Thursday, January 04, 2007

is japan really sinking?

My call-cards arrived today. Delivered to my doorstep.

A parcel for me? Hmmm...

Yay! Call-cards are here. 200 of them.

The effect I totally wanted. Great. Happy me.
So much better than the previous printing la Johnny... and cheaper and better service.

Anyone wants printing? I can recommend. =P


Went 1U with LayFong today. Wanna shopping 'cos Zara got end-season clearance, cheap lar.. some only left like tops and skirts for 20bucks, 30bucks.. mostly less than 50bucks.. but din buy any 'cos none I like. She din't buy any too. Walked n walked through the whole afternoon till evening.. bought nothing but Changkee's currypuffs. Naik harga dyyy... but who cares.. I'm so still a currypuff maniac.

Back to Jusco for a movie. Sinking of Japan.
An hour and 45 mins movie. Not bad seriously. I think it's good but Layfong so-so only. But why like.. cursed their country.. Japan sinking?? If I'm a Jap living in Japan now.. I will kinda freaked out you know. It might happen one day. Who knows? The earth is like changing fast. Heard the news of Canada's iceberg? Yeeerr... What? I'm a scaddy cat ok. I don't want world to end soon. There's still a lot I've not done. Blek.

Well, the e
ffects seemed so bloody real and it just like made me realise even more that human life.. is .. so.. fragile. Can just simply die in *snaps fingers* just liddat.. Tsk. Not that I do not know this earlier but.. watching this is like.. you can just see how humans are like dying due to mother nature.. they were like how you go dropping tictacs from the table and they spilled everywhere on the floor. Hmmm... Really gotta appreciate life more. *paranoid*


Blood rising.

While watching this movie... I fell in love with this new soundtrack.
From the movie, the subs=translation was just so fine... but i couldn't find the english translation on web la. Sigh.

But if not mistaken.. it was sung by SunMin feat. HyeSung. Both Koreans. If not mistaken lagi.. the song is also in Korean. Jap movie with Korean soundtrack. Hehe. Weird. But their voices complemented each other. Nice. I like it.

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