the road which was just in front of Cineleisure. Yayy!!! hhehehe...

Met up with the rest at TGI Fridays. Very a lot of the people woooo... but it was really AbFab. Saw Jaclyn Victor onstage. Fuiyohh... sibeh keng. her voice was.. tsk tsk.. no words to describe how super powerful it was. Reshmonu was.. so-so only la.. 'cos I really hated his liki-liki song.. that Superfine who is not fine enough for me... Yucks. Irritating. No idea who were the celebrities before them 'cos we weren't there yet at that time.. still hanging at the Street.

After the countdown, we went to Friendster cafe for supper. Super hungry and tired and sleepy after all the yelling, screaming, cheering, fooling around and getting squeezmo in the crowd.

(Speaking of crowd, Malaysia crowd is really dead-wooden statues except the really hyper ones standing way in front of the stage. They stood there and watched where else we were the only ones making noise at our area. Darn. Quite potong sometimes)

Ok la. Lazy to elaborate any further. Pictures will do the work. Oh ya. group pics i still haven't get it from Huay-Pin. Will upload soon. Just that.. really enjoyed ourselves that night.

Last words.

Happy New Year again!!!!

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